World of Warships – Great Naval Battles

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It’s World of Warships once again and as part of the Great Battles event on the EU I’ve got prizes to give away. The players in these Destroyer and matches each win 200 Diamonds to spend as part of the event courtesy of Wargaming. Congratulations, folks!

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Unlucky to not score citadels? all citadel hits are lucky that’s why as
    soon as some one gets one in a win they send it to their youtuber of

  2. please, i sent you a better replay with 7 kills on a fuso and you never
    bothered to look at it :(

  3. 4/5 is 80%. 4/6 is only 67%

  4. tim zwart (TimmieboyYoutube)

    10:53 did he sayed 9 torpedo tubes?

  5. Two rather nice replays, thanks Jingles.

  6. Jingles, when you say Rear Admiral, is that a rank you can get in WoWs, or
    just a nickname?

  7. Destroyer Inazuma

    I imagine a click-bait title: Battleship sunk – Broadside EXPOSED [Gone

  8. You’ll find that most of the time Kuma drivers think they’re in a DD.

  9. So, Where’s are Royal Navy?!

  10. Hello Jingles, was watching an old video of yours Q&A at that time you only
    had 30K subscribers and that you couldn’t keep up on the emails, now you
    have 480K subscribers are you able to keep up with the emails now lol !!!
    Great video Sir …..

  11. Destroyer Inazuma

    I once wanted to buy a Warspite with barely 100 bb battles and only three
    BBs in my port (South Carolina, Myogi, Kongo). When I watched videos with
    n00bs sailing t6 and 8 BBs, I reconsidered :)

  12. NA servers are treated like the bastard gamers of the Wargaming community.
    Why is this not going on the same time over in NA along with EU? Why are
    both server regions treated so differently and not equal. Everything seems
    like some after thought for NA. Its like we get the leftover scraps from
    the table.

  13. I’m not early but i’m going to make a joke…Womens Football

  14. Funny how a number of the “Great Naval Battles” that WG lists as a
    motivation for this ‘event’ involved the US Navy, yet the NA server isn’t
    allowed to participate.

  15. Ram your torpedos down there throats good one jingles

  16. Richard Berglund

    jingles you are sooo bad just say you work for wg

  17. It rustles me more than it should but every time Frosty shot his low
    caliber HE shells into the hull of ships I just cried a bit.
    Aim for the super structure damnit.

  18. Richard Berglund

    dude how much do they lay you yo kisss there ass

  19. ugh i wanna watch this but i gotta goto work >_< its morning here for me...damnit jingles why you have to be british time zone D:!?!!? move to canada were like an younger brother or sister of the uk!

  20. I see Paul Young is on ITV’s This Morning Tomorrow, funny, just talking
    about him yesterday.

  21. Richard Berglund

    lame an dd are op

  22. Palle Gantzhorn

    well he has a certified beta tester flag, so hes probably not a wallet
    warrior jingles :)

  23. Jingles,
    Please tell WG to hurry with HMS Belfast Premium!

  24. Well done Sgt_Frosty and well done Jingles.
    A winner from a lower tier match who is not a seal clubbing Super Unicum!

  25. LEX Maximaguy87

    low tier rusky dds are a blast to use. Especially setting up ambush points
    and nuking oblivious players.

  26. Having a bad time…

    good thing Jingles is here


    I have to give it to that Tirpitz player, that was some skill.

  28. It was the Amagi that killed the Fubuki – not the friendly Fubuki

  29. Ah it`s another video with Pringles The Mighty Jingles. I am just kidding.

  30. The number of kills that you were saying in the second match were wrong.
    When you said the destroyer had 2 kills it had 3, and the battleship
    claimed the kill on he fubuki.
    But I know that you watch the videos in a small square while commenting on
    them, so I don’t blame you sir Jingles.

  31. The number of kills that you were saying in the second match were wrong.
    When you said the destroyer had 2 kills it had 3, and the battleship
    claimed the kill on he fubuki.
    But I know that you watch the videos in a small square while commenting on
    them, so I don’t blame you sir Jingles.

  32. no detailed reports from that battles? :

  33. love the award icons.

    you dirty webo. :P

  34. MJR_ Malfunction

    Sergeant frosty is a good name

  35. Holy crap, tis me :D

  36. _Ofenkartoffel_

    Why hasn’t the guy in the Tirpitz use his torps against that destroyer?
    You can’t miss at that range.

  37. @23:17 I never realized in jingles speak ‘keeps the ship angled’ meant is
    sailing broadside on to two enemy battleships. The guy got lucky the RNG
    spread on both enemy battleships saved him as he was damn near flat to both
    of them while they were angled against him.

