World Of Warships Lexington Class Carrier! Clearing The SKIES

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of the Tier 8 American the USS Lexington, showcasing her amazing fighters at her tier.

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  1. Man, I love your carrier vids Phly! pls do more

  2. “In 1942, naval aviators believed that an air strike from one carrier could
    sink two to three enemy carriers. Anti-aircraft defenses were weak.
    Because of this, carriers were dispersed in the theory that if the enemy
    could only find one carrier, they could only sink one carrier. Massing all
    the carriers in one screen would endanger them all unnecessarily. (Hughes
    103) The US Navy kept their carriers within supporting distance. At
    Midway, the two carrier task forces were kept 25 miles apart – far enough
    away to make it unlikely that they would be be detected by the same scout
    plane, but close enough so that each group’s fighter screen could support
    the other. (Lundstrum 323) In contrast, the Japanese would sometimes
    spread their carrier task forces out over vast stretches of ocean.”

    The biggest map in WOW is 50 kilometres = 31.0685596 miles. You read the
    above and you see that even at 25 miles apart two carrier groups could
    cover each other with fighter support…….So they are going to have to
    add bigger maps if you want play like that to be more “realistic”…..

  3. Maybe get Exp for spotting planes and ships with your planes as a
    CV……get so much per one and if you see it first on the team you get exp
    as well each time said ship or plane is hit……..I mean that is the way
    world of tanks works with its scouting as far as I remember…..

  4. Having now played the shit outta World Of Warships, I’d really like to see
    a vid with Phly, Baron and Slick discussing the possible mechanics of the
    inevitable War Thunder naval combat. Could talk about how carriers and
    planes would cooperate, the health system, firing mechanisms and the role
    of ships in effecting ground units etc.
    Just a thought.

  5. Couldn’t agree more on the carrier tactics. While your team carrier tries
    to go for the enemy, which rarely succeeds, he will only lose planes, waste
    Meanwhile, the enemy carrier (if smarter) will use his planes to actually
    bring an advantage to his team mates, usually he will go for the first BB
    or cruiser that looks lonely and sink it, flood it or set it on fire.
    That long travel time to go for the enemy carriers (while other potentially
    safer to hit targets are actually moving closer to you and your planes)
    makes your friendly planes unavailable for a looong time.

    Sure, all of the above is instantly forgotten when you actually get rid of
    the enemy carrier/s but that doesn’t happen very often.

  6. Philydaily this is unfair you get all your ships for free and we have to
    play a long time to get the ships

  7. Happened me before

  8. Air superiority bla bla bla fuel bla bla bla and than u find yourself in
    tier 4 japaneze carrier against 2 lanleys and because u are only carrier on
    your team your opinion mean that u cant do anything


  10. Thanks for killing my Fuso….

  11. Does anyone know the intro music to photos last intro theme?

  12. Check out this video on YouTube:

  13. Mark Rogachevsky

    Anybody else thinking that torps are a little crazy with their speed and
    damage? Like,seriously,torpedoes are waaaay easier to use than guns,you
    need about 8-10 torps to kill a ship,while you need about 30-40 shells. I’d
    love if WarGaming reduces the torp’s damage at Tier II to 1000 and Tier X
    to 12000-13000. Seriously,torps are a slightly overpowered right now.

  14. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself about all the negativity towards the
    last video. Carrier game play is just boring to view its just us watching a

  15. I want a carrier so bad, but the grind is super painful. I don’t like the
    combat style with regular ships, and I really enjoy RTS games so I thought
    I’d try carriers but getting there is taking way too long. :(

  16. Kristopher scudder

    Where is the Yorktown class!

  17. Andrew Rogerson Rogerson

    Love the intro

  18. I agree with everything except for the “Fog of war” thing. I love the way
    it is setup now..certain ships have better concealment than others.

  19. The USS Iowa was a real Built battleship and had 2 other sisters the USS
    New Jersey and the USS Missouri. All 3 served off and on from WWII up to
    desert storm. 

  20. i have sat in the USS Lexington’s captains seat.. it was comfortable. ( the
    lexington is beached in Corpus Christi texas if you ever want to go to it,
    its pretty fun )

  21. My planes have a fuel system its just not indicated 

  22. If you’re talking about fighters having a line of sight outcome, then the
    IJN fighters need to become useful.

  23. clayton eutermark

    Phly the Lexington class carriers use to have 4 triple 8in guns 2 forward
    and 2 aft of the Bridge but they could not fire across the flight deck
    because the guns would damage the deck and they could only fire from the
    right side of the ship. Also the Lexington and the Saratoga were suppose to
    be battlecruisers before the washington naval treaty hit.

