World Of Warships Arkansas Beta Battleship! World Of Warships Gameplay

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World Of Warships Arkansas Beta Battleship! World Of Warships Gameplay


  1. +Aviation lord i think thats more of a design leftover from the earlier
    ship designs where cannons were all over the ship? 🙂

  2. +Sparkleshy Starswirl Press right mouse button

  3. +noble64115 That’s what most believe. 1. Give me something to read to prove
    that. 2. Your sorely mistaken.

  4. That wasn’t the right flag though it was made in the 60’s as a black hate

  5. +Eric Melendez I live in cali too lel

  6. +Providencenl Yeah that’s what I’m saying its just a lot of people don’t
    understand it….

  7. no shit lol… people die people suffer from war, it doesnt matter if
    rockets or sword and shield are used to fight one another.

  8. I am pretty sure it’s pronounced “are-Kansas”. :p

  9. +PhlyDaily Did all three of you seriously not know that Arkansas is a
    state? It’s pronounced ar-kan-saw, by the way. 🙂

    Is there any actual difference between the Arkansas and a stock Wyoming? If
    not, seems like a somewhat disappointing beta reward, considering the Iwaki
    Alpha was a completely unique ship.

  10. +PhlyDaily the hellcats make you bad person phly!

  11. oppplayerr vlogs

    Arkansas is a state asshole i live in Arkansas learn your states

  12. +Bruce Barr UH, it is a State, the one Bill Clinton and Hilary are from.
    Bill was the Governor.

  13. +Titouan Lannuzel and alwyas new planes and mechanics. Hopefully they take
    out spawn points for RB tanks..

  14. +Titouan Lannuzel Alot more than 2 years…

  15. I would personally rather have infantry incorporated into the game but
    that’s just me 🙂

  16. Titouan “LeFlemard” Lannuzel

    +Dan Dop in two years maybe, priority for now is armored warfare, not only
    tanks, but also scout cars and other not tanks types

  17. Warthunder will have boats soon, don’t worry!

  18. +Gunsight416 The Confederate flag was made racist by some dumb politicians
    from Georgia when the south was told desegregate school. Basically that was
    their way of flipping off the capital

  19. Nice to see another supporter! I too can understand why u wouldn’t fly it
    on a federal building, but it is always fun to see a truck riding down the
    road with a Confederate flag on the truck.

  20. Oh, well in that case. Thanks.

  21. +Adam Boyd I’m (technically) white and Christian… I don’t want an
    argument about religion here please, I already have a 200+ comment thread
    with one other person over this topic.

  22. Yeah I know they’re true I actually meet the stereotype perfectly I
    justnwanted to see if complaint about being stereotyped will help you get
    your way all the time and I guess the answer is that it does as long as
    you’re not a white Christian conservative +Banna Man

  23. He may be stereotyping the south, but that’s true. I live in god damn south
    texas, and alot of southern stereotypes are true. Happy ‘Murica day bro

  24. +rendo Yes rendo knows his stuff, I am also from Essex and go to Essex
    university ……Essex……

    Btw I started this because phly said all Ships were named after states 🙂

  25. +Carl Caspersen youre a special kind of stupid

  26. +Carl Caspersen he said county not country

  27. England is a country so Essex Is not a country

  28. Probably nVidia shadowplay

  29. Respect is earned, not given, Johny cash has not earned my respect so why
    should I respect his state?

  30. Driconian Gamed

    +Anthony Lacroix
    Meanwhile in Britain people are getting into bother for flying the British
    flag, so yes this confederate flag thing is just stupid.

  31. Nathan Peterson

    +Spencer Vince Hans Zimmer-Time

  32. +robert lemere Well, you’re right, someone wants to prove to the world they
    are a racist asshat, that’s their choice.

  33. +robert lemere agree 100%!

  34. +PhlyDaily What do you mean not on the Federal thing?

  35. +robert lemere Amen, but plez not on federal things. That is ridiculous.

