World of Warships – Explanation Required

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Look, I tried. I did my best to provide a coherent commentary but some battles defeat even me.

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  1. Chester Cheong Yu Xuan

    Good afternoon to all my mates watching around the world!

  2. val in the comments: choo f*cking choo 🙂

    • I do like his use of the horn. If you’re going to have that beefy Scharnhorst horn and you want to get up close, let them hear your war cry!

    • WOWS is slowly becoming World of Trains. . . . .Thanks for the 2021 Memes, Jingles; because we all know warships are really just pain-trains on water.

  3. Last time I was this early, carriers required skill to use.

    • You know what, I think one thing that would make CVs much more appreciated would be to be able to control fighter squadrons, making you be the Fun Police Police!

    • It’s true Trump has a small PP, but

      @PhoenixGT3 that would be great, and catapult fighters that actually did something

      The ability to vector planes in a direction would also be nice, instead of catapult fighters going with the “carriers will always get a strike off” and then engaging.

  4. Oh my goodness, With that kind of torpedo angle you don’t need any destroyer support.

  5. The Mighty Boo worked his magic on jingles again , the cats accept that Boo has resurrected the food supplier and kitty litter cleaner but he is still the bottom order .

  6. Where can I get enemies like that? Only for once would be nice.

  7. When you coming off night shifts to days and need the sweet lick of the salt mines to stay awake

  8. Jingles: You need to switch between ammunition types to do well in the Scharnhorst
    Val: Never touches the 1 key in the entire battle.

    • @Joseph Oberlander .1 knots off is a much different thing than putting her at the wrong tier, with the wrong armor and the other faults. Also the trial speed is listed as 31.5-31.6 depending on source

    • @ivan boston I know. I was just reinforcing the “shaving and rounding off” that they did to make it fit in T7.

    • @Joseph Oberlander ok… it has always struck me like they deliberately vandalized her by putting her at 7, Erzatz York would have been the T7

    • ​@ivan boston It never made sense to me, either, because they could sell it for a couple of dollars more at T8. The real issue is how at T7, it’s stick in this magical in-between land of pen/6 secondaries that can only start fires. Having to get IFHE to even damage the T9 destroyers it faces is absurd.

    • @Joseph Oberlander I mean, it’s German. Can’t have too many good German ship in the game now can we? We have a staggering, what, 2-3 “good” German ships in the game? The MVR, Hindenberg, and the Mainz? Pretty sure that’s it. Meanwhile the Russians enjoy some of the most absurdly BS OP ships in the entire game. German ships will never get a fair shake let alone any other faction realistically. Sad when you think about it.

  9. Title should have been “brawling ain’t dead”

    • @IKKO If you look at the stats, this is one of only 3 or 4 ships that can still pull off brawling any more due to the immense secondary damage (160K+ dpm) and the high enough speed to dodge incoming fire. It still has a high skill floor, though, since yolo moves like we see here will rarely work. Though, it will melt enough of the enemy in the above situation to win the game for your team if done right.
      IMO, though, it’s great, but wow every volley of HE seems to set it on fire. It’s like the decks were made of wood or something… 😉

    • They are RARE. Almost every game I go into, there’s 4-5 BB sitting all the way in back, even those ships that can brawl. WG are trying to destroy the game, if they haven’t done so already.

    • @NoNegotiations The fix for this is to change the skill to also include “detected by an enemy”, so that carriers can fly over and turn off the skill every time they pass by.
      (same with a destroyer detecting you while hiding)

      So it turns into the game evolves, one team mops up the center, and then the guys die the back die without making an impact on the game, barring lucky sniper shots.

    • Anything works against bad players.

    • Or… Things happened

  10. No CV, notice how entertaining this match is.

    • @noob4life1981 Ranked out in gold means literally nothing, people can afk their way to gold, his 52% overall is pretty decent though and puts him well above average if nowhere near unicum.

    • @ainumahtar Right, I see people throwing around ranked as a measure of skill all the time and I just have to laugh.

