World of Warships – DPM Machine! Atlanta American Premium Cruiser Gameplay!

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American Premium
WOWS Beta Gameplay – What Premium Ship do you want to see?

About the Space Battles:
For a short period of time, we’re gifting all of our current Beta Test members with five tier XXX space themed ships: Flyfire, Galaxy, Enterprice, Zaya, and . Simply select one of these ships and enter the queue to access the space themed map!

We hope you enjoy blasting off to adventure in the uncharted reaches of distant space. As an added bonus, after the event ends and we remove the ships from your accounts, you’ll get to keep all five of the empty Port slots!

Event Starts: Saturday, April 11 at 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)
Event Stops: Tuesday, April 14 at 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)

Thanks for watching!


  1. The Missouri from the movie battleship or the destroyer st.John 

  2. sims please sims

  3. Haukur Guðmundsson

    Baron when are you going to be on twitch?

  4. Do you know when the game will be releassed?

  5. more cruisers

  6. Watching your videos got me hooked on this came, got into the CBT and
    loving every minute.

  7. Gabriel Masamayor

    Baron can you play Heroes and Generals

  8. danielmolly oclarit

    Am i the only one who thinks that Baron and devildoggamer is the same

  9. i know its not a premium ship, but im dying to see some des moines heavy
    cruiser action. i tried to find one, but i cant :(

  10. Anybody know what Royal Navy ships will be in wows?

  11. Baron could you please play the Yubari, it is an extremely fun little ship,
    thought you may like it. :)

  12. Chowberski Howard

    Hey baron, I would like to know. How do you get these premium things so
    easily? I mean some things are about 60 dollars just for a tank or probably

  13. Hey Baron, today at drivers ed they asked “what is it called when you do a
    manuver(le grammar) with both hands and not just one. *it had three blank
    spaces* my reply was the “hold my beer” manuver.

  14. Hey Baron! On which server do u play EU or NA?

  15. How do you get all the info to display without having to hold down alt?

  16. javier pelletier jr

    der machiene

  17. The USS Sims Baron, that thing is gonna get nerfed so before it does show
    us its glory.

  18. That torpedo dodge was beautiful XD

  19. Baron, I would like to see the USS Sims class. The tier 7 premium ship. :)

  20. The sims

  21. aurora

  22. Baron, your voice makes me want you to be my Baron of Sausage Between Two
    Hot Buns.

  23. U.S.S. Sims

  24. Da Baron is real!

  25. How about the Yamato 

  26. From battle ship 

  27. Yhe Missouri 

  28. Josh FireBeastMan

    Hey Baron, what do you think about the aim assist mod WoW has allowed?

  29. The term is bracketting. If you fire rounds on both sides of a target. It’s
    not a splice it’s a bracket.

  30. USS Sims

  31. Halfrican American


  32. Oh would you look at that. Russian devopelers trying to make there vechiles
    2 op for anything to kill it. -.-

  33. I want to See the premium ship with 20 Torpedos per side

  34. I wanna see the Gremyashchy with its huge guns!

  35. New favourite gamer on YouTube. Tied with nerdcubed and shermanator

  36. +BaronVonGamez uploaded on my birthday yayyy

  37. Any ideas on when it actually coming out? 

  38. Aurora is amazing plz more! 

  39. Vibrating Dolphin

    >World of Warships isn’t pay-to-win

    Suddenly, Atlant-lol premium ship comes in with OP guns AND powerful


  40. +BaronVonGamez : if you keep your LMB pushed, the ship will shoot the
    batterys one after another by itself. No need for that klickfest

  41. lets see The Thunderous next!

  42. Niemand Bestimmtes

    Hey Baron, Phly seems to have the same problem as u… turning the ship in
    time. Maybe Newton`s Laws will help u steering it right. (Its the guy with
    the law of motion) :D

  43. The other tier 5 Russian ship not the gremyasichy

  44. Thank you Baron , Merci !

  45. you should do a custom game where on one team everyone except for 2 people
    are carriers and the two that aren’t carriers are battleships vs a regular
    style team and see who wins

  46. Baron yesterday i whent on a field trip to one of my countrys biggest naval
    bases and we where able to enter a submarine(non-nuclear so its small) and
    a frigate(i dont know if that is what americans call it) and we where
    seeing the frigate and whend we get to the side i saw 1 triple torpedo
    launch tube and I immediately thought to my self”man,Baron would have loved
    to see this”

  47. Yeee Baron!

  48. buying this will grant me acces to play the game ? i dont have acces to
    Beta :(

  49. How can i buy it?

  50. i want to see them all in action
    please make a one hour vid on all of them

  51. Why are you still alive!…. lol great vid

  52. Do you use any mods if so which ones?

  53. You had to show my worst game in that Amagi….. Hahaha I had fun!

  54. Who knew that an overgrown destroyer would be a war-winner?
    Shit, no wonder battleships went out of style!

  55. Teddy Roosevelt wishes to see the sims

  56. Łukasz Mańkowski

    Sims dude!

  57. Vive la France? xD

  58. some russian ships pls.i want to see them in action

  59. I called Atlanta Spitfire in alpha test :p

  60. Marcus Langeström


  61. YAMATO Pronto! you Phly and slickbee if possible

  62. +BaronVonGamez Do the Soviet Premium Destroyer Baron.

  63. help! i got my code but it says its an invalid code *goes crying into a

  64. GNR Gaming News Radio

    Vive la France ? Why ?

  65. Do the Sims dude

  66. How to see player name and ship class in battle over the ships.cant see
    anyoptions in settings 

  67. Yamato !!!!!!!! and your awsome!!!!!!

  68. Just 70th viewers

  69. yehey…new WW video…

  70. The DPM on this thing is insane! @phlydaily @slickbee @worldofwarships

  71. Which of the new premium ships do you want to see me play next? Let me

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