  24. Tier 10 U.S.S. Midway with jet fighters


  25. How to fix the “Border humping(?)” tactic.
    Add a range circle to your planes, differing with upgrades and types of

  26. Antonio Santiago

    can you do the Furutaka in some lower tier gameplay? thanks your channel is

  27. Looking at your XP from that first match the reward for the planes you shot
    down needs to be MUCH higher, just IMO, it would also help encourage anti
    air cruisers to provide anti air for ships other then their own 🙂 I’ve had
    20plus plane kills with my Cleveland while running AA defense for our CV
    and I’m better of XP wise if I leave the CV and go shoot things 🙂 There
    needs to be a worthwhile reward.
    Adding fuel imitations to planes would be good, any mechanic that will help
    to stop one unit from being able to reach across the map and kill another
    with no risk is good. Fuel isn’t realistic, but it would add to the FUN,
    and I play for fun.
    Spotting I feel is already fine, if one of your ships or planes has LOS on
    an enemy you all see it, but only IF. I don’t see how else you could do
    this and still get standard visibility rules to work for ship to ship fire.
    Good matches, good vid.

  28. yay rts games

  29. nive vid man !

  30. shimakaze

  31. Rafael Lemgruber

    just AWESOME and EPIC opening for WOW

  32. fuso

  33. The Lady Lex looks so fucking sexy 

  34. No more carrier gameplay..this was not entertaining…

  35. Voshon Ward (Masterv123)

    One thing that I wish world of Warships had is where you can upgrade your
    fighter’s DPS VS, so your not entirely screwed if the other team has a
    carrier that higher then yours. I also wish that when it came to fighter vs
    fighter, there was some kind of randomizer to who’s planes get shot down.
    And if you have a higher tiered carrier then your adversary, then you have
    a better chance of not getting shot down. Does that sound like a good idea

  36. MORE PLZ

  37. Does anybody think that the Lexington should have its 8″ guns to be
    controlled manually by the player as if they were main armaments?

  38. Play the New Mexico Class Battleship

  39. Why 480p bro :(

  40. I think that the game should get bigger maps. bigger maps and also spawns
    that change in every battle, so you don’t have just 2 sides map. Sometimes
    you spawn closer to the enemy, sometimes further away. By doing so,
    carriers will have a bigger impact on the gameplay. Also, I agree with your
    idea of limiting the time a single squadron can fly. For example, about
    8/12 minutes? So, for example at the start of the game, your planes could
    not reach or find the enemy in just 4/6 minutes of flight and they must
    refuel like sometimes happens in real life.

  41. Wesley Van Breemen

    If you love the f4u you should play it on war thunder in arcade or

  42. A german player has over 90% winrate this guy ONLY plays CVs with his
    clanmates who drive T10 and T9 BBs or CAs to support him.

    I think he is one of the best CVs player in WoWs

  43. 499 and 500th like

  44. “I can’t even English!” – PlhyDaily

  45. Hey love the video

  46. Graham Brinkworth

    the manual torp drop with no arming time just make playing BB no fun i stop
    grinding them u can avoid them in higher tier with 2-3 torp bomb at u cant
    dodge them lose tons health no way hit back a arming time would make more
    skill in timing drops and wat u drop on carrier are broken plain simple

  47. I think Carriers should have range of where they can tell the planes to do
    stuff instead of fuel. Make it about half the map in a circle or maybe a
    little more. That way they have to roll with the fleet in order to help out
    and don’t just sit in the back of the map. This could be added so carrier
    players could upgrade radios, which would expand the area of where they
    could order the fighters. Fuel to me doesn’t make sense.

  48. ships can spot for themselves – dont forget there are matches without cvs.
    but you definitely can scout. try to chase the destroyer with your fighters
    for instance. it will really piss him off…but no points from it

  49. fuel? really? phly take a break

    • +JafuetTheSame i believe everyone would hate to return for refuel…even
      you. imagine watching all your squadrons fuel status and your planes
      turning around in middle of your attack becouse of low fuel. i think there
      is enough distraction

  50. going around corners is absolutely valid strategy if you think it will
    work. but skillful player knows where to place his fighters to protect his
    fleet and planes. so it might work as well as not. its a long trip after
    all. there are various options to turn this adventure into disaster –
    happend to me many times