  38. Silver Fennekin

    Jingles correct me if i’m wrong, but I don’t think Carriers get access to
    dive bombers until Tier 5

  39. Muhammad Fakhri Husaini

    That was solid battles

  40. The Hipper class ship I call it the Prinz Eugen

  41. The Tirpitz is beautiful

  42. Jingles!!!! You have to stop telling ppl not to expose their broadside!

    I get less and less cits because of you! You laugh so hard at BB-drivers I
    cant torp them anymore, they keep changing course! 😀

    I suggest you try reverse-psychology in your next WoW video, maybe that´ll
    help me :P

  43. I donno, I feel like ya should of given the Konigsberg player in Sgt
    frosty’s replay100 diamonds for being a good player and supporting frosty,
    but then again I doubt your allowed to do that >.>

  44. The Atago is a POS, it gets cit so damn easy. It’s a bad ship and I would
    never buy it like it is.

  45. could you do a review video about the 4 ships on offer in the event please

  46. viperuscopperus

    36 mins. 1,818 views holy crap not too shabby………

  47. Mikael Falkenberg

    Good games. I had the tirpitz along time ago myself and had 50/50 good/bad
    games with it.

  48. Thumbs up for the battleship replay… we don’t see them here very often…

  49. Herpicus McDerpington

    No world of tanks in Mingles with Jingles? I’m not demanding am I?

  50. Where can I spend my diamonds? I registered but where can I see how much I
    got and where to spend them?

  51. kirov is bad O.o ive had my day in the kuma… played 2 games so far twice
    ive gotten hit 1 time and magazined…. fkin twice in 2 games….. !!! ^^

  52. Oh it’s that “bloody boat game”, created by that “bloody tank game company”
    who failed in creating a “bloody airplane game”!

  53. I’ve been having a fucking arse of a time in Warships today 🙁 Getting
    focused by carriers all game (yes I stay next to clevelands but carriers
    don’t care lol), TERRIBLE rng while shooting, terrible teams (100k damage
    games at tier 6 and team still loses) and the vast majority of games I’m
    the bottom tier ship by 2 tiers…. Can’t make this shit up haha

  54. Glad to see you posting more World of Warships videos Jingles, I really
    love how you go into the history when you do your ship reviews.

  55. who stole my 1st dislike master jingles send him to the gulag

  56. Yet again it’s 6:55am and my dads taking forever to get ready to take me
    and my brother to school so I’m gonna watch Jingles

  57. Green anchor means it’s a bot match, right?

  58. All about games Aag

    When will there be another tog video

  59. Am I early? Too early?
    Could come back later.

  60. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    Im early better make a joke….

    You can’t spell “steal” without EA,get it?

  61. Ahoy, Jingles. I salute to you! 0

  62. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    I got te 69th like 0_O

  63. I’d rather watch Hellen Keller and Stevie Wonder have a snowball fight
    across the Thames than watch this boat game.

  64. earliest ive ever been

  65. well i’m early again…i think i’m getting good at this :)

  66. Super Kawaii Hitler

    “Its that bloody boat game again.”

    – Jingles 2016

  67. These aren’t tanks….. what?

  68. Xannari Ferrows

    I don’t think there’s a limit to the amount of times we need to tell
    cruisers that they’re going to get paddled if they go broadside onto a
    battleship, or even another cruiser. I’m fine with that as long as they
    stay on the enemy team.

  69. L.t Sharpshooter

    i am the 583rd person here lol

  70. Rakuza Redbar_Hax

    Yehhh 10 min Notification :3

  71. Jingles do you recognise ANZAC day

  72. Nicole Schoenhoft

    Jingles with the 5:40 AM upload. (North East United States time at least.)

  73. im early… better make a terrific joke

    warthunder air arcade players

  74. Computer Great Naval Battles

  75. yea under 500

  76. 100th year Anniversary of the Battle of Jutland is on the 31st of this
    What’s Wargaming going to do about it?

  77. Ruben Vancoppenolle

    I’m addicted to his videos ?

  78. Jaret Danielson

    Stop it.

  79. Jaret Danielson

    Ok “I’m early” is just annoying as “first”.

  80. Oliver McDonough

    63rd! YES!
    But in all seriousness, Jingles, I haven’t yet thanked you for getting me
    into World of Tanks (Yes I know that this is World of Warships but,
    whatever) and expanding my knowledge on military machinery in World War II.
    I am now know as the history geek by my friends, but I don’t care. I got my
    first tier 8 in WoT, the Pershing, and I live it, and loved your review on
    it back when the engines sounded like a can being crushed, but it was still
    informational and funny, because that is what you are. Keep it up, and it
    is just a matter of time until you get 500,000 subs, in which I will
    hopefully have a replay to send in. Good luck Jingles! :)

  81. Actually Jingles it is Grand naval battles not “Great naval battles”
    Err, Jingles?

  82. Jingles I am meant to be revising

  83. 14th

  84. It’s that bloody boat game again…
    Ok seriously we have to stop this joke now

  85. EPIC Fail Plz plz plz plz

  86. lol 1 minute in ?

  87. Woo, I’m early

  88. Hey jingles

  89. Earliest I’ve ever seen a popular persons vids :0

  90. Daily dose of jingle yum yum yum

  91. DeathstarDude123


  92. first

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