World of Warships – First Look: Tier VIII German Destroyer Gustav Julius Maerker

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Here’s our First Look at Tier VIII German destroyer Gustav Julius Maerker. As I look over this ship, finding a single redeeming quality is tough. I want to like her main battery, but the hull its attached to has so many issues and comes with so much baggage that it’s difficult. She does have a lot of health, but is that enough to salvage the ship?

I forgot to add the gun firing angles image in editing, here it is:

Hit points – 25,000. Plating – 19 mm.

Main battery – 5×1 150 mm. Firing range – 11.9 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 2,200. Chance to cause fire – 12%. HE initial velocity – 835 m/s. Maximum AP shell damage – 3,700. AP initial velocity – 835 m/s. Reload time – 6.5 s. 180 degree turn time – 22.5 s. Maximum dispersion – 57 m. Sigma – 2.00.

Torpedo tubes – 2×2 533 mm, 1×4 533 mm. Maximum damage – 13,700. Range – 8.0 km. Speed – 65 kt. Reload time – 90 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability – 1.3 km.

AA defense: 4×2 37.0 mm, 8×4 20.0 mm.
AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second – 144, hit probability – 95 %, action zone 0.1-2.0 km;
AA defense mid-range: continuous damage per second – 98, hit probability – 100 %, action zone 0.1-3.5 km;

Maximum speed – 36.0 kt. Turning circle radius – 760 m. Rudder shift time – 5.5 s. Surface detectability – 8.2 km. Air detectability – 4.4 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 3.5 km.

Available consumables:
Slot 1 – Damage Control Party
Slot 2 – Hydroacoustic Search (Duration time 100 s; Torpedo detection range 3.0 km; Ship detection range 4.0 km; Reload time 120 s; Charges 3)
Slot 3 – Defensive AA fire

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during the testing.




  1. just some guy Yelling

    Needs that German hydro, if it’s going to be any viable. It’s turning is so bad that it needs that extra warning from torps. And Defense AA is utterly stupid to have on this ship. It does nothing to protect you from getting hit by other ships when a aircraft spots you. That’s where the danger is truly for a destroyer as your position is given away.

  2. In my opinion they should turn these ships into true CA hunters as they are based off of light scout/destroyer leader designs from the Z Plan I believe. At least I assume they are supposed to be based off of the Spahkreuzer’s (Recon Cruisers). There was the Spahkreuzer 38 as the original design (39 and 40 later on) and from there they were renamed the SP1-SP3. SP1 Had a catapult and floatplane on it as well (Not sure if the others had that planned as well)

    Remove DFAA as it next to useless on them and it was not really there purpose anyways (Besides we have the Swedish DD’s that somehow magically have monstrous AA anyways despite their lack of guns)
    Add an enhanced repair party to them as they are quite large and look to be a sustained combat ship with it’s poor detection radius
    Give it the scout plane it had (Well planned to have)
    Give it radar (I remember reading they were planned to test it on the first one under construction but I am not sure)

    This would turn them into quite unique and interesting ships. They would be slightly larger DD’s really capable of operating alone on their own in a duel and taking off angles against the main enemy force to really bring the hurt with their powerful guns to unsuspecting broadside CA/BB or whomever else from a decent range due to the spotter plane.

    • @North Carolinian Mapping umm what?? Spotting DDs, that’s kind of the point of Radar. Maybe it detects DDs, and CAs but doesn’t detect BBs, Subs and CVs?? Overall it either needs some special saturation or a heal to survive, and improve the armor, to like 32mm so that most DDs that aren’t IFHE Japanese gunboats or German DDs can’t pin it with HE, and it also blocks Light cruiser HE. That’d be pretty dope.

    • North Carolinian Mapping

      @ANUBHAV SHARMA Ok, yeah. Having radar and hydro would make it essentially a cruiser so I thought that would work well with a cruiser role. However, I think what these ships really need is better reload, at least make its AP DPM competitive

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA we are talking t8 so it has the Ernst gaede guns with 2.2k alpha and 12% fire chance

    • @Seeskabel45 I’m talking about the the tier 9 and 10 but yeah, the HE on the T7 and T8 are pretty damn useful.

