World Of Warships Funny #Submarines – The U-Boat Experience

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The long awaited wows submarine funny compilation is here boys. And of course I have joined the german wolfpack in the first 2 U-boats where literally everything that is in the ocean is your pray.

Playing with the subs can indeed be very fun however they are still unbalanced and the counter gameplay barely exist if the submarine player knows what he is doing.

Playing AGAINST a good sub player is a true nightmare especially if you are in a BB….

If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:

Chill Epic song EVADE FROM 宇宙 フライト 日 89 FRIDAY
Apex Legends OST – It aint our time to die
Nightcore – Niviro Demons
Our Generation Eurobeat
Tokyo Drift Eurobeat Remix
Metal Gear Solid theme
Les Toreadors
Elevator Music
Hello Hell Eurobeat
Obscuritas Eurobeat
Sonic Ost
Epic Dark Music Somnuim Sortie
Epic Flamenco Violin
War Thunder ost Air Track 2


  1. Firestarter OnYouTube

    All those people who died, i think thats a skill issue – Wargaming, probably

  2. Well, homing torpedos existed in ww2, but they worked quite different though. The basically chased the loudest sound. The submarine had to stop its engine and emit no other sound to avoid the torpedo homing in on its launcher.

    • Only for point-blank shots though. Otherwise you’d set the seeker to only engage with a time delay, by which time it’d be closer to the target and/or too far away from the boat firing it. Also, they generally only worked properly in a cone in front of the torpedo to begin with.

    • @Magni 56 not necessarily. The torpedo could be launched out front and be set on a course behind the sub. U869 has been suspected to have been sunk by its own acoustic torpedo.

    • @ToteKopie That’s a dumb thing to do. It’s an extra dumb thing to do that and not set your seeker delay appropriately. And it’d be an extra super turbo dumb thing to do with a freakin Type VII sub, what with those having stern torpedo tubes.

      The “suspicion” for U 869 is basically complete speculation, with nothing of substance supporting it.

    • They also had about 30 knors of speed. These seem to have rockets attached to them.

  3. 23:09 This was my fav but it was very intense indeed..

  4. Y’all talk about the shitty clan battle, I’m just happy Daniel included the music list in description.

  5. Many years of research and testing for the worlds most annoying class that can kill you from underwater. Well done WeeGee, well done. Our expectations were low but holy shit you have once again outdone yourselves in power creeping all other surface ships.

  6. ok, so I see the new best way to counter DDs is by doing a full frontal assault on them with a submarine. game is getting more and more retarded 😀

  7. It’s as broken as I expected, I know why I stopped playing this game a long time ago

  8. ah yes the ole quadruple torbedo shotgun , very effective indeed , as the nazis proved in ww2 against countless british and american destroyers intended for submarine hunting

  9. I’m eagerly awaiting the Soviet submarines, with 12 km underwater radar and guided torpedoes and ballistic missiles or, in this case, base activation for a nuke strike

  10. You know what would make submarines instantly more fun for everyone? Have the activation range for torpedoes be at 1.5km – 2km. And maybe have their detection bloom really big whenever they sonar ping but only for other subs to detect.

    Also the battle at 22:02 should be the norm, not a rarity, for sub vs. Sub combat.

    Basically subs too easy

  11. I appreciate the warthunder music at 26:26

  12. Przemysław Krzekobrzegoszczyński

    Haven’t Played subs, won’t play subs, when they hit random’s I’m gone.

  13. Makes me want to go U-boat, just for the memes.

  14. i bet, when subs are added in the tech tree, 65% playerbase around the clobe leaves the game. and after 1.5 year, only 20% returns to play the game. xD but only you decide do you want to play submarines or not, they still collects ALL that “data” to read more, and thinking how to balance them. The end.

  15. I still pray to this day for him to give us the soundtrack sauce from videos

  16. “BB” players have to be crazy to play this shitty game anymore. this game is not fun for BB players anymore. it’s a pain. these torps like Tomahawk missiles, I really doubt that these torps are this accurate in WW2

  17. This can bring eurobeat to a whole new lever

  18. best vid opening for 2021. This needs an oscar!

  19. As I told another, it’s a highlight reel. He’s not showing you the rounds where he got a single torp hit and a capture assist for the whole match.

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