WATER GUNS vs FAZE APEX! [World of Warships]

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– FaZe Teeqo


  1. #werebanksat

  2. M&M är tillbaka

  3. Jasper Adams (UBX)


  4. var lever du nu? om du fåtfarande kan svenska

  5. Expire “Exp Pyro” Pyro

    At least you included in the description that this video was sponsored xD

  6. teeqo no one likes you we love you thanks for vids god bless you for your
    life and creating m and ms thanks


  8. is this game free for ever or only some days

  9. Is world of warships. On Xbox one

  10. Love this please play more

  11. Well its kinda like World of Tanks.

  12. michael whelpley

    I wonder how big the crowd would be at infinite warfare

  13. What ever happend to that game they were making?

  14. I think apex and teeqo are more used to fast paste games…

  15. When you were at VidCon and you were playing World Of Warship and it showed
    on the TV screen you should’ve searched up “Porn” lol

  16. Sell out

  17. I made this so I can comment and subscribe

    When the hats coming out

  18. that game looks bad imo

  19. I need the teeqanators to help me. If you could help me, my only birthday
    wish for July 27th is to talk to teeqo, like this comment so he will notice

  20. Russian roulette

    every 5th like dies:

  21. Plot twist, FaZe moves to this game lol

  22. that’s my friend in the red shirt xD

  23. ? ???? = ??? ? ????????? ????????.
    ? ????????? = ??? ??? ???? ????????? ??
    ???? ???? ????????.
    ? ??????? = ??? ? ????????? ??? ???? ????
    ??? ?? ??? ????? = ??? ? ?????????, ????
    ???? ?????, ???? ????.

  24. 1:24 Thats my boi Thp with the black shirt looking at his phone

  25. I want tropical rain ( ^ω^)

  26. PolKrystek Production

    Its confirmed. Faze is going to have a World Of Warships team.

  27. Omg i want this game to come out for xbone so bad

  28. THP anyone?

  29. Make a csgo video

  30. was that at the nec

  31. yay 100mil views

  32. Jake The Milkshake

    FaZe baby should’ve gone to vid con

  33. Is it just me or he sounds wierd

  34. Every time someone likes this comment it will be a 1% higher chance of
    ending world hunger

  35. I believe the correct term is sellout

  36. i thought on the last cs video, u said if we get 20 000 likes, ur do a cs
    go full gameplay ?

  37. What is the song?

  38. didnt sniper wolf play this game already?

  39. IK Apex’s real name


  41. Keep doing what you do many people love watching your videos and you change
    so many people’s life everyday .keep up the good work .

  42. Teeqo, can you show your CS:GO video settings and put your config for

  43. is this an app on a phone too or just the computer

  44. What’s the song

  45. Thats actually dope as shit lpl

  46. more more more plz i like these vids teeqo

  47. Please don’t tell me this is another ps4 exclusive.

  48. Suddenly everyone admits if video is sponsored

  49. Patryk Kubanek (LG)

    World Of Tanks better :]

  50. Another cooking vid please

  51. Let’s play Russian roulette
    Every 5th like dies
    Ignore this and u die at midnight
    gl ?

  52. World of tanks is better

  53. Try out Warthunder

  54. TMartin and Syndicate should watch this on how to disclose sponsorship and

  55. What a shit video

  56. Finnaly a FULL HD Video. That was nice to watch the whole video in amazing

  57. If you like word of warships try world of tanks both are by war gaming

  58. song: NCS happy Accidents

  59. make more gamplay of this plz teeqo

  60. Omfg teeqo always gets sponsered to show the games like world of warships
    and that tom Clancy game

  61. 666th comment

  62. play more of world of warships please :)

  63. OnePunchLee319 Hi


  64. I do totally understand why you would be sponsored by Gfuel, Turtle Beach
    etc because they actually have good products and you actually use them, but
    why the fuck is this video sponsored by this game? Not trying to be
    negative but it looks like a really bad game and not a game that is even
    close to what you regularly upload to your channel. I might be wrong but it
    did surely look like you hated playing it, like you only did it because you
    had to.

