World Of Warships Arkansas Beta Battleship! World Of Warships Gameplay

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World Of Warships Arkansas Beta Battleship! World Of Warships Gameplay


  1. Dan Dan (DanDanRigMan)

    You know what airhead, you need to quit comparing the confederacy with Nazi
    Germany. Slavery wasn’t a good thing. But, the people of the south weren’t
    actively incinerating black people. In fact there were around a hundred or
    so anti-slavery societies (kinda like your local lions clubs) in the south.
    The movement was getting popular, right up until Lincoln called up troops.
    Bottom line, if your not educated on a subject, shut the @#%& up about it.
    Just because it’s acceptable to pile on a group, doesn’t mean you should. 

  2. Only, if they are removing everything confederate or things to do with
    slavery,w high is wht the flag represents, the shouldn’t the remove all the
    thirteen colonies, because they had slaves, and there’s a beautiful photo
    of. Five thousand klans men carrying only American flags so, if we’re gonna
    do that why not tear everything down and give it all to the Indians, oh and
    white slavery is different that the slaver traders slavery that the white
    men got the original slaves from? 84% of people in this country have a
    religion mainly Protestant, yet there are no Protestants on the Supreme
    Court, which means religion isn’t fairly represented in our justice
    system….. Keep up the good work, man.

  3. Michael Ferguson

    Ok, Baron said it right the first time it Arkansas, like Ark-Can-Saw. It
    doesn’t have a danged thing to do with Kansas. Arkansas was the 25th state.

  4. The battle flag that is on the capitol building grounds in South Carolina
    flies over a monument to Confederate soldiers who died in the civil war. It
    doesn’t fly over the main building anymore.

  5. Who thought installing a gun at the very rear of the ship was going to be a
    great idea? Would it even have a chance of hitting anything in battle?

    • +Aviation lord i think thats more of a design leftover from the earlier
      ship designs where cannons were all over the ship? 🙂

  6. Darthpathfinder

    Also is it me or does the victory music at the end of a match sort of
    sounds like it could fit right into a Fallout game……

  7. Darthpathfinder

    To be honest with you for anyone in the USA to be mad about a flag from the
    south is just stupid plain and simple…..Seeing as before the civil war
    the USA had slaves and was happy to have slaves and did not start free the
    slaves until the war was well under way……It was just an other tactic by
    the north to hurt the south….

  8. Y’know, it’s quite hilarious when Phly try’s to pronounce names.

  9. Awesome vid Phly! Keep up the awesome work!
    Question: Do u squad with players in your war thunder squadron?

  10. Hey phly. I just got the wow open beta but my sound is all buggy. Would
    this be the game or my sound card?? Plz help. Btw I love your vids.:)

  11. It’s so awesome seeing you enjoy battleship play again 🙂 I was drawn in to
    your channel by your first fuso video and it makes me wish I had a better
    comp so I could see it on such good settings :/

  12. So many stupid people thinking he actually doesn’t know what Arkansas is.

  13. Such a nice intro man, great job.

  14. Keep

  15. Alexis “The Player Of Games” Boom

    Nice video but anti aliasing smooths edges of colours, it doesn’t touch

    Tessalation affects polygons by adding smoothing triangles.

  16. I’m tired of people making a big deal out of the confederate flag… Anyone
    should be allowed to fly it for various reasons. My reasons to fly it (if i
    did) is because I’m proud to be a southerner (heritage), and I’m proud of
    being related to Gen. Robert E Lee (family ties). Plus, as someone pointed
    out earlier, eventually everything could get banned because someone doesn’t
    “like it” which I don’t want to live in that type of society.

  17. Jesus, the sound of those guns. its like the sound of God sneezing.

  18. Not sure i find the Joke here,

  19. Phly, you’re wrong, I know murican history. Arkansas (Pronounced
    “Our-Kansas”), was not founded until 1690 after Kansas was deemed too
    segregated and thus the new Arkansas (“Our-Kansas”) was born. I believe
    it’s in the constitution.

  20. The confederate flag is a symbol of hate you idiots. Its not heritage. Keep
    your inbred squad out of politics.

  21. I really hope you guys are trolling at the beginning, since Arkansas is
    definitely a state. The common pronunciation in the American south is
    roughly “ARK-in-saw”.

  22. I hate to bring up politics here, but since Phly did . . .
    Just remember that you (commentators) don’t get to decide what is offensive
    or not. The offended do. Telling the offended that they shouldn’t be
    offended is not only pointless but is itself offensive

    You have the right to fly whatever flag you want (even the Nazi flag if
    your here in the US.) You also have the right to be offended by those
    doing it and speak out about it. And vice versa. That’s the great thing
    about the US and other countries with similiar freedom of speech.

    Anyone saying “you need a history lesson” as an excuse need to themselves
    get a history lesson on the civil rights movement.

  23. shaundis buddyguy

    you know , if i ever quit this retched game i would still watch these vids
    for the sheer comedy . awesome vid. -King_of_the_North

  24. My take on the Confederate battle flag is that it shouldn’t be on state and
    federal buildings. Otherwise anybody can fly whatever flag they fucking
    want whether we like em or not.

