World of Warships – Myoko Class Cruiser

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Today things are going to get very honourable! Introducing the Class Heavy Cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Usual format, history lesson first, action starts at 12:05

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  1. yea i am on the tier 5 Japaneses cruiser and its horrid. cant wait to get
    away from it.

  2. 593 views, 1119 likes….JANGLEZ ELUMINARTY CUNFIRMED!

  3. She still has her t8 stats from when she switched places with mogami. She
    outclasses everything else with 8 inch guns that is below t10.

  4. TheDragonStation

    Awesome vid 🙂 fun to watch 🙂


  5. Team America!!!!! FUCK YEA!

  6. Myoko brings all the boys to the yard

  7. 24:38 Jingles that’s just razy lacism and you know it! :P

  8. Review the Furutaka please.

  9. That was a good game, i think i remeber that one.

  10. infinityrocks247

    Hey Jingles, doyou ever thing you will upload more Elite Dangerous videos?

  11. I wanna see how the different hull typs look like… that annoys me so
    massively that it doesn’t gets displayed when ya switch through the

  12. Do the Omaha Class please

  13. Nice review of my favorite ship in the game so far!
    I have reached the Myoko finally, and absolutely love it. It has very
    similar stats to the premium tier 8 Atago, which I just had to get me. I
    play those two ships the exact same way, and both ships are awesome!

  14. Jingles on the tier 7 Japanese heavy cruiser Myoko. 


  15. In my opinnion, you should ALWAYS fire HE at CVs. Because you can actually
    deal citadel penetrations with HE aswell, and the damage rolls are more
    reliable than the AP’s, since HE cannot overmatch.

  16. AP is extremely effective at close range, if you actually knew what you
    were doing. Aim at the waterline n00b

  17. The best part off your WoW videos is the history lesson. These are great
    keep up the great work Jingles.

  18. Jonathan Dartnell

    jingles you so silly 0.7 is slower than 0.8 rounds

  19. Tsing Shi Tao (The Nuke)

    I believe the Mogami class was considered a design failure at launch. Also,
    I wonder if the Tone class will be added into the game.


    Man I love your voice you should do documentary !

  21. History time with jingles just missing the are you sitting comfortably part

  22. I love your vids jingles! you make like small documentarys and good
    gameplay! 🙂

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  23. Yay Jingles. The history lessons are back :D

  24. thanx a lot for all of these hystoric infos,the comments are often full of
    color. I very much appreciate the time an effort you spend for us … you
    do it all different, the uniqueness of your work is very refreshing …
    please keep us enjoying your work.

    My english is not very good i know lol

  25. Still waitin’ for them Russian ships

  26. Great video 😀 as always :P

  27. Oh look, it’s Alexander Vraciu at 5:50!

  28. I really like these ship reviews of yours, Jingles. Especially the
    historical part.
    If you don’t mind me asking (maybe you already answered to this question),
    what was your rank in the navy when you retired?

  29. Jingles could you do a review of the 59-16 because Im finding difficulty
    using it thx

  30. Furutaka – lovely referred to as the “Furry Taco” on the US forums. Sucker
    is a bear to get through, but does have a tendency to give lovely citadels
    with it’s big guns.

  31. Matīss Brikmanis

    oh …. 40 mins

  32. Hate to say it Jingles, but 0.7 is less than 0.8 re: the torp upgrades ;)

  33. Tsing Shi Tao (The Nuke)

    Jingles, do you think we will get a second line of US cruisers? The ships
    certainly are available e.g. Northampton class, 1938 St. Louis class, USS
    Wichita, Oregon City Class etc.etc. There is also a logical progression of
    classes that could be used for a tech tree.

  34. thesillysausage97

    Was the Electra part of Force Z? Can’t remember XD

  35. damn, i didn’t know that such a warship was brought to my country for
    attempted repairs and history here. I didn’t even see it being mentioned at
    my home’s national museum

  36. Rush gaming channel

    Great Video as usual jingles :D

  37. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    21:19 Myouki?

  38. “shipload”

    *hearty chuckle*

  39. Great video. I love the history stuff. Also your explanation of why you
    have trouble identifying ships during the editing was good. Maybe you could
    try and take notes if you just watch the replay before you run it through
    the editor?

  40. Hi Jingles…just wondering from where do you get all the facts for the
    WoWS videos? I really like that you take time and reserch all the facts
    about the ship history and battle activity. Keep up the good work.

