World of Warships – Cruising For A Bruising

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Yeah, I’m not unaware that despite the content of todays’ video, the battleships all died before the cruisers did. It’s the exception that proves the rule, damn it!

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  1. Aircraft carriers are being tested on console this week.

    • As a console player myself, carriers actually feel pretty balanced right now. That might change at higher tiers though.

    • ​@Tobias Time I stand by what I said. Back in the early days before radar existed and CVs were barely played, DDs were by far the most consistently oppressive class in the game, to the point there were memes about torpedo soup because you had 5 DDs per side every game popping in and out of stealth just exchanging volleys with each other while everyone else was too busy dodging to shoot.

      DDs are the most skill-intensive class, but they’re definitely not some pinnacle of game design that some people seem to think they are.

    • @Shaw Fujikawa Well, in the current meta at least, DDs are far below the other classes when it comes to average damage dealth, and it is the hardest class to carry in, because you rely on mistakes. I get your point, but for now, DDs are not very strong.😕

    • @Shaw Fujikawa I’m not sick of DD dominance. If anything, I bully DDs in my battleships with full secondary builds. The people who complain about DD dominance are the morons who sail straight at them and then wonder just how they ever managed a flawless torpedo broadside. In other words, morons.

  2. Those Flecther torps were juicy

  3. And by “Unboxing” he really means “Getting a plaything for Akizuke and getting something in it”….

  4. I mean it’s a wargaming product…they always somehow shoot themselves in the foot when it cones to updating their games

  5. 5:50 Very nice? Very nice? That was magnificent torpedo strike! He basically made all three enemy ships over there a snack for everyone 😀

  6. Actually Jingles, cruisers have always been tanking for battleships even before the rework lol.

    Only now, cruisers have lost what little tankiness they used to have, while bb’s are more incentivised to stay at range

    • Combined with the fact that almost every tier 10 game is fully populated with 18″ BBs so cruisers can’t angle or tank at all. I tried playing a few games in the Zao yesterday and it’s a joke fighting 4 Thunderers and a Yamato.

    • @MrRedRye I’ve pretty much given up on any T10 cruiser below 18km unmodified range . For that matter I don’t even touch T10 anymore unless I’m playing the 2 aforementioned bb’s or a cv. Absence of skill based mm further exacerbates this problem

    • Des Moines is still quite effective at close in support with island cover. But the problem I’m finding is that BBS with dead eye will quickly leave a flank to keep that distance. The enemy pushes forward through the cap, and with an unlegendary DM you’re quickly over run.

    • Cruisers got sodomized with the rework. It’s one thing to buff BB’s but to remove endurance/survivability skills from cruisers at the same time is ridiculous. Preventative maintenance was an great skill that i would have gladly paid 2 or even 3 commander skill points to keep. The abundance of consumable skills are useless if you don’t live long enough to use them. Under the current meta even a 19 or 21 point cruiser wouldn’t replace what i lost in my 14 point cruisers. If they wanted to buff BB’s all they had to do is reduce reload time, add a reload booster, or another commander skill. They have completely changed the dynamic of how the matches are played and not for the better. Haven’t played since 3 days after the rework and have uninstalled until when or if WG fixes this.

  7. “Waiting till things become less stupid” and “wargaming” don’t really go well together. But then again, think about all of the gold people would have to buy if they made another captain rework. I think this might just become their new business-strategy

    • @Frozenstein Well you could make a joke like that but i find that after laughing about it, for some reasons there are always tears streaming down my face…

    • I don’t get it, how is this funny? It’s the truth, why is it amusing.

      Playerbase complains about “trivial” stuff. Not surprised WG hates all their players.

    • It seems like war thunder and wargaming are trying to out-do each other on destroying the game balance with bs

    • i really dont see the point you are making, i hate wargamming as much as the next guy but come on, when the rework went live all gold costs for captain respecs were discounted to 0 (discount still hasnt ended yet).. so.. yeah… idk… i dont get it..

    • @Johannes S They only did that because forcing something nobody wants on everybody AND have them pay for it would have killed the playerbase. The point i was making is that the rework will probably get fixed in 5-7 years or something, when everybody has just gotten used to it and then they will complain again. I admit that the whole thing with the gold was sarcasm but i thought it was obvious

  8. The Georgia is immensely accurate even without Dead Eye, if you build for it.

    • I find the Montana the same.

    • @SiliquaeSid I don’t play the American tech tree BB’s so I wouldn’t know. Georgia has a sub-200 meter dispersion at 20kms. That’s better than some battle cruisers.

    • Yup, me and a clan mate found that out. They were wondering how to build their Georgia and I asked them how points their capt has and seeing as they only had a 6 pointer, I recommended a Main guns build with the slot 6 American module, APR mod 2. End result? Their Georgia has a dispersion of 193m. My Alaska, built for main guns, has 193m dispersion.

  9. I was playing my CV spotted a DD near several deadeye BBs they started bitching about it telling me to stop it

    • So wait I’m really confused the deadeye skill is not just a range thing, it also doesn’t work if someone is spotted close to you?

    • Dysfunctional Communist

      I only put Dead eye on my Poltava and I still brawl it just helps me get some clutch shots off at range on cruisers. I basically bum rush any BB while angling so that way they shit themselves. I am lovinn the rework cause now I can dunk on campers with impunity.

