The flamethrowing baguette EPIC NAILBAITER || World of Warships

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  1. Today on the colbert report oh wrong show.

  2. Damn this hot butter knife so good…

  3. Odin Dieu de tout

    Thank you man it’s soooo nice

  4. The shellvelocity doesnt look like fun.

  5. What’s the hack to prevent yourself from being detected by CV aircraft early in the game, to have the enemy not shoot at you for most of the time, and generally being quite lucky? Just a lucky chap spamming HE and getting away with it.

  6. 1:39 scare me too

  7. 1:38 failed kamikaze

  8. I love that Z-23 he hold the flank pretty well

  9. This ship definition: Hargumuo 2.0

  10. The French actually just scrapped this ship a few years ago! The last conventional French cruiser along with the De Grasse.

    • 1991

    • I just now found out that it did in fact exist so that’s cool (btw it was scrapped in 2016 not 1991)

    • @DinoLad Exactly. The boat became a museum in the city of Bordeaux. But the admission charge was so expensive that the museum was closed in 2015. Now the ship was scrapped in 2016. Sorry if my English is not fluent anymore 🙂

  11. The real name for this ship is the BBQ1 🙂 and I WANT ONE!!!!

  12. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    9:59 is Summary if you play Hipper against Colbert… that is so annoying XD extremly balanced 🙂

  13. Why is this player so damn jerky with his mouse movement? Its like he’s had about 10 red bulls

  14. Crazy how this was a real historical ship…

  15. 19:00 I’d smash my keyboard

  16. Destroyer pulvérisé Jean-Pierre !

  17. lets be honest… this guy had a lucky game… he should have died multiple times

  18. Does he know what a torpedo looks like? 🙂

  19. 15:13 Why didn’t he shoot at Midway???

  20. Lol, The French really loves to be different and ridiculous in their ship designs
    First their Pre-dreadnoughts, then their Quad-turreted BBs.
    Then this…, This thing…

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