  51. NM use the flecher

  52. i believe they will be in game eventually…so many ships arent there – ise
    battleships, lots of famous jap cruisers, pennsylvania battleships etc

  53. Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    when you see the aircrat flying you can see the entire squadron i only see
    1 plane can i change that somewhere i didnt found a swith or anything

  54. Mr.Michael Jasiukiewicz Cat

    PhlyDaily you have all these high tier ships what is plan when you have
    everything are you going to try a new game? Or just recording the same
    world of warships battles, and it would be cool if there were storms in
    World of warships it would change up the battle game play

  55. Does anyone have a link to the original video of the Bismark rising out of
    the sea in the intro? Also a link to the bass sound when the bridge light
    turns on would be great, want to set it as my log in sound haha

    This intro is the best I’ve seen!

  56. Fuel? Phly you do realize the fuel time on most aircraft is way longer than
    the length of World Of Warships matches, right?

  57. So basically you say that the team should be dependant on your
    carrierplayer, you know this is the internet right?
    + The MM can f up, giving the enemy team more and better carriers

  58. TheStonerification

    Can anyone tell me if subs are planned for this game, maybe when the German
    navy gets implemented?

    • the German navy doesn’t have carriers so how would they compete if they’ve
      only got Cruiser, Battleships and destroyers, yes there was a plan to build
      a carrier but that was it

    • TheStonerification

      I thought DDs excelled at sub hunting with the high speed/turn rate and
      having depth charges. At least… they would wreck me when I played Silent
      Hunter 4.

      For gameplay reasons, I could see submarines being limited to periscope
      depth, visible underwater within few a kilometers range, and trackable by
      sonar (again within a few km). More importantly, they would give another
      reason for good carrier captains to exist. Sub scouting was an integral
      part of air duties.

    • +Joe Chanoine there could be counter play like sonar that would spot them
      and dept charges or anti sub mortars and even torpedos

    • they would be incredibly op

    • They won’t add subs, they never will. Changed the dynamic of the game
      completely. No counter play for subs and they would have to add an up down
      mechanic all way too much and makes no sense. Not gonna happen. Besides u
      boats targeted merchant supply ships primarily. Hardly much ship to ship
      combat once we figured out how to find them.


  60. +PhlyDaily Please do the Tier 9 Taiho- Japanese Carrier.

  61. Koen Van Den Berg

    I still love that intro!

  62. Please play the shimikaze

  63. SHimikaze plz phly

  64. TheStonerification

    I’m only up to 10:46, but I think your critiques of carriers would be
    solved by much larger maps. The great distance between fleets on the ocean
    was the reason carriers, and the planes on them, were important for
    spotting. The fleets needed to know what direction to sail. Concerning
    the “border humping”… make the maps so large that flying your planes on
    the borders would take them out of the battle for a long time, rendering
    them ineffective for most of the match.

    Full disclosure: I’ve never played this game, so I’m unsure of any game
    engine limitations or how larger maps would affect the other ship types’

  65. I want to see the mighty Essex, the carrier that survived the most amazing
    battles even when it was half dead.

  66. Tristen Toulouse

    Pensacola please

  67. Yhe agaki is not in the game because it has 16 8-inch guns

  68. I think the proper term is (rest in pieces).

  69. u and baron should do a secret mission with destroyers sometime

  70. Are you gonna stream today?

  71. Fun fact: USS Saratoga, a Lexington class carrier, was one of only 3
    American carriers to be built before WWII and survive until after the war.
    The other two were USS Ranger and USS Enterprise.

    • Kristopher scudder

      +Travis Smith Also Uss Saratoga was expended in the atomic testing at

      The Lexington NEVER carried F4U Corsairs since they werent fully developed
      in time. Fail Wargaming.

    • And they scrapped the USS Enterprise as soon as the war was over.

  72. Could you do a South Dakota class battleship

  73. raggedsolution21

    for me personally I just have no more interest in WoWS, its boring and also
    it’s bad for blood pressure just because it’s WoT all over and all always
    giving me a bad mood

  74. How to enable the showing of multiple planes in the options? It shows only
    1 plane per squadron for me.

    • +Paul Erickson I know, I just asked what needs to be enabled to show
      multiple planes.

      Automatically my ass, it gave me 30 fps with a drop to 5 every 10 seconds 😀

    • +kumisz it’s your graphics setting. I had to get a new video card before I
      had the horsepower to show all the planes. The game automatically sets your
      graphics for the optimum playability that your computer can handle.

