World Of Warships Funny Clan Moments

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WoWs Epic Funny Special made with moments gathered from my clan. A lot of Bugs, music, anime, memes and epicness gathered into 1 compilation!


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  2. 0:12 clearly the Soviet powers are at work right now, just draw your conclusions and see this force.

  3. 5:14 Best part 😂😂

  4. btw. the Atlanta brawl is the best you’re gonna see today. I press “F”.

  5. 0:05 Jingles also commented on this stuff in one of his latest WoWs videos. His explanation made a lot of sense to me, since these types of physics-breaking events have been happening more and more often lately: It’s probably because of submarines.
    The devs are going through all the maps in attempts to adjust them for submarine inclusion, which results in them massively fucking up the hitboxes, which causes ships to get stuck on absolutely nothing and occasionally causes them to glitch out and start jumping out of the water.

  6. GILGAMESH: Gate of Babylon

    Kimetsu Op Gurenge
    wonderful song
    Lisa Goddess

  7. Tier 5-7 really felt like the most fun in WoW.. the mistake is going further

  8. Okay, the “citadel laughing guy” is genuinely hilarious.

  9. 15:52 got me motivated and high in morale thank you comrade, I now have determination

  10. That was a damn good show boyz. Damn good!

  11. I fucking knew that Atlanta clip the moment i saw how he positioned himself and i know only 1 Atlanta Enjoyer who is willing to do that
    God damn Matte

  12. scp_why_am_i_here DELETED

    I just recently did a torpedobeats moment and I’ve never questioned how I survived more

  13. 5:15 – That was beautiful. They all just sailed around the corner, broadsides showing.

  14. Benedict Romalius

    It’s weird how that the doom eternal soundtrack made me feel sleepy all of a sudden

  15. 17:16
    Fair and balanced dispersion on this shot here…

  16. Remember guys, Petro is a balance ship. XD
    Great Video Daniel, good stuff, nice Doom Atlanta, the part with Balti vs german dd make me cry my soul, as dd player, i didn’t understand how he can fail like that ( the dd )

  17. Kurfurst: “Du hast?”

    Petropavlosk:”I could’ve sworn had some Russian heavy metal music around here somewhere…..”

  18. TFD: Requires 55% winrate to join.
    Me: (laughs in 81% winrate)

    Even with that low a winrate requirement, I already know a lot of players who want to join can’t join because of that lmao.

  19. I love the Petro’s new torpedo evasion system.

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