World of Warships – Impact

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It’s amazing how much impact one player can have on the outcome of a match. Whether they’re playing especially well…. or not.

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  1. So much for sleeping on time.

  2. Ahoy Jingles from a small Aussie tanker YouTuber. Thanks for being such an inspiration mate :))

  3. 3:33 I was looking elsewhere and heard ‘aw, mah piercing’s pretty infected’.

  4. Jingles please add the “Ship Happens” under the World of warships logo in the intro.

  5. 15:25 Actually torpedo bombers are a solid choice against DDs in a German CV. They’re fast so they can more than enough hit DDs, meanwhile rockets will just overpenetrate and AP bombs will just miss or also overpenetrate.
    …Yes sir! I’m ready for quadruple shifts for the next two weeks!

    • @Nocturne4481 amen

    • The high tier CV’s dont use them enough on gun boat dd’s.. we can not out turn the torp stikes. And the torp bombers have a lot of hp as well, so they dont easly get shot down

    • Yeah you may want to correct this Jingles, we don’t need friendly KM CV players trying this!

    • Meanwhile those AP rockets against battleships? They hurt. A lot. And are easier to land than the torps. Oh, Jingles, never change!

    • I was looking for this comment, mostly because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just crap at KM CV’s. It was a bit of a learning curve trying to torp DD’s, but happy to know it wasn’t all a waste.

  6. “tier 5 destroyer, sorry cruiser” – damn you 4K pixels, you deceive poor Jingles again!

  7. I think I’m missing something in my life
    A triple Lyon division with jingles commentary

  8. david and martine albon

    Fun fact: saying “first” gets you sent straight to the lowest level of the salt mines

  9. “Assuming ya’know, your not watching this on a mobile device on 480p”

    Meh, I can see it pretty fine

  10. It’s a Weser….Jingles….play one. Don’t try to AP rocket a DD

  11. Actually Weser was doing the right thing as it’s a German CV which has AP rockets, they just get overpens, torp bombers have fast torps which are pretty much the best aircraft launched weapons against DDs in German CVs

  12. *sitting and watches jingles on a mobile at 480p*


  13. 17:54 Except it’s 185k. Even 4K monitors can’t fix Jingles eyes.

  14. 10:23, “but the Koenig isn’t falling for that old trick”

    Immediately uses damage control🤣

  15. “watching on a mobile device in 480p” … He KNOWS!

  16. Whatever planes a CV uses, one of the important jobs is spotting for your team, which that guy was lousy at. I know we all hate CV’s but I still occasionally play one anyway, I like being the irritating asshat sometimes. When I was leveling up there was one big frustration that used to tick me off something fierce, and still does….spotting DDs for team and no one shooting at them, especially if there are several friendly cruisers or DDs around. When this happens I realize I have one of “those” teams and move on to farming, dropping air cover, and getting ready for defeat……again.

  17. Hmm, I may have heard that thing about “no carrier has ever been sunk as a result of being set on fire” before, including the images and the nod.

  18. 14:00 Well as a part time CV player, my dream would come true if i could finally control my ship and planes and the consumables at the same time.
    Especially since i only play the Graf 🙂 and yeah meme build.

  19. Funny

    Many complain about DDs dying early in the game but here we have 6/8 DDs still alive in the last minute of the game.

  20. carriers: Get historically destroyed by fires
    WG: “It’s a fake. It never happened. This one was invented by a writer. It’s an urban legend that never happened.”

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