World of Warships – Know Your Ship #46 – HMS Nelson and HMS Rodney

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Episode 46 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover both HMS Nelson and HMS Rodney. These two ships were present during many campaigns during the Second World War. The most famous of these would probably be HMS Rodney’s engagement against the Bismarck. This episode delves into the story of these two ships. Enjoy everybody!

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  1. ohh, my favorite ship! love from first sight, before i sank the rodney in

  2. I guess when in WoW they will have poor anti air !!

  3. Chase, I assume you either love in western Canada or you upload videos
    really early in the morning. Can you tell us anything new about the British
    vessels. Anyway, nice video, will be interesting in comparing this to the
    Izumo. :)

  4. Thanks for the vid, the Nelrods are often looked down upon and scoffed at
    but when they needed to, they worked very well and did the country proud.

  5. This is my all time favourite BB class

  6. Pretty informative video, like every know your ship video ;)

  7. Ichase, I know you said a while back that patreon will choose the Know Your
    Ship series, but can you do an episode on the Myoko Class please.

    Still loving the videos :)

  8. So witch one WG eventually will introduce in the game as Premium BB T7, HMS
    Rodney or HMS Nelson? Personally I would chose HMS Rodney, crossing my

  9. Look at 9:10 are those rocket pods

  10. 12:40 I know that spot, I have been there. It is Twin Brothers; down the
    middle. Never saw that ship though. Good Vid as always Chase!

  11. I find a lot of RN ships to have a rugged beauty…. Not a “I would bang”
    kind of beauty; more of a “Oh you rough, magnificent bastard” kind of

  12. A single torpedo tube on each side you said? I guess maybe in WOWS that
    means that one torpedo will be godly?

  13. Never Nuke a country twice

  14. 8:14
    -doesnt look so impressive in-game, BB guns.

  15. Get this BADASS in the game! I’m ready to re-sink the Bismarck!! “BATTLE

  16. “Pair of Boots”

  17. 8:15 Queen Elizabeth-class had 381mm guns, not 351.

  18. At 9:08
    Aren’t those missile launchers on top of the guns..?

  19. Oh no not the toilets!

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