World Of Warships Battleships Gameplay! USS North Carolina Tier 8 Battleship!

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World Battleships Gameplay! USS North Carolina Tier 8 Battleship!


  1. Drunk Phly Gaming or Phly Drunk Gaming

    Drink: Vodka, whiskey ect

  2. Buy Sternla bier, its german.
    But i think you wont get it in america, its like i “little” brand xD
    it is really good, imo

  3. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

  4. Captain Levi (srx10)


  5. how do u trak u shells after firering?

  6. Δημητρης Χουιαζης

    How do you change camera to see your shots from closer

  7. iiiinteresting when EVERYBODY once said carriers are NOTHING like
    aretillery and bashed on everyonewho kept saying they are…

  8. Anyone else annoyed that they increased the experience amounts for all
    ships? Top tier battleships now require 245,000 xp when it used to be like
    150,000 xp.

  9. You call the new series drunken sailor

  10. Do you have a secondary account to keep PHLYDAILY as your name?

  11. Are you kidding me Phly? 4 ads? 

  12. Craft beer?

    Go find some Sweet Baby Jesus. It’s so good.

  13. Try the Australian beer: James Boags Premium Lager. Delicious.

  14. Try a spitfire beer or fosters. They’re nice.

    • Alexander Klein

      +robert clarke Fosters!?!? HA!! That’s the best joke we Aussies ever
      managed to play on the US and get away with 😀

  15. You should name it either “Beer in mind” or “Can you beer it?” 

  16. AnotherAccountToManage

    DrunkPhlying or PhlyingDrunk

  17. Darthpathfinder

    You could call it Kegsworth……

  18. These fully upgraded, dogs balls press accounts really shouldn’t be allowed
    to play with the general public…. Where’s the fairness??

  19. Drunk Tank

  20. My favorite is Warsteiner, bit of a strange choice but it just seems to hit
    the spot!


  22. Hey phly, where are the item drops?

  23. Title should be.
    It’s Time for Beer Thirty. Kind of like a round the clock reference

  24. Lookin forward to your beer channel

  25. Burb Daily:)

  26. Hwllo phly nice one phlyone beer is a good name my favorite beers are
    duvel, orval, grolsch ,liefmans gold, weizer stephaner, weat vleteren, la
    choufe and hertog jan

  27. i love your intro and all your videos i have been following you and Baron
    for about 2 years now and i have seen you two grow. Keep you the great work
    and see you in the skies and on the seas! ;)

  28. Hey phly, love your videos they never fail to bring a smile to my face even
    when I’m having a bad day. Keep up the great work, keep being awesome man.

  29. play in the first aircraft carriers

  30. Call it Beer Bash

  31. I’m a friend of the battleship member and I just watched fireworks off the
    Carolina for the 4th!

  32. aaron walsh (epiclolz9)

    It is 460 mm wide for the Yamato’s shells

  33. Yo fry deily go for that beer show would be cool and you should theme it
    off the beer the different navy’s would supply to the “seamen” at the time
    of wwII just my two cents and thanks for the great vids keep doing what you

  34. Legendary Bulldog

    Can you do the Uss Midway

  35. They should add the u.s.s Florida.

  36. Daniel Griffith

    Actually the 23.3 range is without the mod added, its more like 27 km
    range, then like 30+ with scout. Made the same assumption my first go
    around with that mod

  37. I love visiting the USS North Carolina. Live about 2 hours away myself.
    Maybe they’ll throw in its current paint job, from Korea I think, as a
    bonus some time.

  38. ****** yeah thanks for telling me phly that it is open yea now l can get
    mine dreams of getting to yamato and crushing your dreams 😛 and mine name
    will be tocakabocaka yeaaa l am so excited that l have a new game it play

  39. How do you set it so you can see the detailed health bar and the ships on
    the sides?

  40. 0:03 can feel the bass in my chest

  41. I’ll tell you whats sexy: the French Richelieu class battleship or the
    Royal navy Revenge class battleships.

  42. How about Cheers and beers!

  43. hey phly who made your intro?