  75. The main problem of this game is the short battles (once on the Ocean map
    we had a beautiful line battle against the enemy team, with cruisers trying
    to get between us and the enemy planes, destroyers trying desperately to
    launch torpedo attacks against the enemy line to tumble their line, and we
    were winning slowly but surely, when…the battle ended with a draw. 🙁

    Also a big problem is the small maps for naval warfare like you imagine,
    like to spot enemy ships with your planes you need more than 25km between
    your spawn points. Solution might be that they lower the spot ranges but it
    is somewhat realistic at the moment (except for the destroyers, the
    japanese ones dnt pop up until 5km and the secondary battery which has more
    than 10km range, begins to fire sparsely at around 5km, little more with a
    certain skill)

  76. why dont u like the Yorktown class phly

  77. “Air superiority wins games.” It also defeated Japan, Phly.

  78. That intro is epic af……

  79. Hey Phly! No love for IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad?

  80. i love how star put you in swagtastic bros in the related channels, but you
    dont even mention him..

  81. Phly can you do a d521 review? FOR THE FRENCH

  82. How about the USS Essex next

  83. Fighters should be able to sink destroyers and be able to set fire to all
    other ships, at least on hier tiers.

  84. Can u fly out the ad2 sky raider 

  85. Scouting would be very imbalanced because, for example in the match you
    showed, there were 2 carriers on 1 side and 1 carrier on the other, even if
    it’s 1v1 the carrier with the lower tier would lose, and IJN carriers would
    have an advantage because they have more squadrons, therefore they can
    cover more area.

    Also i do feel that border humping is a valid tactic, cause if enemy CV has
    a higher tier, or if there are more of them, i have to avoid their aircraft
    altogether, otherwise my aircraft would get shot down VERY quickly.

  86. ok, can you take the fletcher ?

  87. Border humping is necessary at the moment, because the US carriers just
    take IJN planes apart. There is no way for a Japanese carrier do play
    against a good US carrier.

    And in real life the fleets would move with the carrier not the other way
    around, so your point is rather mute.

    And you don’t see “everything”. You see BBs, maybe cruisers, but not DDs.

    So basically all you want is to buff US carriers and nerf Japanese carriers
    and as long as carriers can’t actually fight each other, there is nothing
    else to do than to avoid US fighters.

    • This guy makes a point, the thing that promotes border humping are
      basically because USN fighters completely outclass the IJN counterparts,
      leaving the IJN carrier captains no choice but to hide their planes by
      humping the border and removing the fighter threat. Preventing border
      humping does no good but relocates carrier players to playing US carriers.
      So does increase in reward for plane kills.
      As an IJN carrier captain (atleast in CBT), I frown upon seeing a US
      carrier in the team list and have no chance to stand up against it unless I
      remove the carrier off the team.
      I spot the major problems with fighter balance as the following point :
      US fighters have, if not same, but only slightly lower damage output than
      their Japanese counterparts and with numerically superior force.
      That above marks the main reason in me that agrees carrier play is broken
      in warships.
      Games COULD be more fun and less frustrating for us.
      First of all, rebalance the damage output of planes , a typical
      mid-war/late-war IJN fighter project includes a massive amounts of 20mm and
      30mm cannons , while Americans stick with their never ending .50 cal spam.
      Make it that Japanese fighters have superior fighter power to Americans
      ones , but would still get overpowered by numerical supermacy in a
      dogfight, where none will come out without significant losses to their main
      forces. Secondly, removal of the slowing effect of bombers being attacked
      by fighters , by any logical sense, you would run for your life if a gun is
      pointed at you , so does pilots, you don’t slow down to let the guy shoot
      you now , will you? Instead, mark a 2-3 kn increase in speed , still
      manageable for fighters to wreck the bombers, just not as easy.
      That was my (rather biased) opinion on the matter on the broken carrier
      gameplay, I would not like to see any flame around the comment that I
      almost typed for an hour.

  88. What is the intro song

  89. Caveman Rizznikozz


  90. Yay a carrier I asked for is here :D

  91. With that first game, it was that enemy carriers fault for loading only
    bomber squadrons.

  92. is this game still in closed beta?

  93. American carriers frustrate me a little bit when I am using my Jap carrier
    I just lose everything to them :(

  94. hatsuharu for poi

  95. this game needs SOOOO much work done, but it has potential

  96. Phly, WG said that destroying 40 planes is equal to destroying 1 Full HP
    ship of the same tier, XP Wise.

  97. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    The Saipan… Oh how I miss her, other than the fact being raped by the
    Ranger’s fighters. Although they were great anyhow.