  36. +Dan Dop pleze du

  37. +Panzer Nick I still dont get the joke XD

  38. I’m sorry if my grammar offended you, I will go back to school now xD

  39. +Dan Dop no, humor

  40. He’s blatantly joking, why can’t people understand humour?

  41. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +That Fishscale You must be black.

  42. Kreos “Theundeadarmy” E

    +PhlyDaily he’s just not 1337 enough

  43. I agree with phly, it’s history. If I have a confederate flag for a civil
    war reenactment, it’s not racist. If I phly (see wat I did there) a
    confederate flag and use it to hurt other races, then we have problem. And
    the whole thing with if you want to fly it you can is true. The first
    amendment b-b-biotch! oh and happy 4th of July m8. ‘Murica

  44. +PhlyDaily these people are so butthurt right now :D.

  45. +That Fishscale dum*

  46. +JTelli786 No, i’m saying the Nazi’s weren’t they only ones who put people
    into camps during WWII. The only thing that is similar between them is that
    they both were considered camps.

  47. +001choctaw I’d say for the situation at hand, the conditions were good.
    And of coarse the were made out of cheap material, they weren’t meant to
    last. Are you really comparing the jewish living conditions to the Japanese

  48. +JTelli786 Their houses or barracks in the camps were made out of plywood
    and leaked water, they did not maintain heat, and the camps were packed
    full of Japanese-Americans you could barely walk around in them. Food,
    water, and protection aren’t the only things that account to good living

  49. +JTelli786 You also gotta look at the fact the government confiscated
    property such as land. people would be released from the camps to go home
    to find their entire community had been bulldozed

  50. +001choctaw It may have not been comparable to standard living, but they
    had sanitary living conditions, an abundance of food and water and were

  51. +thePavuk the general is just a really serious women right now trying to
    take her life into her own hands, after a while yes dem hoes always come
    back to daddy

  52. +PhlyDaily Hoes. They alway come back to daddy.

  53. you gonna come back bb

  54. RasklFish gamer

    Nobody likes you ok! Nobody

  55. Nah Phly, U Da Ho

  56. +Mc Shagan yah next to i da hoe

  57. +Kevin Le sex

  58. Arkansas is were bacon comes from!
    Hmmm, bacon.

  59. He was making a joke

  60. +Matthew Blenkey I know… Johnny Cash was from Kingsland, Arkansas! 🙂

  61. Nathan Peterson

    +Nathan Peterson nvm

  62. Nathan Peterson

    +Matthew Blenkey Sooo? what is your point?

  63. +Ryan Marra No, they named that state after this ship. Before it was called
    Bob. Nobody wanted to live in Bob.

  64. +Cantada (palmface)

  65. +Weuffel stalin class battleships with railguns incoming? lol.

  66. +Raz0rking
    WG adds what WG knows best. Paper-vehicles.

  67. +Weuffel
    i still don’t know what the russians about to get. They did not have much
    of a navy. And the Kriegsmarine Hype is real. I will instatrow money at the
    screen when a tier 7/8 premium is released

  68. +Raz0rking Russians are next, then KM and last RN. of what wargaming said
    last time.

  69. +JackyCola2988 as the last navy
    afaik it is first the royal marine, then the russian one and THEN the

  70. Yeah

  71. +Sibghat Shaikh I got the Ark B fully kitted it is a pretty damn good ship
    even better if it had some AA.

  72. yeah it is very inaccurate but once the guns hit, it can wreck stuff

  73. +Alex Turner its not good either way…

  74. +PhlyDaily dude watch out! this ship named BUTTman!!!

  75. +PhlyDaily you saw Baron in the IOWA? did you like that I voted 2 times and
    he showed me twice?

  76. +Inexpensive alt

  77. +Inexpensive Left Alt, hold it down. or Left Ctrl. But I believe it is Alt

  78. thinking patrick

    +PhlyDaily you’re terrible a pronouncing the ship name and that funny

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