  44. BennyJammin VanOrden

    THE NORTH CAROLINA! im in the process of getting a job working at the north
    carolina while i go to uncw

  45. What a bad representation of North Carolina, there’s not even any Cheerwine
    on it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  46. that was a fuck of a lot of torpedos wow

  47. NickelPlateRoad779

    how about… “You pick what I drink”? 😛 (also the range modification
    increases dispersion a lot just letting ya know)

  48. The Buzzed gamer

  49. People really hate press accounts. And it is not just that they are
    jealous. They just don`t want to have a top tier ship in their team
    captained by somebody who does not know who to play the game. I experienced
    that myself when i played on a press account in wowp while i was writing
    and article for a games magazine. Almost every match i played people called
    me out for being a “press faggot” and all that good stuff and i really got
    a good laugh out of every game, because i ended up leading the team in most
    cases. But that is just the good old WG community for you. Toxic af, but
    always entertaining.

  50. I actually did drink when I was 2, I mistakenly took my dads beer bottle
    when I thought it was a cup of orange juice! 

  51. gawd over 1 year premium *JEALOUS*

  52. The bofers are a American aa invented in ww2 an when saying it it sounds
    like gofers but with a b

  53. Aren’t you tired of the torpedus in the mutha fraking ocean?

  54. Atlanta is so scary.

  55. Yes bofors is swedish( im from sweden ) very important to know xD

  56. Phly, could you take out the
    Des Moines? I really want to see that ship in action in open beta.

  57. I’m sad because i can’t play it on my mac :(

  58. That Atlanta was just murdered 

  59. MrDrProfessor XD

    Shiner Bock is a really refreshing beer and brewed in Texas 

  60. i like that guy who called you a faggot for using a Press account while you
    are explaining why you use it and you later called him awesome

    I hope he sees this video and regret his actions

  61. Edger Van der Linden

    haha americans I can have beer at the age of 16
    and try a belgian beer named orval it is realy fucking good or chimay is
    good too

  62. Don’t know if this has been pointed out, but mods/captain perks don’t show
    the increase in stats. You’ll only notice when in gameplay for some reason.
    Like with the range increase mod the NC’s range goes out to somewhere
    around 26km.

    The captain perks for secondaries that increase range and reload time for
    guns 155mm or under works, you just won’t see it in stats in the dock or
    even if you hold ctrl and hover the cursor. You’ll notice it when aiming to
    max distance and holding alt for the increased range and when watching your
    reload counter in game.

  63. I might get to visit that beauty in 2 weeks.

  64. Scott Adam Mcnee

    In your next warship video could you use British ships please

  65. Isn’t she also one of the most haunted battleship?

  66. So many torps’!!!!

  67. The showboat is a nice ship I have been there to.

  68. That Torpedo Spread at the End! o.O Annoying it might be, It’s awesome!
    Bloody hell that Ending was just Amazing

  69. FallenBut NotForgotten

    Too many toarpedes

  70. Nice vid Phly, I just subscribed and liked

  71. I’d recommend getting Rev James Gold or just Rev James bitter for your
    series Phly.

  72. Third grind is a Charm aye Steve.
    Also check your P.O. Box in like 2-3 day’s.

  73. Why tf are there 4 ads in this video?

  74. The in-game volume is too high :p

  75. Mathis Dalmasso

    Sort, not a lot of xp.

  76. Mathis Dalmasso

    Why do you have a lot of money, lot of gold and lot of xp and why do you
    have a lot of ships ?