    • @North Carolinian Mapping I’d say give it radar but honestly, do we really need another radar line? But still if Europeans, British, Americans, and Russians get Radar why not the Japanese or Germans?? Also every single German ship should get the German hydro (except for Z-46, coz that ship has a lower than 6km detection range so give that ship 5.5km hydro maybe), and maybe this ships should get a heal and better armor.

  3. It needs a full stealth build just to get her air detection down to AA-range. For what that is worth. And SE just to have some extra hp to balance the lack of smoke and usually useless AA. As a ship line that is intended to engage lone cruisers they could also use some speed to actually catch up to them. You need to be really close to use those torps on them.

    • Yeah like fuel smoke or actual good armor (35mm maybe??) and emergency speed boost could really give the line tools to use for engaging topped up with a heal.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA 35mm would be extremely strong but then she would defenetely eat full pens

    • @Seeskabel45 it would not be too strong, coz Khaba has 50mm and it isn’t that strong. Also BBs are sometimes quite wonk so the shells will land on the bow causing full pins.

  4. This thing feels like an average between a light cruiser, a torp DD, and a gunboat DD, like it’s trying to be too many things at once. WG needs to pick one, and stick with it. Toss out the torp DD because there is already that line. Quite frankly, the torps on these things are useless (short of a BANZAI!!), so why even have them? I’d rather lose my torps to get *something*, like literally, *anything*. I think they should bump the concealment up to something similar to the French DDs, and lose the torps in order to gain better DPM, and maybe the same hydro as KMS CAs for their tier, since these are basically micro-cruisers. Also, give them the same Soviet choice of smoke or heal, in order to offset the concealment without the improved saturation the French get. Then you could claim with confidence that these are AP focused CL hunters. That’s just my opinion though.

  5. At this point it looks like Julius Maerkern, for all her chonk flaws, is probably the least offensively bad ship in this line.

    • For the moment, I disagree. We don’t have Elbing to look at, but tomorrow’s look at Schultz is enlightening. I like the look of that ship a lot better than this one.

  6. Just the A aura and Aircraft detection numbers make this PP clinic bin material.

  7. Maybe WG confused the KM with the IJN. After the s#*t job on the Yuuduchi (a tier 5.5 or 6 ship bumped up to tier 7 bacause they gave it a TRB and smoke, but just to be on the safe side gave it horrible torps.), I don’t think they want to make a decent DD. Can’t have the new CV players having a bad experiance.

    Perhaps there is a new meta. DDs are meant to distract CVs so the BBs with the Deadeye skill can kill them.

  8. Would be better if they had used these concept ships for a AP focused cruiser split.
    Ofc with corresponding stats to be a cruiser.

  9. Your first two “Maerkers” where very good to be honest. Best would be to say it like “map”.

    The way you ended up pronouncing “ae” in the video is a near perfect on “ö” sound as in König or Löwenhardt.

    Other than that, great review as always.

  10. “Looks like bad design” … Isn’t that what German engineering is known for, right?

    (Everyone at WG in St Petersburg) *Да!*

  11. At least for the time being, I see no reason to play this boat or this new German line, over the German DD line we already have and I like so much. No smoke, so is it fast like the French? No. Does it have long range torps like the Swedes? No. Does it have good AA? No. Good hydro? No. See where I´m going with this?

  12. I agree that the air detect and aa combo is pretty mind boggling. Either buff the aa range or reduce the air detect, or replace the defensive fire with smoke or heal.
    I normally don’t play DDs (I’m far too aggressive and often die in a yolo charge) but even I can see that WG needs to tweak the ship before it gets released.

  13. Everything I have read and seen about the new KM DD line leads me to believe they will just be bad. I don’t understand them conceptually, I don’t understand their execution, I don’t know what the goal or plan was; they just seem like a disaster waiting to go live.

  14. This hybrid German-French DD line isn’t my cup of tea from what I’ve seen so far. They took the bad traits of the French (no smoke, basic hydro, and that weird torpedo layout — see Le Fantastique) and forgot to give it any advantages of either nation (ie. speed, agility, damage saturation, boosts) other than a fat hull. Hopefully they give this line more time to cook in the oven

  15. DEFAA on a ship with no AA to speak of is not a boon, it’s a tax because we all know how highly WG prices that consumable (CV+AA rework). Thus it surely is one thing you def. pay for, which you can see if you take a look at some of the weird design choices like giving the line torps that are utterly lackluster even compared to other KM ships vs BBs and DDs.

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