WARSHIPS vs. WARSHIPS! (World of Warships)

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  1. Kui loi conrad Tam


  2. 9:32 this knife volcano?wtf

  3. stephen enzoe ang

    world of tank is the creator of this game

  4. 0:43 I live in Marblehead, MA

  5. you need to play world of tanks
    is cool to and more players

  6. Torje Kristiansen

    World of Tanks (WoT) Is much much much better Jelly, you should really try
    that instead.

  7. Play facade

  8. jelly can you subscribe me

  9. You are a discrace

  10. I cringed when I noticed he was firing full HE…

  11. Please play world of tanks, its way better!

  12. next time world Of tanks pls :O

  13. this game is awsome!!

  14. I see c in the sea. ;D

  15. codedidnt work

  16. Night_ Terrorizer

    i do love warships cus im twin wants to be part of the navy seals

  17. ilovewarships

  18. invite code not work for me

  19. play world of tanks

  20. invitr code not work for me

  21. ‫حسن طارق‬‎

    jelly!!!! i live in egypt and ILOVEWARSHIPS only works in europe :(

  22. Charlie Falqueza

    Try it

  23. Charlie Falqueza

    Yah try world of tanks its cool pls

  24. Holy ship

  25. code dont work

  26. do a The Crew video

  27. jelly try crab wars plzz?

  28. jelly play this game agian

  29. Play WarThunder

  30. Pedja Milosavljevic

    play world of tanks

  31. Hunter Huddleston

    0:02 look at how much he has

  32. he says United States of America then shouldn’t it be Usoa

  33. faiyazuddin syed

    More vedios jellyyyy

  34. jelly try world of tanks is very awesome

  35. Bombers is beter then……

  36. Aircraft carrie

  37. Play World of Tanks In Your Computer It’s More Cooler

  38. whyn the invite code doen’t work anymore

  39. try warthunder

  40. 木村哲誠(初音ミク君)

    wows wot both awsome

  41. Viktor Flodgaard

    My code does not work! pls tell me why!

  42. Konstantinos Poulios

    please play world of warships again!!!

  43. play world of tanks

  44. tbh, you were mvp out there ill take you as a commander any time

  45. I have it

  46. [MG]Smasher Slither And More!

    jelly just buys everything and dose not know how to play properly

  47. invite code didnt work, too many ppl used it already ;-;

  48. ok jelly try to hade against you frenids

  49. Play more!!!

  50. jelly the code doesnt work

  51. Xx stone Wolf xX

    You should of got arazona that’s the deadliest warship ever

  52. ????????????????????????????

  53. Please make more of that game I really enjoy watching this video

  54. You would make good videos jelly and can you play games with jordy and
    slogoman please and

  55. play would of tanks

  56. trí nguyễn cao

    Hey jelly !! Love you. Hey how can u use the invitecode

  57. try Tanki Online or World of Tanks

  58. Michael Borcoman

    shot at

  59. No play war thunder

  60. mason shawayahamish


  61. Abdallah AlJarba

    This is the best game ever

  62. Jelly said chips instead of ships

  63. GG “This code can’t be used in this region” for fuck sake

  64. Jonathan Kelgard

    Your a noob at this game

  65. world of war tanks is very fu8n

  66. play world of war ships plz and friend me i have a mic and we can talk to
    eachother jelly can u plz my name is on world of tanks uis masterajax

  67. I don ‘ t like you play world of warship

  68. Michael Borcoman

    war tastic

  69. Dawn Dish Detergent

    The Code dident work for me when i made my account i just keeps saying that
    i have reached the limit of uses on the code for the first time using
    it???!?!?!? wtf?

  70. Jelly play world of tank

  71. Terence Davisonjr

    with WUS that

  72. 11:39 to 11:41 “I can’t C any ships right now.” – Jelly

  73. Play world of warplanes and world of tanks

  74. and i love u videos jelly

  75. and you are goid player

  76. do nother video plz

  77. jelly i want to see more

  78. where i use the code??