    • This is how I fell on console warships without destroyers in a battle, I desperately wish we had carriers to slaughter destroyers so the rest of us can have fun again.

    • @Aonghas McTavish There are tools to counter DD, radar and hydro cruisers should be zoning them out as well as your own destroyers doing work, CV has no counter and is much much more detrimental to the game. Sounds to me like your problem isn’t really DD, its your team, in which case all I can say is welcome to WoWs lol.

    • @William Child that’s not effective on console. Not when there are effectively 4 non premium radar cruisers. Counting the premiums (which I have all) there are 8 ships with radar. Of which there all in the top 2 tiers. Plus most cruiser gameplay is dead because they get two shot by destroyers and cant get close to one without being spotted and then yeated by all battleships within range.

      Then theres concealment, with destroyers being as sneaky as 4.5km at lower tiers and still being as stealthy as 4.7 to 5 km at high tiers example being my yudachi build which isnt too special, 4.7 km detection range with 80knt screamer torps going to 7.6 to 7.7 km. Heck I got benson to a 5.5 km detection range.

      You could argue sonar but without viable means of finding a way to spot a DD your delaying the inevitable. You could argue to just dodge, 5 destroyers per team in a 9 ship per team battle, dodge that in a fuso. Also let’s say you get double fired at the start in your battleship, naturally you’d put out two fires, then an Akatsuki hits you with one torp for 19k and you then flood to death because on console a flood does 4 fires worth of damage roughly.

      The only way to reliably kill a destroyer is to be in a gunboat destroyer with as stealthy as possible a build.

      That all being said I have chased down DDs in king George and my Jean Bart. So it’s not all bad news, but getting 3 hit in Battleships and two hit in cruisers is really annoying and upsetting.

  11. Put my own title on it? Okay:
    “when carrying gets tough, the tough carries harder” xD xD

  12. This match puts the “Random” in “Random Battle”.

  13. Val here! Remember, always toot your horn when you wanna brawl 🙂

  14. Doesn’t emerald get a smokescreen as well? Both of them didn’t use it 😂 what were they doing…..

  15. Nobody:
    Jingles: “battle cruiser”

    • If I remember Drachinifel correctly, the ideas between a British battlecruiser and a German one are swapped. The British went with battleship caliber guns on a more lightly armored hull, and the Germans went with sub-battleship caliber guns on a battleship hull. Scharnhorst does have battleship armor but only 11in guns long after 12in was considered the low end for battleship caliber weapons. Even by Scharnhorsts time most of the 12in gun battleships were gone. By this logic, Scharnhorst is very much a German style battlecruiser.

    • ​@airplanenut89 Yeah, but remember, there were plans for them to be retrofitted with 3×2 38cm cannons, like the ones in-game Gneisenau has. It just was never realized.
      Also, the official designation for their class by Germans was “Schlachtschiff”, which literally translates to “battleship”.

    • @theAessaya laughs in Metric system (U.S)

    • @theAessaya I am aware of the upgrade, as it was intended for Gneisenau while she was last laid up and after they managed to reverse Hitler’s decision to scrap the surface fleet. However as Scharnhorst appears in game, it fits the German idea of a battlecruiser whereas Gniesenau appears in the battleship configuration the Kriegsmarine originally wanted, but could not build when first designed as the German’s ability to build 15in guns was lost after WWI.

    • @airplanenut89 Right, okay, I do not disagree that it does look more like a Battlecruiser indeed.

  16. Most Gneisenau captains are perfectly aware that Scharnhorst has the exact same torpedoes they do, so some sense of self preservation kicks in and they don’t suicide rush as often.

    • Tell that to the two Gneis that I sailed down the middle of in my Scharny…neither even tried to torp me as I point blanked both with torps and then secs/main guns finished both off 😛

  17. I’ve always thought the Scharnhorst was an absolutely gorgeous ship.

  18. Insert Sterling Archers quote:

  19. Jingles: “The ship is currently held together by masking tape and promises>”
    And that’s why you need Gorilla Glue!

  20. Me casually waiting for next year to get a flying boat for $80k and they’re all on crypto.

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