  77. refundis gaming

    Oh and what bitton do u press when u wach ur shells fly ( i have the game
    to )

  78. Phly, Open Beta came out on like the 1st of July, they just didn’t announce

  79. refundis gaming

    5 th try for the ki 61 i

  80. IcyLeafGames PvPMaster

    Phly’s Beer Blunder

  81. Drunk sailor

  82. Look at all the ads in your video, displeased I am.

  83. Phly Daily: beer connoisseur XD
    new series name

  84. I would love to see your beer series. I’m from Austria and we are a beer
    nation. I can recommend you some good european stuff :D

  85. yamato has a 46cm

  86. The Yamato battle ship had 46cm guns or 460mm guns and their shells weighed
    up to 1.5 tonne 

  87. Hey Phly keep up the great work! I suggest you try some regional IPAs, new
    castle, and sapporo!

  88. Bofors are Swedish

  89. your rueful laugh at the end of the second game… you need a craft beer

  90. It just seems to me like every reason they had for not including submarines
    went right out the window with their carrier and destroyer mechanics (ships
    torping outside of return fire range, or invisible destroyers doing exactly
    what a sub would do, but in a smoke screen). Unless they did deliberately
    want an over simplistic game, which given the current mechanics seems
    highly likely.

    • +Dallas Anderson 6-7 kn underwater, 12-15kn surface. not that slow, would
      be somewhat playable

    • Dallas Anderson

      The fastest submarines during WWII had a top speed of 6 knots. With how
      fast the game plays 6 knots is stupid slow.

  91. Can you play the USS midway please

  92. This might be a controversial suggestion, but i reckon submarines might be
    a good addition to this game. Thoughts?

  93. New beer based series? PissedDaily it is! ;)

  94. Planet Railroad

    The series should be called Beer Blood and Booms!

  95. on the intro is that the Bismarck I also like it

  96. I grinded out the Japanese tree but watching this vid makes me want to go

  97. Sawyer Springer

    Use the Iowa ship

  98. PhlyDrinks.

  99. Wargame Exizider

    KMS Tirpitz (Bismarck class) is one of the most sexy ships ever built!!

  100. Give Birra Moretti a try, quality lager! Or Black Sheep Ale from where I
    live :D

  101. Felt like there was a lot of commercials this video. Need some extra beer
    money! ;)

  102. As a Bavarian I think I’m qualified to make some reccomandations, my
    personal favorites are Schwarzbräu and if u like a less intense taste,
    Augustiner. I wouldn’t go for dark beers if u don’t like it that bitter. In
    Germany you are actually alliwed to drink with 16(not the hard stuff doe).
    But watch out you don’t get a “Pils”, it’s terrible imo^^

  103. My home state battleship I’ve seen it in person

  104. This intro is really amazing !

  105. Maximilian Meier

    How can I follow the shells with the camera?

  106. Phly your intros are so freaking amazing

  107. You should drink belgium beer (brugse zot recommended) :p

  108. A new series eh? Or should I say… BEERies! Fuckin’ nailed it.

  109. My all time favorite import is Hacker-Pschorr Weisse. Best tasting beer
    ever in my opinon. Give it a try if you can find it.

  110. richard beauchemin

    Double Bastard is a great craft beer.

  111. Fucking tardpedoes.

  112. Name the new series beer o’clock, and for the first episode drink ch’ti
    (northern-France), Brooklyn lager (US) or Brew Dog IPA (US). Even though
    i’m only 18 I’m of legal age here in the Netherlands. Keep up the good work

  113. Luvv north Carolina I live here in Reidsville and Ive been on the BB 55
    (North Carolina) twice its an amazing ship and very well perserved

  114. cool cool I’ll await for the German ships…

  115. arttu pirneskoski

    Yes go there and make great video

  116. now that was badass

  117. What about “Warbeering” for the Name of the series? ^_^

  118. How do you get the close up view of the salvo?

  119. Feaw belgian bear’s: leffe, kasteelbier, grimbergen, palm, karmeliet,
    jupiler, duvel, …

  120. World of beercraft.

  121. Guillaume Lemaigre

    If you need advice on wich beer to pick up, as a Belgian i feel like it
    would be my duty to do so.
    a few name worth remembering here.
    – Leffe (blonde) – Chimay Bleue – Duvel – Triple Karmeliet – Trappiste
    Rochefort (8° or 10°) – Westmalle Tripel – Westvleteren – Grimbergen – and
    of course Kriek Lindemans.
    Those are some of my favorite belgian beer.