  79. Please do more

  80. Kimberly Bennett

    you are amazing at game

  81. Jelly come to the Philippines

  82. PLEASE PLAY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. more world of warships pls.

  84. jelly to improve your skills try doing some of the tutorials in the game

  85. that was awesome jelly I hope you made

  86. You are relly good

  87. Odell Beckhamjr. Beastmode


  88. world of tanks is a wayyyyy better game

  89. play more

  90. Pls more

  91. Aoufi Mohamed Riadh

    plz plz plz plz plz plz play it again

  92. You make me laugh all day everyday

  93. Aleksandar aleksandarpei@yahoo.com

    i have the game

  94. aww The invite code for the game is maxed out

  95. agar.io tricksplit team

    you said chip not ship

  96. the code dossend work

  97. BUUUUUUU The invite code is out in 1 day this is bullshit

  98. world of tanks is better please play


  100. i love world of tanks i have to try the game he is playing now

  101. you are good


  103. make more vids on this game

  104. Thank you!!☺

  105. I love warships

  106. Giorgi Mandzulashvili

    Mayday mayday we are sinking

  107. Bullets are actually shells but well yea…

  108. Da Fluffy Fighter


  109. Da Fluffy Fighter

    please play world of tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Plz play world of tanks jelly…

  111. Alessandro Zanotti

    the code wont work jelly

  112. i think it’s “abandoned ship”?

  113. The invite code doesn’t work for me

  114. so cool

  115. Jelly the invite code doesn’t work anymore maybe on your next episode u can
    make a new one please

  116. You dont now how to play this game !

  117. Konstantinos Giannakos

    please jellt continue play his game

  118. hope this comes to consoles just cuz. my pc broke and i dont fucking care
    about pc anyway.

  119. Your invite code didn’t work.

  120. play World of Tanks also made by Wargaming plz!

  121. Can you play suicide squad

  122. whay do you pley wolrd of wursheeps

  123. luc pro games nl


  124. #WoW

  125. hey it is a limit use of the code!:(

  126. Let’s play russian roulette. Every 5th liker is dead! Dead or Alive?!

  127. and world of warplanes

  128. I love war ships

  129. I hacked my comment so you cant like mine 🙂 XD

  130. Just Those Crafters


  131. Yousef Alshurafa

    I play it a lot and I download it today #world of warships

  132. the code dont even work it says ussage dont work jelly you lil lier

  133. I cannot download it

  134. The code is at usage limit. :(

  135. DUDE I HAVE THE GAME TOO!!!!!!! just started though… D: sooooo can u play
    with me. or join my division

  136. Make video s of the game

  137. try world of tanks

  138. This video is WG endorsed? Would fire marketing department again 10/10.

  139. I Arendt have dis game I have all ships

  140. Please play world of tanks

  141. are you going ti play world of tanks to jelly?

  142. Jelly, the code is not working for me… :(

  143. And use Alt Key for projectile purposes to measure the angle of your shots.

  144. Use Tier X – DES MOINES battlecruiser.

  145. pls play world of tanks too

  146. Create a division with Slogo and Kwebel bro.

  147. UK s navy is way better

  148. I love the Indianapolis

  149. Nice one amigo. More Videos of WoWS. Please. I really love this game.

  150. Elyandro Dizzy Eco

    that ship is verry beutiful and so strong and fully upgrated and so many
    ships and that is strong

  151. the code wont work

  152. Jelly you are the best in world of warship


  154. More World of Warshipd

  155. I think it’s the first time he is playing a free game lol

  156. Stephanie Polidoro

    Sooo…. this is basically Battle Ship?

  157. Try World of Tanks.

  158. i dont now what you are talking about

  159. Kuremi Hyrie Tyrie (Ren)

    Play The Montanna

  160. what code

  161. The code didn’t Work ?

  162. yes that is great

  163. Quentin Ambrosini

    Can you play Sims city

  164. great video

  165. Do more Jelly Jel

  166. Try world of tanks so cool just play

  167. that code doesn’t work

  168. Quentin Ambrosini

    Yay jelly is cool

  169. Quentin Ambrosini

    I lové jelly

  170. can you play more

  171. Carlos “thcj” Jacinto

    im from sweden and is your biggest swedish fan can you host a fan meeting
    att sweden har längtat efter dagen du skulle komma till sverige och nu har
    det äntligen hänt, (Swedish) i know that you said that your aint going tell
    anoyone were you live butt im still asking beacuse im your biggest fan and
    only wanted to say (if your wondering why im typing so mutch its beacuse im
    thinking: wow think if his reading this) your worth it all the work you
    have put down on youtube just to be famous and all the things you do for
    your fans your the best. ps ive ben with you sins 15 k

  172. Diamondstoyan31 5432

    yeah war thunder

  173. Hans Asmus Lindholm

    I am already Platini it

  174. There is world of tanks

  175. play world of tanks!
    also made by war gaming it’s free to play btw.

  176. do another one of these vids

  177. I live in Indianapolis!! And the ships name is Indianapolis


  179. Try world of tank

  180. do you need a game pc?

  181. Great video you are the best

  182. I can’t use the invitation in world oF warships because it’s not allowed in
    our country

  183. Igor Mikosavljević

    Plz play War Thunder free to play on steam!

  184. yessss jelly i love u so much coz dis game

  185. ill tip you whats the best tanks in the game…..

