World of Warships – Happy Holidays From The Cap!

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Wargaming EU, the Cap, and his companion wish you happy Holidays on the high seas in World of Warships!


  1. John Steven De Bedout Ordoñez

    merry Cristmass

  2. i love this series :)

  3. Haha, that was cute.

  4. bad advice: never launch fireworks because you will destroy a battle ship
    and die

  5. Remember to be careful with those fireworks when sailing your ships.

  6. this is actually really nice

  7. wait is that Minekaze?

  8. what not to do Stand still get torped What not to do Hit your allies with
    torps and so on epic

  9. Giovanni “IOS GAmes” Neyra

    Como se enmascara los horrores de la guerra con un juego.

  10. This video was just in time for Christmas…… *facepalm*

  11. no cap kill all

  12. On point as always, WG…

  13. Milorad “Glog” Stankovic


  14. Excellent Video!

  15. First hit fire? Is he using gold ammo?

  16. next video: hiting topedoes at you allies

  17. So now he has a destroyer :D

  18. Sewester ( personalized composition )

    This a beautiful video

  19. No carriers – only destroyers, destroyers everywhere.

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