  65. do CSGO

  66. Play more plz

  67. Batman arkham knight 2 confirmed? Only couple people
    will understand this

  68. please play more

  69. why arent you sponsored by m&ms yet

  70. What does the “BADADVICE 2016” give or do?

  71. Lethal Reaper Lethal Clan

    What laptop do u guys use

  72. i love teeqo my boy

  73. That moment you hve played these games including world of tanks and how
    cringe worthy this is

  74. Why did he say vape con

  75. i want your csgo crosshair with command i want the crosshair that is
    complete a close cross

  76. Teeqo man kan köpa M&M i Sverige för dom överklagade så dom är

  77. Simon lennartsson


  78. the code dont work

  79. Its only for windows 🙁 sorry mac users..

  80. That game is LiT

  81. seems fun

  82. song please!

  83. csgo..

  84. just bought one of your hoodies :)

  85. What’s the music

  86. your hat T_ T pls get a new one

  87. This game looks great!

  88. Is Faze from Sweden?

  89. lets play russian roulette
    every 5th like dies :D

  90. play more

  91. Did u see tanner fox trews anwser soon as poss plz and thanks

  92. Try World of Tanks

  93. Teeqo try world of tanks and world of war planes VERY fun games! :D

  94. What’s the name of the song used in the beginning?

  95. Can you play 12 V 12 with fans Plzzz

  96. Huh ear rape much?

  97. 199 is the police “hot line”, you’ll thank me latter..

  98. Dirt track racing #51 #211

    Some people are like clouds. When they go away, it’s a brighter day.

  99. Do you actually play this game in your spare time or is it just CSGO?

  100. I have a water gun like that one

  101. He will never play this game ever again after this video

  102. DragonStar Gaming

    Today is my bday!!!

  103. Cool

  104. TryHardProductions

    Lol that’s awesome 🙂 It was awesome meeting you and Apex that day dude!
    Much love Teeqo! Damn can’t believe I’m actually in that lol!

  105. Guys I just wanna know which core is better i76700hq or i74720hq

  106. energy gaming bllur

    Hey guy go sub to me I post bo3 content that you will love

  107. yup, apex and teeqo own world of warships lol

  108. LuckyBookProduction


  109. What is the name of the song which is used in the video?

  110. Racerboy05 Gaming

    All it is is world of tanks with battleships

  111. INSUTO | कबफ


  112. fuck i got into the beta and am not allowed to use the code bc i have
    played it before, fuck ahahhaha

  113. TEEQO if you’re not sponsored by M&Ms by tomorrow then ill be pissed!

  114. I wonder if teeqo is sponsored by MnM’s

  115. cs go

  116. teeqo can you try world of tanks

  117. Play world of tanks

  118. Video sponsored my World of Warships be we actually made the game but we
    don’t need tot tell anyone…

  119. Lets play Russian roulette
    Every 5th like dies

  120. Rug is a click bate prick

  121. You should make a video playing world of tanks

  122. Anyone got a locker code for nba2k16

  123. Play World of Tanks

  124. Kurtis Johansson

    Why you play that shitty game check the other Wargaming’s games

  125. Teeqo, are you going to play Pokemon GO?

  126. Thanks Teeqo! Playing this game right now!

  127. ironic that there was an M&M add before this video lmao

  128. do you own the game? cuz you sound a little bit like tmartn

  129. That Tanking Sylveon

    Lol. Ive been playing wargaming games since last year.

  130. CS vid soon plz

  131. Main menu looks like war thunder but with boats!

  132. More csgo

  133. such bad videos lol

  134. faze up baby go back to csgo or play some l4d2 on steammmmm

  135. he said vapecon

  136. This games seems really dope you should make another video on it

  137. Ben Martin (TheBaconWolf)

    People felt bad for Apex but they only wanted Teeqo to sign there stuff and
    to take pictures with so the let Apex sign stuff too

  138. Can u do more gameplays of this pls, I really like it!

  139. Yo! I own that Dell laptop!

  140. You went to vapecon with apex ??

  141. Polishboii Smiarowski

    Teeqo prob won’t read this but use the ap shells because they are armor
    piercing and do more damage
    Not unless u were specifically wanting to burn the ships

  142. awsome video teeqo i love the way you edit i know how hard it is great job

  143. last time I was this early FaZe was winning championships

  144. play world of tanks

  145. Great video teeqo?

  146. Play this game more

  147. qi liked this

  148. What does the code do?

  149. let’s play a game
    1.Have a drink next to you
    2.Play the video
    3.every time there is a cut in the video take a sip of you drink(it is
    recommended you have a big cup)

  150. do you own world of warship

  151. MBoZe's Hairline

    Teeqo my dad had been playing this game for months lol!

