World of Warships- EVERYONE GETS A BUFF! Much Needed Buffs Finally Coming Soon!

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You get a buff! You get a buff! Everyone gets a buff!


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  1. @dwayneroberts6616

    They need to keep Asymmetrical as a game mode. That was actually fun and challenging. I get sick of Brawl and random battles. Very rarely do you get a team that works together and very often I can play my arse off and still lose because my team played like bots. Yesterday I played 6 brawls lost 5 of them played 5 operations lost everyone went to random battles lost 3 in a row and called it a day 😂 I was sinking half the ships and the team still couldn’t win. Also they brought subs into the game and they could make opps strictly for subs or sub destroyer matches but they just dropped the ball. I researched every American sub and the German line as well. Invested all that time and effort and theres no opps for subs unless you want to play with a bunch of Sally’s that hate subs and your own teammates harrrass you.

    • as a new player that was my favorite mode

    • I love the dd that play against their own subs. I play sub often and try to play for the team, not solo. However, when the dd stays on your side and somehow always torps over your torps, knowing it’s gonna make your’s useless. If we ping , we waste the dd torps. Than you go somewhere else for a different angle and some freedom to turn they must follow ,never leave the last bit of health on a ship for you to finish off when they know you wasted 3 mins getting there. Takes them 1. They Hate you from the start.
      Or the dd will run from the other teams dds and tell the sub to get them. Like the sub can catch a dd going other way.. while they run around trying to cap and only go for the cv.. easy targets. When you play Yolo you get good everything, but the team suffers. Usually, dd die right away. You help the dd they screw you most of the match..
      It’s best to play Yolo in subs and get far away from your own dds. Battleships usually work with the subs from my experience, but dds on your own team are your enemies.

    • Yeah spot on there i actually had fun playing it and team mate actually listened mostly

    • Yeah make it permanent, if they have to get rid of something, make operations occasional.

    • fun yes but ‘challenging’? nah, only if compared to the brain-dead co-op mode

  2. I just need a Zao deck armor and turret angle buff😢😢

  3. Wish gearing could have got a tiny bit of love too lol

  4. One of the “buffs” is increasing the AP damage by the Sun Yat Sen’s guns, which doesn’t do anything for the main issue with the ship. That’s that it can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

    • @panzerschliffehohenzollern4863

      Believe in the Three Principles of the People enough and the hands of the great Sun Yat Sen himselve will descent from heaven to guide tour shot.

    • Sun Yat Sen already have 1.9 sigma with battlecruisers dispersion (Georgia have 1.8 and Duncan have 1.6) so she is one of the more accurate battleship at tier 9, so WG isn’t gonna buff her accuracy anymore than that. Her problem is her high velocity shells tend to overpen the target instead of biting in and deal damage.

    • @@faynk.6247 Funny, but every time I’ve taken it out, I’ve watched it totally miss – not over pen or ricochet, but miss – at a broadside BB at 5 km. Not just once, but multiple times in a match and over several matches. Whatever WG published about it, it doesn’t match what I see in actual matches. It makes Japanese BB’s look like sharpshooters.

    • SYS is a great ship, I don’t know how you’re missing your shots, it’s been one of the most consistent BBs for me, maybe just 6 gun syndrome?

    • @@guohongli5727 Nope. I try to give every ship I get a good trial before dumping it in port as a “never play this again,” and over the course of trying the SYN, it’s never matched up to anything you’re telling me. I get better accuracy with Japanese BB’s and they’re usually the worst for me There are so many better BB’s that are worth the time.

  5. Mikoyan before this nerf was able to citadel other cruiser at his max gun range.

  6. some of the changes were really nice, others were very weird. For example the buff to Conde’s reload. like why???

    • They made its burst mode a bit less cheesy. Cut its dispersion bonus in half, but yeah they really didn’t need to help it.

  7. Did the Laponto tier 9 BB get a sigma buff ? You didn’t say as you were saying the Italian BB buffs you just said it’s rudder buffs but you said the other BB sigma buffs.

  8. I’m disappointed there was no nerfs to subs and no buffs to some BBs that only have a 5KM ASW range.

  9. @retirednavychief6983

    I got a “S. Thunder” in a holiday crate this year. Do you think the U.K. Battlecruiser nerf will also effect this ship?

  10. Wish Leone had got a way of attaking underwater subs. Not that DDs have much of a chance vs subs even in the best of cases.

  11. I am excited for the Hornet change! The bombers are great, but at the moment it feels like they don’t even hit as hard as one strike from the torpedo squadron. It should feel like a devastating hit when those are used.

    Also, not so sure about the Sekiryu nerf. I won’t try to say super CVs didn’t need nerfs, but I feel as though Sekiryu got the worst end of the stick when it was already the worst of the super CVs.

  12. Why is the poor Aviere getting nerfed? The Italian DD line is already tragic as is and now one decent one at tier 6 gets even worse torps? 😮

  13. What about Odin?
    That thing used to be fun, but it’s not for quite some time now

  14. German destroyers need a big buff. The cruiser line is getting a bit long in the tooth and could use some minor buffs. The battleships could use a slight buff to dispersion ( slight ). Guess wargaming figures the Germans are a popular nation regardless of how good or bad the ships are. Sad.

  15. @rosssuttonproperties

    The Aveire is a very good ship when the player know what they are doing. But why nerf a ship that is not really getting that much play? Do they actually want to see it played less? Most of the other buffs make sense.

  16. @rosssuttonproperties

    Interesting that they buffed Indianapolis. It is a average ship in randoms but it just owned ranked for me in the past season. Not much radar at tier VII and no other ship in the tier has 10km radar That is a big deal. Fastest I have ever progressed through ranked.

  17. I started playing 2 weeks ago and mostly just been grinding Italian ships so cool that the battleships are getting made better although i really only enjoy playing cruisers in general so far.

  18. The alternative to the torpedo reload booster of Hayate is the smoke screen. So that buff is huge!

  19. I would love to play airship asymmetric

  20. My problem is I’m a coop main, and there is very little content in the game. Asemetrics was amazing, and finding it hard without profitable t9 and 10 content available.

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