  122. Jarno Treuttens

    Hey Phly, what about ‘Beerfear’ for your new series and the first beer
    should be Stella Artois. It is a very famous beer in Europe and made in my
    hometown of Leuven in Belgium, a country very well known for its amazing

  123. +PhlyDaily Buy Heineken. It’s one of the best. Or Coronita. Guinnis, is for
    hardcore beer guys 😀 I hope you will enjoy theese three 🙂
    Reply pls if you tasted any of theese

  124. Suzumiya Haruhi


  125. The SpaceMarine

    Why haven’t you upgraded the commander, the skills I mean,

  126. Phly i have some names, “flying with beers” or the “king o’ the beers” and
    maybe bomonti tastes good as far as i know

  127. Freind me Derpyderppotato

  128. Are you going to showcase the gearing ?

  129. Ray Matuszewski

    What is the best faction of wow ?????

  130. PaulBodyBuilder

    Guns sounds Beautiful! 

  131. New series called Beer and Boats? 

  132. Das Beer

  133. MF Castalatamoney

    +PhlyDaily​ I would call the show “Carpe Cerevisi” Seize the beer!!! 

  134. My series called Beer Daily?

  135. BeerDaily.

  136. Phly this is getting silly!! Lately the number of ads that are now
    featured on your videos is crazy. There never use to be two or three ads in
    your videos which we 15 – 30 minutes. I’m all for supporting you and not
    running ad blocker to give you support. Please revise this or put the ads
    at the end of video. Lately it’s crazy! 

  137. cool ship phly

  138. This vid is ad city. 

  139. Findley Findley

    5:23 What? XD

  140. My family is from Sweden

  141. Treshawn Pascal

    If you’re Canadian you drink at a younger age. So i can hop on that too.

  142. Name series: example Admiral’s Choice: USS North Carolina

  143. Andrej “Lord Shpee” Gloser

    And a very good German beer is Paulaner ;)

  144. Andrej “Lord Shpee” Gloser

    Beer time with Phly 😀 Or Game of Beers :D

  145. The series could be called Phly’s High

  146. good ol show boat best BB

  147. BierDaily 🙂

    So many torps though.

  148. lol you got raped by torps at the end there, maybe a little tunnelvision on
    your side. Your range is aktually 23,2 + 16% with that upgrade. Another
    thing, it looks like you jerk you shots, moving you mouse right when you
    shot, like rl when you pull you trikker you move your gun. Spelling is due
    to this is not my primary launguish.
    Really good uploads thou, You and Baron always make me laugh.

  149. end dont stop whit your vid’s
    your awesone
    en keep one going

  150. yamato or izumo plz et least the yamato its mi number 1 ship

  151. dont be so butthurt Phly 😉 they all focused on you at the end

  152. Andrew Wagenknecht

    You should call the new series Alcohol Adventures.

  153. Cristianoronaldo Fifa14

    Make your series…


  154. Spitfire Ale, the Bottle of Britain!

  155. Every time i go to the beach I see the Carolina. Its a beautiful ship.

  156. Awesome intro

  157. Your new beer series should be called… BEERDAILY!!

  158. The North Carolina’s normal firing range is 23.3 the upgrade adds 16% of
    that range to it

  159. Phly could not handle that magnitude of that fire power 

  160. u have to try german, belgian or czech beers….those countries has so
    amazing tasty beers

  161. Call ur new series under the inflyence

  162. I haven’t found a beer I enjoy either Phly, don’t feel bad. The 21 year old
    drinking age is pretty stupid though. You can join the military at 18 but
    can’t drink till 21. GG WP.