  25. why do people single fire with battleships. the gun spread tends to be more
    accurate doing a full broadside in my experiance. i can understand shooting
    the first one all by itself to guage the lead if you arent good at that,
    but the second shot needs to be full salvo all at once.

  26. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    noob question: how do you look around without moving your guns?

  27. Graham Montgomey

    how can you be so dumb “they at least should have named it after a state”
    really… wow. first one of your videos i watched btw, i won’t be watching
    any more. Every USN BB ever made is named after a state so you probably
    could guess that Arkansas is a state unless you did not know that. (DDs are
    named after people, CAs are named after cities, and CVs are named mostly
    after revolutionary war battles although there are some exceptions) Only in

  28. People take things way to seriously.

  29. The confederate flag is a part of US history. The reason it is getting
    banned is because one stupid psycho decided to shoot up a church and
    conveniently also had the confederate flag. No offense Phly, but you and
    baron sounded like total jackasses talking about things you don’t know. And
    raising an isis flag is “ok?” Seriously?

  30. Will never understand how the ship in the intro goes from being covered in
    moss and algae, to being in pristine condition and clean when it comes out
    of the ocean.
    Still love the intro though

  31. Why is everyone so fucking stupid when it comes to identifying jokes? He
    said he was raised in the south, so he knows how to pronounce Arkansas and
    that it is a state. People need to learn to stop taking everything

  32. See here in the west (CA) We don’t care. If you want to fly a Confederate
    flag for your own personal reasons go ahead. But do not fly it over federal

  33. The flag is history you shouldn’t remove it

  34. The whole argument about the confederate flag is a farce in the first
    place, it was only stirred up by the president to distract people from the
    TPP. Funny how the confederate flag, a symbol of defiance in the face of
    tyranny and oppression is now such taboo.

  35. ShenanigansAndStuff

    i cant wait until somebody gets a kill with the butt gun.

  36. Some People need to obtain some humour, because they obviously have none
    already, Phly and the lads are obviously joking about the Arkansaw thing,
    Learn to take a joke boiiis

  37. You’ll Speak it ‘Arkensaw’

  38. >arkansas *is* a state

  39. I don’t think people understand the ”War, War never changes”. Its doesn’t
    change because its still two or more enemies fighting. Technology doesn’t
    change war, it changes the way war is fought.

    • +Providencenl Yeah that’s what I’m saying its just a lot of people don’t
      understand it….

    • no shit lol… people die people suffer from war, it doesnt matter if
      rockets or sword and shield are used to fight one another.

  40. i just popped down here to look at the raging patriots of ether side

  41. Omg I’m triggered check your privilege.

  42. i want to be in that mode unless im shooting

  43. bro now that im playing i play on a laptop and it dont have a mouse scroll
    and i am always stuck in zoom mode where it looks like i am standing on the
    turrets, bro how do u get on the zoom out which i love better when i play
    it helps me maneuver better. i cant seem to find out how to zoom out
    without a mouse scroll

  44. So everyone now thinks I’m a super serious youtuber <3

    • I am pretty sure it’s pronounced “are-Kansas”. :p

    • +PhlyDaily Sup DerpDaily, I <3 ya dude.. english is your first language,
      even Arkansas is state in your country..yet you derp pronouncing that word.
      It's oviously "Arc-in-sauce" ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
      btw will you be streaming today?

    • +PhlyDaily Did all three of you seriously not know that Arkansas is a
      state? It’s pronounced ar-kan-saw, by the way. 🙂

      Is there any actual difference between the Arkansas and a stock Wyoming? If
      not, seems like a somewhat disappointing beta reward, considering the Iwaki
      Alpha was a completely unique ship.

    • +PhlyDaily the hellcats make you bad person phly!

    • oppplayerr vlogs

      Arkansas is a state asshole i live in Arkansas learn your states

  45. Ar Kan Saw.

  46. Man I Wish this game was on ps4. :(

  47. The confederate flag isn’t a racist flag. If it offends you you need a
    history lesson. I will always fly my confederate flag, but I understand if
    people don’t want it on federal buildings

  48. In from Arkansas… It’s Ark-an-saw 

  49. I find it offensive that you stereotype the south and the people that fly
    the confederate flag. If fags can say that and get their way I should be
    able to also. 

    • +Adam Boyd I’m (technically) white and Christian… I don’t want an
      argument about religion here please, I already have a 200+ comment thread
      with one other person over this topic.

    • Yeah I know they’re true I actually meet the stereotype perfectly I
      justnwanted to see if complaint about being stereotyped will help you get
      your way all the time and I guess the answer is that it does as long as
      you’re not a white Christian conservative +Banna Man

    • He may be stereotyping the south, but that’s true. I live in god damn south
      texas, and alot of southern stereotypes are true. Happy ‘Murica day bro

  50. texasRedFallout

    independence day in USA!

  51. I’m just waiting for them to release it to Mac so i can play it on my
    laptop anywhere. Plus my pc is pretty old and crap and i can’t afford a new
    one right now :/

  52. The state of Arkansas is pronounced ARkansaw everywhere. The Arkansas river
    is pronounced arKANsus in Kansas and ARkansaw in, you guessed it, Arkansas.