    • Yeah. If all the cruisers are getting deleted and leaving, then that leaves DDs and BBs. DDs are traditionally weak against CVs, and BBs are big-ass targets that get hit by everything. Play a CV now that your only enemy is gone (with the exception of USS BBs, USS DDs, EU DDs, any a few others)

    • @vincent jacob /s at the end of a statement indicates sarcasm. If you think the other might use twitch, Kappa works as an alternative. Tbh I thought you were being serious too, because there are players stupid enough to think like that.

    • @Gabriel Dombach Kudos to you.

  10. Another major issue that the deadeye skill has introduced is that while yes its true that bbs with the skill won’t push up and tank. Bbs like me who aren’t using the skill or are perfectly willing to tank for the cruisers just get focused by all of the bbs and cruisers because you’re so much easier to hit and farm damage off of. HE spam was bad before the rework but I swear that ever since the rework I’ve been getting hit with 10k plus HE salvos while angled. There is no point or benefit for bbs to tank now which is ludicrous because unless you’re japanese, that’s the bloody role of bbs in the game.

    • i found the solution, simply uninstall all of WG’s trash products…

    • @mack robertson fair enough

    • Even in Japanese ships, if your smart enough, you can tank.

      Once a brawler, always a brawler.

    • @The Huffmanator true but it’s certainly not by design

    • i use Deadeye but i use it more like late game they are on the other side of the map and i am in a capture point and i can see them i might as well put some shots in. i dont like being in the back so i tend to be more Midrange to Pushing only thing you need to worry about is WHEN to push which many BB players dont rlly know how to do so they sit and snipe with DEADEYE. ik it might be a waisted skill but tbh it comes in handy late game when everyone on the enemy team is on the other side of the map.
      i like to brawl in my YAMATO so funny to see people try and get the CHEEK just to end up Bouncing xD its just too funny to miss out on.

  11. Judging by the flare you can just see at 13:01 I think the reason it took so long to take Riga out was because he had the perfect balanz Kuznetsov as captain…

  12. Battleship players that actually cover you are those who do charity regularly and Chad irl

  13. jingles :”trying to make youre cruiser not the most juicy target”
    me, playing a uncl with radar: “impossible”

  14. I know the fletcher didn’t get a lot of kills but he did everything right from what I can tell he shot at the mu had a godly torp spread at the beginning and was a great spotter.

    • maybe not lot of kills, but after the initial “snack for BBs” he claimed in chat he is already on 122k dmg and it probably didn´t end there and grow throughout the battle 😀

  15. One way to nerf Deadeye while making carriers even more hated would be to make it so aircraft trigger it to shut down…

  16. Jingles! (& everyone else) In case you didn’t know, there’s a new game by the makers of Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet coming out on Steam this month called ‘War On The Sea’ – looks pretty good

  17. Sounds like Wargaming is lacking in actual game designers. This Deadeye stuff sounds like a real cock-up, one easily foreseen.

    • IncomitatusExcelsior

      @Linerunner99 It depends. For ships that were already very accurate, it’s not a big deal. For ships that weren’t, it sort of is. The 10% figure is deceptive, because it’s actually a 19% reduction in the area of the dispersion ellipse. For high sigma ships, it doesn’t matter, because most of their shots were going to the center of their ellipse anyway. For low sigma ships, though, that’s a huge buff. I’ve been tempted to see what it can do for my Wyoming… Have you seen PotatoQuality’s video about what it does for Roma?

    • It “sounds” that’s your issue bro, it SOUNDS. Do yourself a favour, and stop listening to Flamu and Jingles opinion, and Form your own. They are both massive irrational whiners.

    • @DeviousXP One of them is; but which one?

    • @DeviousXP Mate, as it happens, I design games and have written a book about game design (Wikipedia: “Lewis Pulsipher”). These are pretty obvious consequences of the rule changes described. I don’t need Jingles’ opinion to see that.

      Nor have I ever thought Jingles a “massive irrational whiner”, though I’ve listened to him for quite a few years now.

    • @DeviousXP can you link me a video of Jingles “whining”? From my knowledge I’ve never seen him whine (And I’ve watched him beginning around the time he posted the 3rd good bad and ugly)?

  18. Ah yes the Alaska, the T9.5

    • The Alaska, that people were whining about before it was released, saying it was nerfed to uselessness, that it was crap and why would anyone play it over Kronshtadt. And then it came out.

    • Ppl on console always say its trash because they don’t know how to play it. It’s such an underestimated ship that BB players will just give you full broadside and I get to smack them for mad damage over and over again. Then get a message saying “reported” lol.

  19. Wait, there was a time in the game when BBs lead the charge? I always thought I was the only one dumb, or cracy, enough to do so, and I’m a german BB main

    • I’m still dumb enough in Jean Bart, But when it works it’s epic, Catch them off guard with speed boost and reload booster.
      Usually I am the one killing dd’s while our useless cruisers are trying to HE farm bb’s.
      Wish they would learn, kill the damn dd’s first and it’s usually an easy win.

  20. The dead eye skill. Further proof, as if any more was needed, that Wargaming have absolutely no idea what balance is.

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