World of Warships- How….How Did You Managed To Screw THAT Up?!?!

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Hey Guys! Enjoy this live reaction replay from JohnsonBoss its uh….something alright!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.

  2. Aw… I see why you named the Video as such, and I agree. HOW DID THEY SCREW THAT UP?! “Answers on the postcard to the usual address” The Mighty Jingles.

  3. Actually didn’t grind Up french Cruiser lines.. probably not the worst Idea, watching this

  4. Just a typical and normal state of affairs on the SEA server! 🤪😂

  5. As a French player, we do say “Henri four”

  6. Leg mod, lighthouse is the only way to play this ship

  7. I’m so sick and tired of the inconsistency of this game. I have been playing for a long time and I’ve noticed that I can place a shot and get good damage. I place a shot in the exact same location and get horrible damage. The mm is horrible. I can get on one day and be on every losing team get on the next and I’m on the winning teams. Usually I’m stuck on all the bad teams more. Most games end with me either standing alone or dying because we had to push or lose ❤and I said screw it and had to push alone.

  8. “what used to have the largest caliber guns on a cruiser in game”
    Admiral Graf Spee with her 283mm guns: am I a joke to you?

  9. New strategy – BACK LINE MOSKVA – A

  10. Gotta ask: do you think it’s better the Henri IV over the Marseille, meta, or vice-versa? speaking

    • they both play so differently, light house Henry I would say is more affective with lots of BBS and Merseille excels at deleting cruisers… and close ambushing BBs.

  11. World of Throws here. Pretty sure the only worst example of throw I found was that backline Yoshino doing a double friendly kill with his shima torps with like 20sec left on timer and a big point lead.

  12. @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

    Henri has standard cruiser acceleration

  13. I love so much your “…HELLOOOO” at the beginnings of every video. <3

  14. Henri Quatre, which would be On-ree cuht’…
    ObSheesh: Sheesh!

  15. @TheGuardianofAzarath

    If this had been sent to Jingles, would have definitely been a Game of Throws episode. Yeah, the reds TOTALLY lobbed that one. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  16. the worst throw i ever saw was a random battle. i was in a schlieffen, this was a few versions ago. my team nearly lost in the first 4 minutes going down from 11 v 11 to 9v2 by the 3 or 4 minute mark. Myself and a Kremlin were all that was left of our team, and i was holding on to a cap (c) vs 2 dd, and 1 bb (I had sunk another dd earlier). The other team had a CV still running (ours was dead)

    I wiped out the force at C mostly because they all pushed hard to sink my schlieffen, then i turned into b.

    meanwhile the kremlin died, bringing it down 6v1…

    and i somehow cleared out all foes at B (it was chaos, yet they lost, b cap too… )

    now it was 3 on 1, one cv, a Monarch and a Kansas… ended up engaging the kansas almost immediately, had about 30k damage remaining and was out of heals…

    while fighting the Kansas, and taking airdrops from the carrier, I predicted an ambush by the Monarch, and because i guessed right, i launched all my torps where i thought the monarch was going to show up, and somehow took a broadside blast from the monarch and only took about 8k damage, of course this brought me down to like 14k. somehow sunk their monarch as it turned predictably (I got really lucky) right into the path of the prelaunched torps. Then brought down the kansas with more torps, and was trying to get the cv when the score hit 1000 for my side… after almost 10 minutes of them sitting at 900+ points they never quite got to 1000..

    easily the best match in a ship for me, 9 sunk, 300k damage in a schlieffen (there were a lot of dds) but a completely epic collapse by them. I should have been dead multiple times, but they just kept turning into to give me broadside, or when they shot at my broadside (the monarch) they had HE loaded. I really thought the monarch had me, i mean i had my guns pointed the wrong way, and had to give him broadside for 1 volly before i could get back under island cover because it was either give the monarch broadside or give the kansas broadside, meanwhile i had a f-ing cv dropping bombs and torps on me…

  17. @broccanmacronain457

    Definitely a throw.

  18. @pickeljarsforhillary102

    I love my tinnitus.

  19. WOW- I really wish there was a way to see the enemy chat in these replays. I bet it was full of well wishes and helpful insights!

  20. @mattgearytransplanted

    Henri is still a fun boat. well played.

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