  53. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Anus gun!

  54. essex is not a state, but it is a county in england :)

    • +rendo Yes rendo knows his stuff, I am also from Essex and go to Essex
      university ……Essex……

      Btw I started this because phly said all Ships were named after states 🙂

    • +Java Flask Essex, originally the ancient Kingdom of the East Saxons, or
      *Ēastseaxe*, is indeed a county in England, but it’s also a county in
      Massachusetts, named by English settlers in 1643. The people of Essex
      County helped to fund the building of a frigate in 1799, which was named
      after the county, and in turn the *USS Essex* would later give it’s name to
      the 20th century’s most numerous class of capital ships. The *Essex* was
      captured by the British in 1814, and returned to England, where, en route
      to a Royal Naval Dockyard on the Thames for repairs, she very well may have
      stopped off at…… Essex.

    • +Carl Caspersen youre a special kind of stupid

    • +Carl Caspersen he said county not country

    • England is a country so Essex Is not a country

  55. What do you use to record your games? 

  56. Phly that was sum fun gameplay there in your USS Acronsause over yonder! xD

    ps. little bit more respect for Arkansas boi…it was Johnny Cash’s home
    state! ;D

  57. your intro is nice but to long :/ 27 sek.

  58. Anthony Lacroix

    This whole confederate flag thing is stupid yes during the civil war it may
    of been considered Racist but now it’s just a symbol of being rebellious
    probably why some people call it the Rebel flag instead of the confederate
    flag just let people fly it and stop getting butt-hurt over tiny things

    • Driconian Gamed

      +Anthony Lacroix
      Meanwhile in Britain people are getting into bother for flying the British
      flag, so yes this confederate flag thing is just stupid.

  59. What’s the name of the intro song phly?

  60. For all of you commenting that he’s saying it wrong and it’s a state, I
    don’t think you get the joke

  61. If someone want’s to fly the confederate flag, That’s their prerogative.
    The first Amendment is there to protect speech we don’t like. We start
    taking away thing’s and banning things based on people being offended.
    That’s a slippery slope my friends. Everyone is offended by something.
    People need to put on their big girl/boy pants and deal with thing’s. You
    have a right to be offended, That right doesn’t trump their right to do/say
    certain thing’s. Can’t we all just get along! :D

  62. Okay guys Arkansas is a STATE and its pronounced AR-CAN-SAW
    Where did you go to school?

  63. as always a good video from Mr. Phlydaily ;D

  64. This intro.. Never change it.

  65. un-sub’d. you guy’s are just too dumb to be talking about real issues.
    stick to games faggots.

  66. Comparing the confederate flag to the Nazi flag is stupid, if any flag
    could even be compared to it, it would have to be the US flag. The battle
    flag would be more comparable to like the German cross. At this point im so
    sick of hearing these dumbass arguments about how its racist and hatefully
    when to some people its not. Just look at the way you picture people who
    fly it.

    • +JTelli786 No, i’m saying the Nazi’s weren’t they only ones who put people
      into camps during WWII. The only thing that is similar between them is that
      they both were considered camps.

    • +001choctaw I’d say for the situation at hand, the conditions were good.
      And of coarse the were made out of cheap material, they weren’t meant to
      last. Are you really comparing the jewish living conditions to the Japanese

    • +JTelli786 Their houses or barracks in the camps were made out of plywood
      and leaked water, they did not maintain heat, and the camps were packed
      full of Japanese-Americans you could barely walk around in them. Food,
      water, and protection aren’t the only things that account to good living

    • +JTelli786 You also gotta look at the fact the government confiscated
      property such as land. people would be released from the camps to go home
      to find their entire community had been bulldozed

    • +001choctaw It may have not been comparable to standard living, but they
      had sanitary living conditions, an abundance of food and water and were

  67. Slickbee always tries to force bad jokes. It is getting a little annoying.

  68. u murricans and your silly prenaunceiations

  69. Wow, now I remember why I unsubscribed last time.

    Unsubed for good this time.

    Moronic stuff.

  70. Play south carolina

  71. Where did you guys go to school? I am guessing Arkansas?

  72. “I can spell Arkansas, A, R, Kansas” jeebus Baron I was taking a sip of my
    coffee when you said that, my sinuses are burnt now xD

  73. Slick should stick to rap though xD
    the second clip is nice. Like the shipbattles of old. Form a line and blow
    the crap out of each other =)

  74. Hey phly! I just made an account. Add me? @PhlyDailyIsHot

  75. He said Arkansas was not a state…

  76. hey phly happy 4th

  77. Matthew Blenkey

    Arkansas is a state….

  78. Arkansaw is how you should say it

  79. Disciple Of Doge

    I lost some IQ points listening to them say Arkansas isn’t a state

  80. Dm gamingandmore (drew marion)

    That is a state stupid.

  81. <301+ Hype!!!!

  82. Arkansas is also a state…..

  83. Da buttcannon is real

  84. When are they releasing the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) ?

  85. happy 4th phly :)

  86. So can this be bought or just closed beta ship?

  87. The soon to be rare ship gameplay of the USS Arkansas

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