World of Warships: Murmansk Triple

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World of Warships footage of the tier 5 Soviet cruiser Murmansk. In this match I am in a triple Murmansk division – both Strangers and Tucandeira also have a Murmansk as do I. This match is fought on the map Strait and we don’t really have to leave our side of the map. We can just shell everything from here until the end.


  1. Where is he from ?

  2. 3 Murmansk in a division must be a guaranteed win? Only time i feel real
    fear is when a Murmansk is on the other team, if you know how to play her
    you can attack any ship without problems.

  3. I enjoy your division battle posts with all three of you on voice. It’s a
    bonus to hear you complain when your division mates outscore you ; )

  4. I rate the Murmansk as one of the most fun ships to play.

  5. Those ships are such BS. Complete joke for their tier.

  6. I’m happy that I didn’t run into a 3man division of Murmansk players in my
    T3-5 matches. *shudders*

  7. FIRST HAH nice try aerroon

  8. While the Atago can’t buff it’s range NEARLY as much as the Murmansk, it is
    possible, with Concealment expertise, the concealment module, and
    camouflage paint, to shell people as close as about 13.5km without being

    The same setup will also alow the Atago to stealth torp!

    BUT, I agree about the Murmansk, I own one and it is DEFINITELY OP!
    Especially when one takes into account how Advanced Firing Training effects
    the ship, leading to about 18km range WITHOUT the scout plane is just
    fucking ridiculous!

    I heard a few people refer to the Tirpitz as the “Lowe of the sea”, and I
    would often refer to the Atago as the Type 59 of the sea, but thinking more
    about it?

    The Murmansk is the most likely of ANY PREMIUM for removal, like the Type
    59! Because ALSO like the Type 59, the more people see the Murmansk just
    CURB STOMPING everything, the more people will go out and buy one,
    especially as it is VERY affordable, again much like the Type 59 was!

    While I am glad I own one, I really do hope WG realizes sooner rather than
    later that the Murmansk is FAR TOO STRONG! Especially as it is a premium,
    which means even though it is tier 5, people’s captains are going to be FAR
    more likely to have skills like advanced firing training compared to the
    Omaha – which while a great ship, is CERTAINLY not as good as the Murmansk!

  9. it is always a pleasure and entertaining to watch you play aerroon 😀
    watching you play always brought back my motivation to play world of

  10. any chance youre gonna get rid of that awful mod u use now?

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