World of Warships – Best of Twitch 20 – Flamu (everyone) hates CVs

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the third week of July 2020.

A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, Boooombah, and Humphrey10.

Time stamps and streamer names can be found in the description below soon:


  1. Sweet! I always look forward to these videos!!

  2. *TFW Flamu changed his IGN to I_Love_CV*

  3. Wow, anyone who knows something about what citizen said?

  4. Adrian Dreamwalker

    4:48 I think this is only possible in ships with awful dispersion. Otherwise the shells wouldn’t converge this way into the citadel, and would spread over the target equally lol

  5. 2:34 I need this mod in my life, where do i get it?

  6. It rubs the lotion on it’s pelt, it does so whenever it’s told.


  8. 15:47 that sound should play all the time, every time, someone is playing a carrier.

  9. Flamu calling “sphincter” “spinshter”

  10. Ayyy that’s me in the Odin in senpai’s clip

  11. Actually if you see players with name in numbers there from CHINA thats true
    im frnds with some in game.

  12. AlrightyCromradeGod _


    Wtf, wargaming based and redpilled?

    Can I get the original clip

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis

      ikr, WeeGee out here with the hot takes

    • I want to know more about this too.

    • >bad jokes

      Next he’ll say dad jokes are cringe. If you’re going to accuse people of doing something ‘transphobic’ which I HIGHLY doubt it was. At least bloody say the joke so everyone can make their own judgement.

      An example of something transphobic would be: I don’t want this MtF teaching my kids because (s)he lopped his(her) torpedo off. Which frankly if he did it himself is bananas, and I wouldn’t want that on anyone’s kids. But again, example.

      And as far as WG not doing anything, smart play. You don’t remove people that SPEAK THEIR BLOODY MIND from your goddamn quality team (as little as they listen to it, also they’re russian, russia doesn’t have time for first world issues like identity politics). Dude that’s complaining is dumb.

  13. Crévieaux Quentin

    So flamu can trash talk forever on his live, litterally insulting people but when I say in tchat IG that in my point of view people are making mistakes I get tchat banned. He keeps his cc.
    WG logic.

    • @Crévieaux Quentin when cvs change he might not be so toxic. Also what happened to those mw2 chat rooms?
      Feel like it’s time for them to return.

    • Crévieaux Quentin

      @fokion leile lol everybody shitting about cv’s with no real arguments. Play them and suffer playing them you’ll see what it is, your team expecting you to spot the whole map at the same time. No flamu is just toxic whatever he does, he complains about ships he doesn’t like, gives false reviews about ships like Odin or ägir just because he can’t get off of his long range sniping gameplay and oh should I say he complains about the Champagne? It’s his pussy game style, letting everybody tank for him while he snipes and he criticize it? What, does he need to be the only guy allowed to play like this and the avarage people just have to tank for him?
      Litterally I loved the Odin, I grinded it through the directives and paid for the last two steps and god it was nice to play it.
      All that to say that I think this whining and complaining waifu weeb is really what I hate in this game.

    • @Crévieaux Quentin on the odin and agir part i agree it was a bit out of the blues. Agir and odin just werent what he expected. And crybabing over it sure was a stretch. I also have played a bunch of cvs and i cant for the life of me get how people still play such a disconnected class. It’s half polished, clunky, a general sore to play, and most of all, making fun of your intelligence. Annoying to play as, annoying to play against. At this point people who got 60% or more WR in this hellspawn are the equivalent of smolensk players that want to suck the fun off of every1.

    • @Crévieaux Quentin also champagne is a mistake, paving the road for “acceptance” of such mistakes

    • Crévieaux Quentin

      @fokion leile I know about Champagne. But as a GK main player with an average of 100k damage a game and hearing that guy complaining about it not having the range is making me angry. Or just shitting around because the game isn’t the way HE wants it to be

  14. The pelt collection is fantastic. Best content ever.

  15. CynicallyObnoxious

    The Flamu tantrums are literally the best

  16. i sold most of my cvs mainly, because i cant play them at all

  17. 8:44 Shimikaze at its finest

  18. Manik Samaraweera

    5:14 exactly why I run National voiceover in wows. Having a weeb commander screaming in my ear is not for me, unfortunately for other weebs.

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