  98. my objections are that it seems like only carrier based fighters are any
    good at shooting down planes, the AA on ships seems to do very little, the
    catapult launch fighters seem very weak, in that first battle you hovered
    around a battleship for ages setting up your attack and didn’t lose a
    single plane, what is that BB supposed to do in that situation?

  99. Thunder1177 Weekly

    Lady lex is best

  100. meh i can’t stand playing as a carrier. i have not even bother unlocking
    them. Not wasting my HARD earned xp on them.

    The “preset” load outs just makes playing carriers the dullest experience
    in the game. “Oh i can only have Bombers? Great my opponent has a single
    fighter squadron so i lose all my planes! fun!”

  101. stefan talpalaru

    Are they going to add german navy ?

    • Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

      +stefan talpalaru I wonder what class will be so called pocket battle ships
      like Graf Spee. I suppose they will put it in as cruisers even though they
      had 8×280 cannons plus 8×150 plus lot of others calibers.

    • +Trakr24 _ H-class are the only high tier German candidates.
      And inb4 A-150 huehuehue

    • ^ But just watch as they add the H-class with her 50.8 cm cannon .-.

    • +The Shadow Gaming The cruel reality speaks, the Bismarck sisters were
      hopelessly outclassed by their counterparts at the time , I doubt it can be
      a tier 7 with only 8 38cm guns and a fair amount of AA ability (although
      they can introduce the Tirpitz modification that included deck torpedo
      tubes), unless they give substantial buffs to its soft stats , I doubt it
      would work anywhere beyond tier 7.

    • The Shadow Gaming

      WoW waiting for the fucking BISMARCK AND THE TRIPITZ BABY!

  102. Maybe instead of fuel the planes could get some penalty for not being in a
    certain distance from the carrier like delayed orders or some % chance to
    not get orders trough.

  103. I hope war thunder ships will have big ass maps with shooting beyond
    horizon n shit…that would add such a big need of strategies that are not
    necessary in world of warships

  104. phly thinks having an advantage over opponent and getting first strike in
    is noob gameplay

  105. torpedo bombers are the only thing that makes this game less enjoyable as
    it is right now. they are just too much easy mode (another problem is the
    MM creating matches with only 1 team having a carrier). Yes, you can
    counter them with a lot of AA, but this implies at least 5 ships grouped
    up. They need to do something about the turn rate of the airplanes, or the
    minimal range possible to launch torpedos from a bomber

  106. +PhlyDaily Phly, hope that Gajij makes good ships so you can actually be a
    good carrier player ! 😀 Cant wait for thoes magazines to explode ^^

    • +Rasta Koots yes… In about 2 years maybe?… And yes I hope the carriers
      will have AI planes coz you think about it on some maps there is AI plames
      that arent counted as players

    • wait what war thunder is going to have ships?

    • I feel like carriers for WT ships will be AI controlled, since with the
      whole combined arms thing the planes will all be player controlled, and
      simply driving a ship around waiting for people to land on you or take off
      sounds even more boring than bombing. Who knows though, they might give
      player carriers their own AI to command, while being easier to kill and
      less effective than player controlled aircraft just to make it so that the
      AI dont replace the role of taking a plane into a ship battle.

    • +Br1ckbuster yea hahaha

    • +LK Really? Gaijin will just make it so you go 5 metres forward and your
      Ship explodes if it isn’t Soviet. I am totally not sounding like an idiot
      right now xD

  107. Yay I’m on youtube LOL

  108. scouting kind of exists if you want. Enemy DDs have really good camo so it
    is hard to see them but if you hover your fighters over them the whole game
    then everyone can see not only the DD but also the torps he drops

  109. I like the fuel idea is good though. The carrier should have to move with
    the team and have a limited range on his planes

    • I’m looking moreso at the in-game part of this than the historical part
      like wargaming tend to do

    • +dubhead spartan Yeah I rather have the realism of the planes being able to
      go over a 20 kilometer map

    • +dubhead spartan problem is that it’s really easy to argue realism against
      it since most naval planes had hours of fuel capacity.

  110. Yes. Introduce spotting mechanics for carriers. Because allied ships have
    no way to see their target on their own oh wait they do

  111. No, carriers should influence the game as much as arty does in world of
    tanks, I know its a different game but carriers are basically arty in wow.
    If you’re not fine with how carriers play, don’t play them.

  112. You really are a moron. XD

  113. Kongo JUST DO IT !!!!

  114. did you make the intro?

  115. but what happens when MM screws over one side carrier wise?

