These Players Should Be AVOIDED In World of Warships.

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These Players Should Be AVOIDED In World of Warships.


  1. Alcohol, Drugs, playing World of WarShips. All 3 of these have many things in common:

    1. Addicting.
    2. Fun.
    3. At some point they become no longer fun.
    4. In sufficient amounts they are toxic.
    5. All of them are bad for your health in some way.

  2. Funny thing is: HOW do you really avoid these players??? Talking about random battles here. 
    They already exist and start the game being your teammates. You cant pick the AVOIDED PLAYERS team, you have to play with them being on your team 🙂 
    If you are a better player then me you might carry them 😉

    Lets say: Don´t get distracted by them too much.

    Really like your vids, pls keep up the entertaining work!

  3. WOWS in general should be avoided unless you’re a gambler or rich.

  4. Slaven Arkaimovski

    I’m playing WOW for two months now,and i have earned Fuso Battleship V by hard grind only,not by purchased cheaters upgrades.I have even buy Nagaki VI,for 9000000 points,went to battle,and get sunked in three minutes. When i have get Fuso V,i have become optimistic,that my battleship will be more effective.But the truth is,that big battleships are big,slow on speed,and slow on the amo reload.And the big battleships are easy targets for little ships,with purchased upgrades.In other words,cheaters prosper in WOW game,while fair players loses all.And the players are the worst part for three reasons,1.they dont speak english,2.when they do speak english then they dont takes comands from me.3.they do everything on theirs way and get my team killed.Their was so manny situations when i have needed cruiser and destroyer by my side,but they all abandoned me to go have fun and get killed.Another thing that i have noticed is,that all this idiots don’t know how to shoot,they shoot all theirs projectiles in one shot,insted of shot by shot.And the company that has make the game is the worst part,becouse they incourage online bullyng,and discourage others players to play.And if they continue to do this,other players will notice this issue,and abandon the WOW for good.

  5. This is me! except I almost always hit my shots. Sometimes I miss play but most of the time i do not I also have over a 60% win rate in ranked so…

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