    • Guillaume Lemaigre

      +AtomicSpoon If you didn’t found a beer you enjoyed, it might be because
      you never went in Belgium (did you ?) 😛

  163. Please never change the intro

  164. Ubersaltytwat .com

    Hey bro, i had a question. Will you ever play IL2: Battle of Stalingrad
    again? It’s really enjoyable to watch because of all the objectives, and
    the combat is intense as hell!
    Kraut doesn’t upload alot anymore so there’s nobody enjoyable to watch :L *hint

  165. first

  166. How about “Phly’s Beer Reviews” or PBR

  167. Play war thunder with the tiger or the mustang p-51

  168. Anthony Lacroix

    Honest question I hope gets answerd why do the front turrets turn faster
    than the rear turrets?

    • They don’t turn faster. The turrets don’t have to go the whole way round.
      The rear turrets have to turn all the way around because the superstructure
      is in the way.

  169. Phly what do you think of BeerFriday with the first beer Heineken maybe

  170. GNR Gaming News Radio

    Where can I find the intro please? ;D

  171. NC Pride baby!!

  172. Jovanni Hernandez

    I live in Wilmington but Wilmington California 

  173. Phly get foster

  174. Phly Drinky, might be a name

  175. Has anyone ever gotten surprised when the guys says “Our team depends on
    you!” or something like that, always gets me

    • Schwarze Kapelle

      +Uncle_Lefty 14 Me and my friend pulled a pretty hard carry in our Arkansas
      Betas, towards the end he went down leaving me against a rather healthy
      enemy battleship, we ended up winning but that voice really got me immersed
      in those final volleys

    • Alexander Klein

      +Uncle_Lefty 14 I had that in my first PvP match sailing out in the
      St.Louis, was me vs a Chester and a South Carolina and after a lot of panic
      I won.

      I had just dealt with an enemy St.Louis near the map border and was moving
      towards my last teammate to support him (a South Carolina), by the time I
      got there he was burning to death leaving me to deal with an almost full hp
      enemy South Carolina and a near dead Chester that was hiding behind the
      mountains. I started engaging the South Carolina and worked to keep him at
      about 9km range so I had plunging fire on him and a chance to dodge his
      shots, the Chester popped up behind on my other side to try and take
      advantage of my focus on the South Carolina, the lack of turrets on the
      St.Louis helped here since the starboard guns were loaded and quick to aim
      and sink the Chester. After that it was a matter of keeping distance from
      the South Carolina while raining HE and the occasional AP salvos on his
      decks, turning away from him to narrow my profile when I knew his reload
      was about ready, eventually I sunk him with only taking 1 or 2 light hits
      from his main guns. This match really highlighted just how badly the South
      Carolina sprays it’s shots.

      Anyway that’s by far the best game I’ve had in WoWS so far, I forget the
      damage amount but I landed 233 hits and sunk 7 ships, the St.Louis is OP as
      all hell at tier 3.

    • +Uncle_Lefty 14 i have never heard that, you should probably do more while
      the battle is actually going on

    • +just Shane yea but when yourr a battleship and everyoen else on both teams
      are carriers its the shiitiest shit you could ever get into espically when
      you have little aa happened once to me

    • +Uncle_Lefty 14 Actually yeah I have had that a few times, about 2 or 3
      times where I was the last one allive and it is NOT motivating when you
      hear that shit when there is still 2 enemy cruisers and 3 enemy battleships
      on the oposing team!

      It does sounds badass though knowing you made it that far to be the last
      one alive, but its also kind of a burden knowing that the entire succes of
      your team rests on your shoulders, the pressure of having to perform is
      high at those moments!

  176. nenad zivadinovic

    Play in tenk maus plizz

  177. Daily Beer&brew?

  178. lol im from texas and in the thumbnail i thought i saw the texas flag
    upside down XD i was about to be like “FUCK YOU FRIED DELII” but nah im
    good now :D

  179. +PhlyDaily USS north Carolina = USS IOWA prototype. HO-229 = B2 prototype.
    am I right?

  180. great vid phly!

  181. Fly when you play warthunder agein can you the Germany mig15 coz almost
    got,it your great keep it up love u 

  182. Banaan aan firsttt

  183. Donovan Rohaley

    sick intro

  184. My Home TOWN SHIP! USS North Carolina! Would you guys like me to make a
    video about my trip there?

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