  116. i feel like a large problem with carriers is that sometimes a carrier with
    stock aircraft, and no commander skills, has to 1v1 a maxed carrier with
    lots of commander skills, and the inferior carrier cant even scratch the
    better carriers fighters.

  117. take out the Alanta premium ship

  118. Phly you have freaking badass intros.

  119. Jonathan vallée

    Can you play Yamato

  120. Lukas-LP Česká videa

    Epic intro man !!

  121. I rush enemy carriers, but I don’t stay to the side of the map. Is that ok?

  122. Pls play a midway

  123. I’ve stayed the night I the USS Lexington 

  124. They need to introduce the German fleet 

    • +scousersuk Well i Agree.

    • +scousersuk tbh its more of a fuck you to all the western players, since
      they’re adding the Russian navy before the RN or Kriegsmarine to appeal to
      their local Russian comrades.

    • +Br1ckbuster You know as much as I might get some hate it’s just a complete
      fuck you to the customers adding the pitiful russian navy before some major

    • +Anno2000 I’m slightly annoyed that the RN and Kriegsmarine is coming after
      the Small Russian Navy.

    • Titouan “LeFlemard” Lannuzel

      +Mark R Subs won’t be in this game sadly, the devs said that it was not
      possible to make it enjoyable with subs for both submarines players and for
      ships players

  125. I think you and Baron should both go out using carriers and see how you two
    communicate to work things out

  126. There was a saying i heard that goes along the lines of “To rule the seas
    you must rule the air” or something

    I feel like the game does not achieve this

  127. I thought this vid said wellington not lexington

  128. Talk about war thunder problems like you did in this one for wos

  129. Well, Lexington class was amazingly successfull for an early and, to be
    blunt, hastily put together carrier it was. Despite being adopted from
    battlecruiser design, miles ahead of its competition of that time.

    • One of the features of Lexington that always amazed me was her
      battlecruiser derived armament of 4 twin 203mm turrets. Unfortunately it
      proved not as inegenious as it sounded.

    • +CrazyChemistPL Indeed, Lady Lex was the most successful carrier converted
      from battlecruiser (though i would like to see Lexington as battlecruiser),
      her design were capable carry 70-80 aircrafts and have speed of 33.25 kn,
      considering that Lexington-class carriers are the fastest and largest
      carrier in early ww2 (before Shoukaku, Essex, Midway and Shinano).

  130. Phly stop talking waffle, not being able to see enemies easily will end up
    with carriers going in with only fighters and the Imperial CVs will be
    rendered useless. This will also lead to serious camping and the whole team
    would have to rely on the competence of the CV, and if there is 2 CVs VS 1
    the battle would have a clear winner 


  132. Next USS Gearing tier X destroyer please

  133. Ooh the Lexington my favorite carrier 

  134. Anthony Perigault monte

    Take the USS. Obama!

  135. I think foul thing would be too much for this game .

  136. your pronunciation of the Japanese ships are cancer

  137. Shimakaze!!!!,

  138. next the uss Omaha. because you streamed it and I like it :)

  139. Ayy just getting into the beta! Cant wait to play

  140. OhSome1HasThisName

    I wish it had the 8 inch guns like it had when it was first built 

  141. was up

  142. Hey im under 301. I shall proceed to hang myself

  143. phly could you give me your opinion on the Bogue carrier
    i believe it is the ship form of smallpox and i wish you to play it and
    show us your reaction on youtube
    thank you.

  144. Please division with me my username 1khiz_0985

  145. Use the midway.

  146. Clearing the skies with the USS LEXINGTON!

    • Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

      +Dbars19 I was in CBT and clearly remember my fighters returning to the
      ship automatically clearly for re-fueling. I did not command them to do so
      and their weapons were half full.

      Another thing I remember was torpedo bombers flying away from map and I was
      not able to call them back nor start the squadron again even though I had
      spare planes.

    • Christiån Kirkenes

      +PhlyDaily maybe instead of fuel they just have a time limit for flight?

    • +PhlyDaily Have you ever played Battlestations:Midway? if so do yo think
      they should have the same spotting mechanics in WoWS?

    • +PhlyDaily the Akagi is in the but as it’s original class of ship, it’s the
      Amagi Battleship

    • Play the Chester. Screw these high tiers, they’re too standoffish and the
      games are so shittily balanced at high tiers. Everyone wants the big boys
      but no one cares about Chester. 🙁

  147. 13 views lel

  148. Барселона България

    Phly take out the Gearing !

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