World of Warships- Don’t Be This Guy

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Had a rather close game with a bit of a rage inducing ending, but hey, its the weekend.

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  1. 500 subs congrats!

  2. Nobblk Praetorian

    Would you do a review and guide for the Scharnhorst? I recently bought her but it’s hard for me to do 50k+ damage in a game.

    • Thanks. I’m currently at the Bismarck in the tech tree and I haven’t played the Gneisenau for almost a year now, so I need to relearn the basics. One more question though, is Manual Secondaries worth it? Or should I get Concealment instead? (I already have advanced firing training)

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Depends on where you want to go. If you want a standard secondary build, Manual secondaries is a must. If you want AA, go Manual AA. If you want survivability, go CE. That is valid for Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Bismarck. Basic 14 pt build typically is PT (or PM, based on how much you like PT), AR, BFT, AFT, ManSec for secondaries, PT/PM, AR, SI (or BoS, depending on how good you are with damage management), CE and FP for pure survivability and PT/PM, AR, BFT, AFT and Manual AA for AA, for all three.

      Secondary build if you want to go for it can be then invest the last 5 points in SI/BoS and EM (or whatever you didn’t take of the 1-pointers + DCCA), though some go with 18 pt build adding FP or CE ontop to round out tankiness (imo, BoS beats FP though in cost-benefit) or make the approach into brawling range easier. Same goes for AA build. Tank build takes whatever 3 pt you didn’t take first time around, then EM or PT/PM + DCCA.

      Gneisenau is special in that it could spec its secondaries with IFHE, which gives 32 mm pen on them, to wreck BBs, but that’s a very specialist build. Personally, I never spec BFT first, because I see it as too heavy an investment for secondary builds (it’s good for AA though) and rather go with BoS. I might go BFT on Bismarck for 17 pt captain. Gives up a repair and hydro for the increased AA and secondary spam. But if it wasn’t for the AA too, the secondaries alone don’t cut it, because Bismarck secondaries have terrible output that isn’t worth boosting by a meagre 10% for 3 whole points that could get you extra repair party and extra hydro. BFT can be useful on ships that really have secondaries that deal raw damage, such as Gneisenau, Kurfürst and Massachusetts, but you either give up IFHE for that (not worth it on Massachusetts) or survivability in either BoS or SI. And I’d really not want to play a secondary Kurfürst without BoS.

    • I find the only games that i have had alot of fun and do well is when i try and pounce from behind an island and use the torps. It sucks at long range, i think it’s a close/mid range brawler. Course you have to dodge DD’s to get there but if you can get close, hug and island and nail them when they come around then carry it into the rear that is where i find it shines.

    • Margaret Thatcher

      Nobblk Praetorian scharnie is a bb firestarter. kite and start fires. 100k should be standard with her.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      I would caution about that, because
      a. Scharnhorst’s HE dpm is terrible and her fire starting potential compares to the worst T7 cruisers (not counting Fiji) in terms of fires per minute.
      b. Fire damage on BBs is slow and 100% repairable. Compared to killing cruisers and DDs, it lacks impact and HE spam is better left to ships like Nelson or KGV, which excel at it. There’s a reason it often is deemed empty damage.
      An HE spamming Scharnhorst is essentially throwing away its match influence. An algerie doing this kind of stuff (and being better suited for the job) already would suffer from the low impact, but Scharnhorst…

  3. Evangeline Anovilis

    That Musashi basically fulfilled half its role by pure chance. As you pointed out, if that Montana had better aim/RNG (dunno where it lacked), that Musashi would have just died. But hey, anyone with 750k free exp (so enough money to convert whatever exp you got on elite ships) can get to T9.

    Then again, there are those that grinded their way up and are no better.

  4. I don’t have the will to play the game I once loved….shame, maybe the next update after the hollween event will bring me back

  5. Margaret Thatcher

    musashi owner just bought it with his mommies pocket money. that’s what happens when people buy premiums and don’t know how to play. also you could improve your skill immensly if you played properly. for a start you should ‘ve pushed the north cal and instead of turning away, turn in. 2 fires burning you use repair. the desmo was dead so chances of you getting set on fire again was slim in your situation. you could ‘ve used that health. I could go on but I am sure you get it

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Well if I had continued to push that NorCal I would have exposed myself to the Khab and Monty that was sitting at the top of the B cap

      but hey, everything is 20/20 in hindsight

  6. This happens way too often in games.

  7. Oh, thank god he wasn’t me he was talking about.

  8. harry gumbo is my new fav “FUN” ship in game… all other ships need to be buffed to her level, rather that nerf her… sorry not sorry

  9. hit me up on warships. madmarinehays

  10. Meh, 99% of all bb players ARE that guy, the more coward people are the more bb they play. period…

  11. Behind the island too ?

  12. The flag on your GK, I have it, but the description is coded; what exactly is that flag for?

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