World Of Warships Battleships Gameplay! USS North Carolina Tier 8 Battleship!

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World Of Warships Battleships Gameplay! USS North Carolina Tier 8 Battleship!


  1. Captain Levi (srx10)
  2. Alexander Klein

    +robert clarke Fosters!?!? HA!! That’s the best joke we Aussies ever
    managed to play on the US and get away with 😀

  3. +marsm9 Phly beer with Phly daily or Phyl’s hops and pops.

  4. +LEDDMEDIC Well than its an easy pick, right?

  5. They only have 1

  6. Captain Levi (srx10)

    i hope your a trol

  7. +FallenBut NotForgotten Torpedo’s

  8. +Dallas Anderson 6-7 kn underwater, 12-15kn surface. not that slow, would
    be somewhat playable

  9. Dallas Anderson

    The fastest submarines during WWII had a top speed of 6 knots. With how
    fast the game plays 6 knots is stupid slow.

  10. +TheKippie010 as a dutchie myself… pass it 🙂

  11. +kumisz or just press middle mouse button

  12. +kumisz Fire the shells and then press Z.

  13. +steinin deinkopf well, then obviously you dont know much about good beer?

  14. steinin deinkopf

    +Jarno Treuttens im from germany and never heard from any of those

  15. Guillaume Lemaigre

    +Jarno Treuttens even if i don’t like the Stella Artois, i would rather
    recommend the Cristal Alken 😉 (from one belgian to another :p )

  16. +Thewipyk hertog jan >>>>>> heineken

  17. +Guillaume Lemaigre He needs to try some real English Bitter

  18. Guillaume Lemaigre

    +Thewipyk Come on… Heineken taste like water… it’s only good if it’s
    too hot out there and if the beer is really cold. Guinness is a good call.
    +1 for that.

  19. +PhlyDaily best comeback 2016

  20. +TheCurtBurt im on my grind account right now, so suck my smoothbore

  21. +TheCurtBurt i agree!!

  22. +PhlyDaily stop using those press accounts and grind with us ya lazy swab


    Drink Daily! 😀

  24. +TheDarkZenith Phly Beer?

  25. Guillaume Lemaigre

    +AtomicSpoon If you didn’t found a beer you enjoyed, it might be because
    you never went in Belgium (did you ?) 😛

  26. Captain Levi (srx10)

    its meh.


  27. +Tq Hex For real. The best intro of pretty much any youtuber.

  28. They don’t turn faster. The turrets don’t have to go the whole way round.
    The rear turrets have to turn all the way around because the superstructure
    is in the way.

  29. +Sil Keizer fuck of amstel al the way if you can get it there

  30. He is talking about real beers, not shitty lagers

  31. Schwarze Kapelle

    +Uncle_Lefty 14 Me and my friend pulled a pretty hard carry in our Arkansas
    Betas, towards the end he went down leaving me against a rather healthy
    enemy battleship, we ended up winning but that voice really got me immersed
    in those final volleys

  32. Alexander Klein

    +Uncle_Lefty 14 I had that in my first PvP match sailing out in the
    St.Louis, was me vs a Chester and a South Carolina and after a lot of panic
    I won.

    I had just dealt with an enemy St.Louis near the map border and was moving
    towards my last teammate to support him (a South Carolina), by the time I
    got there he was burning to death leaving me to deal with an almost full hp
    enemy South Carolina and a near dead Chester that was hiding behind the
    mountains. I started engaging the South Carolina and worked to keep him at
    about 9km range so I had plunging fire on him and a chance to dodge his
    shots, the Chester popped up behind on my other side to try and take
    advantage of my focus on the South Carolina, the lack of turrets on the
    St.Louis helped here since the starboard guns were loaded and quick to aim
    and sink the Chester. After that it was a matter of keeping distance from
    the South Carolina while raining HE and the occasional AP salvos on his
    decks, turning away from him to narrow my profile when I knew his reload
    was about ready, eventually I sunk him with only taking 1 or 2 light hits
    from his main guns. This match really highlighted just how badly the South
    Carolina sprays it’s shots.

    Anyway that’s by far the best game I’ve had in WoWS so far, I forget the
    damage amount but I landed 233 hits and sunk 7 ships, the St.Louis is OP as
    all hell at tier 3.

  33. +Uncle_Lefty 14 i have never heard that, you should probably do more while
    the battle is actually going on

  34. +just Shane yea but when yourr a battleship and everyoen else on both teams
    are carriers its the shiitiest shit you could ever get into espically when
    you have little aa happened once to me

  35. +Uncle_Lefty 14 Actually yeah I have had that a few times, about 2 or 3
    times where I was the last one allive and it is NOT motivating when you
    hear that shit when there is still 2 enemy cruisers and 3 enemy battleships
    on the oposing team!

    It does sounds badass though knowing you made it that far to be the last
    one alive, but its also kind of a burden knowing that the entire succes of
    your team rests on your shoulders, the pressure of having to perform is
    high at those moments!

  36. +Roy Shein lol its ok

  37. +Chris Smith P.S I was not really mean that 🙁

  38. +Chris Smith I said USS north Carolina because that’s what in the video

  39. +Roy Shein you should probably make the links between ships and aircraft a
    lot more thin rather than 2 things that were actually possible

  40. wow you guys don’t realized that I was just kidding?

  41. Yup and can u play the Zao 🙂

  42. Phly, check out any of Brew Dog’s if you can get them where you are.
    There brewery isn’t too far from where I live and they make some
    interesting beers, lagers, pilsners and such…including the most alcoholic
    beer in the world which may appeal to you called “Sink the Bismark”.

  43. Bradley Sean Tan

    Call the drinking series:Drunken Phlying

  44. +PhlyDaily Call the series: PhlyingDrunk

  45. +ThunderHead you tried mission brewery’s hard root beer yet?

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