Update 13.1: Teaser

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  1. Imagine if hydro worked as it should.
    Players being stupid should be punished for playing poorly. Not the other way around.

  2. I am excited about the new perma camos I have collected so many, looking forward to spend some credits …

  3. bring back asymmetric battle please!…!!

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      This Update will feature Airship Escort, but rest assured that Asymmetric Battles will return to WoWs again!

    • WG, we all want assymetric battles permanently. Feel free to throw in some other fun game modes every now and then, but I would personally remove coop over getting assymetric battles. Coop games are so easy that your team wipes the enemy team in a few minutes and you are lucky to get the one kill opposite you. You can’t really do anything with that. But I love testing out a new ship in assymetric battles. A real challenge but you get to feel powerful.

    • @@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel I also don’t understand why they took out the asymmetrical battles again. There was a bit of variety in the game. Apparently WG is only interested in selling countless new ships every year, but there has always been a lack of new game modes. I don’t count the temporary ones because they are usually subject to a special event, that’s ok too. But so much potential is wasted that WG doesn’t see it for himself, it’s a bit sad…

  4. @yunuscanozarslan7064

    Ne büyük değişiklik ne büyük degisiklik vallahi şok oldum amunyum

  5. @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

    Very little remains until the next update, check out the full list of changes here!

  6. Make Asyms a permanent game mode.

  7. We need a decoy consumable to replace using Repair as a homing deterrent. The sub can simply ping again within seconds and your repair is wasted. It shouldn’t be hard to come up with an amount of charges and recharge time for a consumable. The Repair should be used for what it’s made for.

    • Homing torps are weapon with worst application already, there isn’t anything less efficient in this game. Shotgunning will be nerfed soon, if they didn’t lie and they want to maintain (fairly horrible) sub performance, they will actually have to boost homing torps, get ready for it.

  8. will the japanese submariecarrier I-400 and france submarinecruiser surcouf enter the game too
    i hope they change the destroyed ship mechanic so when it sinks it will then stay on the bottom of the seafloor when reached

  9. Let’s SInk the Subs 💪

  10. Super subs ..with burst fire torps ….12 in front 12 in back

  11. I’m excited to see more about that exterior system update

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      You can already find more information about the changes here: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/505
      But in short, most of the expendable camouflages that are in the game will get permanent versions that can be purchased directly or obtained through missions, activities and events!

    • i tryed it out in the public test sever and it is bacicly any paint schem can become perminet with cash or dublons so nothing big but way coler at the same time

  12. I hope Asymetric Battles becomes a permanent game mode!

  13. Bring Asymmetric Battles back as a Permanent addition! I DARE you!

  14. how about give hornet same smoke squadron like yorktown ?

  15. Seems a nice patch !!!! Still Waiting for URSS subs!!!!!

  16. Make Asymetric Battles permanent!
    Its comparable to URF in League of Legends

  17. Make asymmetric battles a permanent game mode

  18. Bring back Asymmetric Battles!

  19. I hope the test servee version isnt the one we are getting at it is incredibly broken. I dont think it was intentional but all the hydrophones still have their old ranges and the british one just lost its signature unique tech line gimick.
    The test server subs also dont come with the new submarine survailence

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