World of Warships: A Common Halland Match

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A common looking Halland match. The red team decides to simply sail away and there’s not much I can do about it.

0:00 Halland Match
14:50 End Screen
17:29 Captain Skills & Upgrades
19:39 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Swedish destroyer Halland.


  1. Now I hope this one is as boring as promised!

  2. Nice vid, a shame the CV didn’t feel like testing your AA lol

    • Last night i was in my halland, and enemy had a FDR (and i hade been killed and destroyed so many times the last days by FDR´s) so instead of primary being torp boat i became AA assistance. Most fun i have had for a long time, locking that fu… out of game completely. i did 164000 damage to planes and only 70000 to ships lol. We won, i was relative low on score, but felt good…

  3. Supa exciting match tho! kappa

  4. Nice vid. If you want 5000 free Coal go to big hunt in armory. Buy the corporation bundle 80 % off using in game credits then you can exchange the token straight back for the same credits. Easy coal 😎

  5. Just be glad you didnt have the FDR to go against. Those reaaly suck

    • I think as a DD FDR isn’t that bad. FDR isn’t that great to attack a DD with decent AA. The HE bombers require immense luck.

  6. Hey Aerron do you think you’ll ever cover the Cossack? Just got her, but can’t figure out how to play her well

    • play her to ambush enemy destroyers with overwhelming firepower and good concealment. Use your spotting advantage to start turning into a kiting position against the enemy DD, as your guns have very bad firing angles forwards, but much better ones backwards. Use your smokes to set enemy battleships on fire with your very high fire chance on 8 guns.

    • Cossack! Yes please, I love that ship.

  7. you got a like after 1min and 5 sec into the video… xD

  8. Honestly in a MVR I would also have pretended you didn’t exist.

  9. Despite the kinda boring game, the Pan-Euro videos are fun, nice vid!

  10. Heck yes I can tell them to come let me torp them at a location…. you would be surprised at how many times a daring radar cruser will venture out to kill you, forgetting they get spotted outside their radar range often..

  11. It is really depressing being ignored by the CV, right?
    Thank you very much for uploading the replay. I do learn a lot watching replays and your replays include
    a lot of information why you do things. Perfect for my person and hopefully for other player as well.
    All the best!

  12. Admiral Spaceballs

    7:00 you can really feel the fear from the radar , and then the disappointment from the fact that enemy ships can run away from you is 10 times greater 15:20 .
    What a great example of how “terrible” a dd game can be !

  13. “Bad Nevsky, bad.” LOL

  14. The eu line T7 to T10 was the most fun i had in Wows the past year. Halland is an excellent ship truly.

  15. I like the CV’s in the game.. it makes ppl. play together better as a team, and if you are stupid enough to go alone against a CV, well.. your loss

  16. I am so sick of all the waa waa I hate CV crying. I play a DD usually. CVs are an extra challenge in the game. Get over it.

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