  152. teeqo what are the settings on your razer siren?

  153. U should prank someone in the house

  154. Can anyone please tell me the song in the beginning?

  155. nice vid?

  156. Make more on this game plz

  157. I had an account that I didn’t know about

  158. i have playd world of tanks for 5-6 years this is to

  159. Can anyone go to vidcon or just youtubers and stuff

  160. If you sub, Ill sub back with 15 other accounts! Like when done

  161. Will it come on console too? I’ll probably get both if it does it looks

  162. World of tanks

  163. What how is this game not like 30 dollar’s it has good graphics

  164. you should play total war 2

  165. Jahaja start the video already

  166. teeqo’s tattoos are beast

  167. Play more it’s looks great

  168. teeqo why don’t trie playing point blank

  169. honestly that first part was pretty inspirational

  170. honestly that first part was pretty inspirational

  171. So is this like world of tanks but with ships?

  172. So capture the flag in the sense

  173. ChristyisLife (.)

    why it say 0 likes

  174. Name of song 0:56?

  175. What Mic is he using?

  176. plz sub to me

  177. I Know Wows :)

  178. hi faze teeqo

  179. Any else like watching these videos just because they make you happy
    compared to other faze members videos. Like if you agree, and have a great

  180. I really enjoyed this video

  181. Awesome video teeqo!

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    One more sub until I got 40 :)

  184. the sign up code does not work :(

  185. Please play more

  186. That game definitely looks dope

  187. Do more!

  188. 0:14 do you hear him say Vape Con?

  189. its only 30 seconds that you show apex dumb ass dont seem like if you based
    it on you’re whole video fagget

  190. i like war thunder more

  191. So basically “world of tanks”but with ships

  192. Sellouttttttttt

  193. is the code working for you guys

  194. Teeqee should get more sub

  195. I like how he says “each other”

  196. Play world of tanks! It’s from the same company

  197. I play world of tanks u should try that

  198. Yato The Dank God

    moist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  199. Enrique Castaneda

    I thought u where kicked from faze?

  200. please do more it was entertaining

  201. faze is shit now, stopped playing cod now they play this shit wtf?

  202. video starts at 0:00 thank me later

  203. What keyboard does he have

  204. Does the code not work already?
    i put BadAdvice2016

  205. metallica mudkipz

    Sub to me for a sub back

  206. hey teeqo!! :D

  207. Quality video by Teeqo

  208. teqo you suck watch my channel for a better game then this but same company
    wot is the master

  209. moooooore

  210. stick to csgo and cod ty

  211. I like world of tanks

  212. lol, “I’m Cortana, ask Me Anything.”

  213. if you liked that game check my channel for almost same game but ww2 tanks
    amazing game check my channel and subscribe

  214. lol faze apex just uploaded a vid 20min ago

  215. play world of tanks teeqo way better same creators of that ship game.

  216. sellout

  217. website is not working HELP.

  218. Do more cooking videos !! They get down

  219. TheBirdManHQ Subing

    You probably buy coins to get ships… Probably don’t grind

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  221. Wanna play virgin roulette?

    Every 6th like dies virgin

  222. Trenton Baldasare

    Teeqo Are you going to get any torso tattoos??

  223. Great vid do more of these

  224. Man that looks fun

  225. Let’s make a story. I will start it off then I’ll make a video on the story
    we made! I’ll play it all out with my Theater class! Let’s make this into a
    “It all began with two friends who planned on traveling California they
    started off by…..

  226. faze cringeqo

  227. More, please more of this

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  230. fucking fag selling out you stupid nigger

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  232. its Bad Advice telling us to play this game!!! 🙂 :p Love you

  233. Can u come to Australia? Please

  234. Make a video with some faze members. It’ll be a funny video

  235. BadAdvice2016?!?!?! what type of code is that xD

  236. Clashing With Bryan

    hi teeqo

  237. Im pretty early

  238. If u sub me I’ll suck your dick (btw it’s a joke)

  239. You have to use the code in full caps

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  241. eSSence- Clash Royale

    Teeqo and Apex are my favorites :)

  242. plz don’t like this comment.

