World of Warships 0.10.1: Italian battleships and free bundles.

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Get to know everything about Italian battleships, free bundles in the Armory and New battle seasons. Stay with World of Warships channel in 2021 –

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    • can you fix the u.s clemson for some reason it has depth charges on the back in port and maybe battle that you cant use.Can you please remove them?

    • @Eugen Sfârla which is basicly bs, because a lot of players skip each tree entirely up to tier X. Shall they not not create tier I-IX ships anymore, because some derps like to skip to the highest ship possible? For me Warships was always more about the journey and not about actually being on tier X, because it’s utterly boring there.

    • Tbh @World of Warships Official Channel…

      I’m waiting for 3 things:
      1) Buff Improved Secondary Battery Aiming to -50%, secondaries accuracy right now is beyond terrible, doubly so for battleships without “improved dispersion”.

      2) Fix Grease The Gears. It it literally working backwards, based on the math. Ships with fast turret traverse are getting a bigger buff, and ships with slow turret traverse are getting a LESSER buff. Revert to Expert Marksman OR make GtG a reduction to turret traverse time instead!

      3) Fix Dead Eye! Either nerf the -10% dispersion value, or replace the condition with the penalty from Super Heavy AP shells (that skill does NOT need such a hefty penalty anyways, it’s not THAT amazing). Or give Dead Eye a reload penalty or something. It’s current condition is promoting terrible backline snipe play for virtually ALL battleships.

    • Any update on when submarines will go live?

    • bring back all the scenarios

  1. Ahh, finalllllllyyyyyyyy a good thing by wg.Also, the new style is good

  2. As ever the Art Department is doing a fantastic job 😎

    • @JohnnyCacao are you sure? Those ships are trash balanced: worst accuracy in the game, bad reload and mediocre guns, Venezia do more consistent damage than anything other ship Italian BB available. How is that balanced?

    • @Um cara qualquer how can you be so ignorant to say something is trash balanced before you even try it wtf

    • @JohnnyCacao oh well I used the T4 and from what I have seen the pattern is the same for all the ships in the line… Discouraging at best.

    • @Um cara qualquer what, from what I’ve heard the Italian bbs are actually very consistent because of sap and do more damage overall

    • @Matthew Douglas BB sap isn’t that good honestly, Venezia do more consistent damage than the BBs because of the accuracy and reload.

  3. Weegee, i didnt agree with stuff ur doing to the game, but this update is finally something i am excited for. Keep going, Good luck and fair seas 🙂

  4. nice update, needs more operations tho

  5. Next update: We’re adding Italian Aircraft Carriers from tier V to X

  6. I was expecting a Pizza Skin…

  7. I’m sure Dasha gets better looking every video!!!

  8. >1v1 brawls added
    At last.

    • @Icy Phoenix I’m pretty sure that the maps are small enough that CVs shouldn’t be too threatening.

    • @Ben Stahlnecker oh you have no idea man 😉 Anyway, there is not a single ship in the game other than another CV that can win 1 on 1 against a CV, if the CV player is even moderately competent.

    • @Icy Phoenix If that’s true then let’s cross our fingers and hope there aren’t so many players like that in the new brawls mode.

    • @Ben Stahlnecker I can work there are still secondary skills for CVs, although, im not sure about their accuracy.

    • Anthony Amable Feliciano

      US and German Tier 8 are worth Consideration, as they can cover the largest area’s the US Tier 8 premiums have good gun Ballistics and are good for CQC, not to mention the better gun than NC, German BB also worth mentioning because they have Great Secondaries, Hydro, and a faster turret traverse, despite the smaller gun

  9. das spiel war gut mittlerweile ist es müll …. kaputtentwickelt the game was good meanwhile it’s garbage …. developed broken

  10. Dasha in that dress looks a lot more exciting than the update does.

  11. The Vittorio Veneto was a battleship of the Italian Royal Navy and represented the best of the Italian naval production of the
    second World War.  In fact, her motto was: “Victory gives us life”

  12. All I have to say Roman Empire is here!

  13. This game is like: “Mision: you have to destroy 50 planes” and you wont fight agains CV in 100 games, because of the algorithm. Thx MM. I prefer to go to casino.

  14. DAMN! Dasha looks better than ever in this video. What the heck is going on here? I’m guessing it’s the lighting, more dim than bright to match the background. Great stuff.

    Also adding to the graphical improvements, do you devs think you can round off the wake a bit more than it is now? Sailing at full speed it looks very “triangle-y” from the front down. Should be more rounded. Thank you!

  15. 1v1 brawls? Ramming speed activated.

  16. Haven’t seen the capt in his on vids in awhile.

  17. Dasha never disappoints,

  18. As far as thematic costumes go with these updates, this one impressed me most, Dasha.

  19. The only players need is the stupid rework in match making

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