  186. Now you can make very much shipped cream jelly

  187. the greatest Channel

    play world of Tanks

  188. can you play world of tanks ?

  189. Hey where’s world of tanks for tankers like me .

  190. To hit them more just add more lead to ur shoots and on that last map don’t
    go down the middle its suicide, other than that nice play’s

  191. when i did the code i didnt get anything because i tried using my own
    account i have for worl of warships and i did int get anything. Whats up
    with that?

  192. Muh. Barra Haikal

    Jelly why not try World of Warplanes that game is better than World of

  193. World of Tanks deilas1

    jelly try world of tanks its made by wargaming too

  194. invite code doesnt work

  195. Lol my team wreck you

  196. Try to play World Of Tank

  197. Do you even stunt bro?


    AWESOME LUV W.O.W. seeing im in a navy family.

  199. I already have the game pls pls pls make a series

  200. At 1:13 he say plane


  202. I love this game

  203. Play World of Tanks pls, this is the best game of Wargaming! World of
    Warships is not very popular.

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  205. Invite code does not work

  206. Only works with US server it doesnt work with asain ??

  207. post more about this vid!! i love this game

  208. You can play world of tanks

  209. love you jelly i watch you all the time I am 12

    if you know pls send it to me.

  211. Well done !

  212. Jelly, the plane is to shoot down the bomber planes. Also do not camp
    behind a island

  213. i wish he chold go in first preson

  214. I really like it

  215. jelly pls do more of this video

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  217. i know another game its called “world of tank blitz” I think its similar

  218. The Dutch flamers

    the code isn’t working

  219. There is also world of tank

  220. Koby Tatana-Tawharu

    this game is so awesome thanks for showing me jelly

  221. the awsome gamer

    honestly you play really good than most other players but you just need to
    practice the aiming.

  222. your invite isn’t working

  223. ya should lead the target not at it

  224. 1:12 that’s USS Pensacola

  225. world of tanks world of tanks world of tanks if you palay world of tanks I
    wanna do a platoon with you

  226. I already play that game for one year.. XD

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  230. Jelly i’ll give you a tip:”DON’T GET COCKY!!”

  231. fuxck this

  232. noo the code doesnt work anymore its maxed 🙁 ILOVEWARSHIPS

  233. FAN iggy playera

    record world of tanks pls

  234. I used to play this game a lot but i takes you almost a year just to finish
    one half of one of the nations ship trees, it just takes to long to be fun

  235. jelly play world of tanks

  236. You never play a CA like a DD. Go watch Notser, Aerroon and Flamu… they
    have really really good tutorials

  237. invitation doesn’t work in this region that’s what it says

  238. Калоян Иванов

    the invite code doesn’t work

  239. Mohammed Alduais

    Jelly you should play this game a million times

  240. i couldnt use the code because it said not able to because im in a
    different reigon

  241. with me plaz

  242. jelly iam your fan play agar.io


  244. jelly was about to say theres some pedos coming my way :DD

  245. FIRE!!!!

  246. Minecraftgreener

    i play WORDofTANKS

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    thx jelly for the code now I not need to waste my time for long

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    pls play world of tank its my
    favorite game and its awesome

  253. Jelly paint your hair like jacksepticeye

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    all of games

    but …. your funnnnnny ??

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  256. matekraftmaster gaming


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  259. I love this game

  260. Hey Jelly u should also try world of tanks and world of planes.This game
    world of warships u should play a lot and u should also buy destroyers for
    torpedos.u can avoid getting hit by hiding in a corner.also never go
    between the islands cause most of the enemies are there.please follow these
    tips .u should mostly buy japan ships they are the best

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  266. If Jelly comments on this video, I will personally go up to my teacher, and
    pour my drink bottle’s water, ALL over them.

  267. Matthijs de Witte

    Je gebruikte de cruiser gebruikt als een battleship ja ik weet dat je
    Nederlands bent

  268. I didn’t get a premium ship

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    i cant use the code in my region. plz make it available for New Zealand

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  279. Justin Gaming & More


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  290. pray for Nice

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  323. Natalie Alexander

    Right when u said “son of a mom” it reminded me of agar.io for some reason.
    Cool game! Ur the best at playing video games!?

  324. Btw him playing this is soooo cringey,this is more of a jingles and baron
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  325. …I never thought this would happen…

  326. I'm Kevin Chen 陈彦希

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  367. Geometrey dash gamer

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    going in the left side and right u need to have it right at the end of the
    ship… Bitta Schön

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  442. уσυ тяιє∂

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  463. the code doesn’t work… :.(

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  911. rejus gromnickas

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