  243. plzz subscribe to me ill do the same

  244. what a click bait god

  245. pretty much the same as wot, but just with ships

  246. This game actually looks lit I’m tryna play

  247. Could you do more gameplay on this?

  248. Yo can u do mire vid of this game

  249. Can you play csgo please

  250. Emerson Galacgac

    MissApex in the FaZeHouse :(

  251. first. jk:

  252. Not gonna lie this game looks lit.

  253. omg that jump scare at 6:57 teeqo i hate you

  254. If you’re reading this is beacause..

    A) I’m the top comment

    B) I’m too early

    C) You were scrolling way too much.

    So which one?

  255. Hey Jacob, the code doesnt work do u know why? i am very interested in this
    game pls reply Thanks. 🙂 Ty for the video’s aswell !!! Big fan

  256. Gamingwithyousef


  257. Domminic DeCesaris

    play Rainbow Six Siege

  258. Reasons I Like Teeqo he’s a genuine guy, his apparel is dope, tells us when
    it’s a sponsored video…

  259. Not gonna lie game looks like it could be pretty fun

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  262. What was the song that teeqo played in the intro

  263. Big fan keep it up <3

  264. Liek if u argee taht FaZe Rug is the bste…

    Jk you gotta be dumb to think that was real

  265. Everything for Money…

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  267. Expert Camacho198

    code dosnt work anymore

  268. teeqo is my favourite in faze.

  269. FaZe teeqo I think that company made a game called world of tanks it’s fun
    you can drive tanks around

  270. Song Please

  271. Code dont work tho

  272. more with whole faze house pls

  273. Anyone notice that he said Vapecon instead of vid con?

  274. teeqo are you joj?

  275. I miss Apex

  276. Aye Teeqo✌??

  277. nils cristianson

    favorit Youtuber playing my favorit game omg ples more.

  278. Do a Pokemon go vid like if you agree

  279. Hi

  280. code doesnt work

  281. I miss mm in sweden..

  282. You are the leader of FaZe clan you should be playing cod and hitting trick

  283. does teeqo ever play cod?

  284. let’s play Russian Roulette. every 5th like dies!

  285. I love you man, thank you.

  286. Teeqo play World Of Tanks if you like this you will like World Of Tanks

  287. code doesnt work?

  288. I disliked the vid then like sorry was recently unliking all of joeysalads

  289. 100 comment????

  290. Last time i was this early Tmartn found a site..

  291. First comment


  293. Voracious_ Grand

    omg 300th like again

  294. Wtf only 2 comments

  295. Teeqo talk nordan to do a warface video with me plz you should come to

  296. Teeqo why do you have a French flag on your keyboard?

  297. Sup T

  298. Slither Gameplay

    teeqo and his natural habitat Starbucks!?!?!?!?;!


  300. Great video

  301. Jesus. What has FaZe become…

  302. Nice

  303. First

  304. Your are the best teeqo

  305. Play World Of Tanks

  306. I’m so close to 250 subscribers who ever subs me I will sub back if I don’t
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  307. Code didnt work :/

  308. i got the same tattoo as teqoo

  309. finally im early

  310. ThisGameIsADraG DraG Nation

    When did get ur first tataoo

  311. ThisGameIsADraG DraG Nation

    When did get ur first tataoo

  312. ricegum and fousey had a fight
    go to twitter and see

  313. here comes the Faze clan are sellouts comments

  314. 2 Words

    Cs:go Lotto

  315. play more cs go

  316. I hit 1k subscribers about 5 minutes ago! I am so happy!

  317. Alex is the best in the Faze clan

  318. Frickin’ late ?

  319. TEEQO where is banks? tell us the truth upvote so he sees it

  320. Or on Twitter @ryanthedemonic

  321. 175 viewer

  322. 82nd like?

  323. Selling out Teeqo?

  324. someone broke into my house it’s on my channel

  325. Or it’s RyanTheAngel

  326. I’m so early

  327. #AllLivesMatter

  328. Hey teeqo keep making vids like this

  329. The Spartan Gamer

    Plz im begging

  330. sup teeqo


  332. oh god another video of FaZe Squirting at each other…

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  334. The Spartan Gamer

    Put me in the next vid shout me out like lv prime plzzzzzzz

  335. Last time I was this early KEEMSTAR had hair on his head

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  337. Hamdan Almurooshid

    luv ya teeqo

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