World of Warships – I’m getting too old for this

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As TT said it himself, “I’m getting too old for this, my heart can not take it anymore”, competitive gaming can srsly be edge of your seat and heartbeat stopped.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Always look forward to a Flambass vid with a cuppa tea 😀

  2. listening to you guys brings back great memories of massive clan battles on cod,well played guys

  3. 11.52 LOL I thought I was the only one who argued with the announcer. <3 the channel, keep up the good work

  4. Time for coffee and Flamboozle 🙂

  5. Great win in the end — but talk about a close finish.
    Next time – break out the Kitty-Cat heart rate monitor.

  6. I wanna listen to you not your division mates

  7. A great team of “push C” 😀

    (bad joke …. already gone :p)

  8. If it was me, i probably say GG by the time the monty is down.

  9. That’s the next title “Coffee with Flambass”

  10. i am getting too old for a RTS game like starcraft….so i play wows =3=

  11. Why i got feeeling when watching Flam’s video time is going slower then usual.when i play dam goes fast….r u deley time Flami?a?a?a?

  12. Well played but my god competitive play is soooo boring, radar just kills any kind of dynamic play I bet ranked at tier 9 will be as bad if not worse.

    • Agree about the camping but I don’t find it boring. Neither being in it nor watching THIS. Flying squads of planes aropund the map on the other hand – THAT I find deeply uninteresting.

  13. Senpai Flambass calling the shots now

  14. Hmmph. Hentai. Hen tai.

    It just struck me that “Hen tai” means “old houses” in Welsh.

  15. God is the high end clan battle meta boring. Radar kills it.

  16. The one mistake I see you continually making is that you are not paying enough attention to the health of your teammates. Often, you are surprised when a ship is low, despite being told in chat he’s perma spotted. The health of your teammates should never come as a surprise in competitive match.

    • Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

      Daniel Hurst yeah but Flambass is calling the plays but it’s down to the individual to guard their hp. He can’t oversee everything. That guy misplayed. He said he was being permanent spotted ages before he went down. He should of withdrew towards one of his cruisers, especially a radar. That might of lured the dd after him, exposing himself.

    • Daniel Hurst Not really. The Montana driver just didn’t communicate properly. In CB, the shot caller just can’t micromanage like that and has to trust their clanmates to communicate. The Montana driver played well, regardless; he was screwed no matter what at that point. It’s just part of CB.

    • Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

      +Cailus Griffin That Montana driver has had some issues in both games that Flambass has called (and posted) lately. Might need a refresher or maybe he’s better in a different ship.

    • There ws heavy communication but the caller does need to touch with their HPs. Yes players need to take care of their ships but flambass had a few chances in that game to know he was low

  17. That was so close. Really nice clutch play

  18. Flambass where’s your heart rate monitor , would have been off the scale with that battle.

  19. GG. Hell of a finish. Get old when we die. If we get heart attacks playing, well there are worst ways to die.
    When we get on the same team and I type rl in chat, I’ll mean radio location, not real life.
    Being an old fart I tend to be lazy at times. Rl is faster to type than rbf. Still, rbf with voice works.
    Odds alone say this will happen at some point on the EU. Heaven help me when you’re on the other side.

  20. Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

    Gg guys, but your Monty misplayed a bit there, if I was being perma spotted by the dd, I would have withdrew. Possibly toward my nearest radar cruiser. The dd may have followed him to keep him spotted. Then once near my team mate asked him to radar and had a possibility to take him out.

    • monty spotting range is longer than most radars. his misplay was once the yammy turned towards C he shoulda turned around and engaged the cruisers at point blank.

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