World of Warships Funny Memes 106

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World of Warships memes and funny moments compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. I love moments when you launched torps and completely forgot about them and thought i ain’t going to hit anything and suddenly, boom, you hit something.

  2. Hello OverLordBou! that last game killed it, surfing around those torps was badass.

  3. I get giggles like little boy and love it

  4. I love your Incomparable clips… Just got one, and my first gamne, slapped a Midway for 67k/5 shells. Was lovely! =)

  5. 106 in my country is gay number lol

  6. Salt and rookie mistakes i saw from these reds

  7. D.G.K Comics And Gaming

    All the British battleships are like paper if you know WHERE to hit them they go up in smoke in one savo. The izuo is also a paper battleship aim for the main guns you sink it one shot.

  8. 0:05 3:16 Paid actor

  9. Best vid of week lets go

  10. “Smash” Bou, 2022

  11. You could legit be a villain in a movie with that laugh at times. Plus I made it into a compilation video yeah yeah yeah yeah

  12. Yesterday I had an amazing Perth game. There were no cvs and subs and it was so fun. I then got double up tiered with a cv and 2 subs.

  13. Whip & Schnips - Garden Services

    Your footage of superships and super carriers is exactly the reason I uninstalled the game lol

  14. 07 bou I asked you yesterday when 106 was comming…..I was in the Worcester and u in the Vermont.. I died in sub 3…keep up the entertaining content man.

  15. Very funny, nice work!

  16. i have 40cm of my old hair if you need some 🙂

  17. AverageFornaxEnjoyer

    Was that a Russian yammy at the start of the video?

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