  41. Furotaka – I just got it and I must say I am somewhat disappointed. Mind
    you, due to my final exams, I missed the ending of CBT and the opening of
    OBT. Yes, I lost my Warspite (to which I’m gutted as I never got to sail
    her). But, I lost my Mogami, which was my favourite Japanese cruiser that I
    had many blinding games in. So…it’s back to the grind (even more so now
    than back in CBT) to get back to where I was. As for the Furotaka, I can’t
    wait to see the stern end of the fecker :P

  42. I love those historical introductions! Great video

  43. “No one looks forward to the Furutaka” Lol. I hated that ship so, so much.
    Awful turret traverse (worse than Myohi IIRC) and torpedoes you’d think
    were from an American ship. The only thing it has going for it is a huge HP
    pool for it’s tier, however the citadel crit box is just so HUGE you get
    citadel penetrations all the time unless you angle correctly, which then
    reduces your potential firepower. Was not ashamed to free xp most of the
    way to the Aoba which I love to bits :).

    As always, great video Jingles!

  44. LOL this isn’t the Jingles you are looking for…

  45. Love the massive amount of historical background you give with the reviews 

  46. Thanks for showing us what it looks like from your recording point of view,
    I always wondered why it was so difficult to identify ships. Great video
    too, I love my Myoko, the bringer of death to destroyers!

  47. Hey Jingles, I think you forgot to mention the sinking of the American
    heavy cruiser USS Houston at Java Sea, alongside HMS Exeter. It was
    actually quite a sad moment in our history, and I was a little upset you
    forgot to mention her. Both Houston and Exeter gave their blood and oil
    trying to defend Java from the Japanese, and it saddens me that you only
    mentioned Exeter.

    • +Fighterpilot555 Houston doesn’t really need to be mentioned here. Exeter
      was sunk alongside 2 escorting destroyers in the 2nd Battle of the Java
      Sea. USS Houston and HMAS Perth had been sunk a few hours before, in the
      battle of the Sunda Strait. No Myoko class cruisers participated in that
      battle, therefore no mention in the video. Though a gallant effort by both
      Australian and American crews in their effort to prevent the invasion of

  48. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    You also forgot to mention how she is the best looking ship in the game.

  49. Loved the history :O)

  50. Am I missing something, 600 likes but 300 views

    I enjoyed it, I gave up and dloaded wow so starting first time

  51. In my opinon, the Myoko is the better ship.
    Everybody loves the Mogami, it is not bad,but I think the Myoko is

  52. shoutout to +The Mighty Jingles from Malaysia!
    whooo Malaysia’s on the map!
    i’m Malaysian if u’re wondering. :P

  53. Well, someone make Jingles a mod that changes cruiser or battleship icon to
    something else so he can better tell them apart. We have the technology, we
    can improve Jingles.

  54. Hi Jungles I have just got past the Furutaka. one you get the gun upgrade
    its not too bad its guns can citadel any cruiser you are going to come
    across you just need to line them up. easier said than done as they turn so
    slow but I had some fun games.

  55. +The Mighty Jingles – Your reviews of ships in which you start out with the
    grand history of them are among my favorite videos that you provide us –
    and that’s saying a fair bit considering the fact that I have enjoyed ALL
    of your videos since January 2013! (Incidently, when I DID subscribe to you
    initially for the WoT vids, I went back and watched everything you had
    published prior to that). I’m too old to work in the Salt Mines, but can
    say without reservation that you have been and continue to be my favorite
    YouTube contributor across the wide spectrum of videos that I watch!

  56. My favorite of the Myokos is Ashigara

  57. I thought the USS Cleveland had 152mm on 156mm but what do i know.LOL love
    you Jingles :D

  58. I just don’t understand all the dislike for the tier 7 Pensacola class
    cruiser. I made my way up to it in the CBT and loved it. it had great
    firepower, was quick, turned decent, turret upgrades made them fairly fast
    and Had awesome AAA power. Is not having noob ass-saving torps the only
    reason people turn their noses up at it?

    • The Artistocrats

      +onebigfatguy I would argue a ship that only excells at spamming shells at
      enemies is more “noob firiendly” than one which relies on effective use of
      torpedoes as well.

  59. Dukes The Lan Guy

    Once again jingles amazing video, I love the research you put into these
    videos, and facts during play, I know you get credit from your fan base but
    you deserve so much more, I’ve been a subscriber for over 2 years now, and
    your videos have improved so much in that time, that your early ones are
    unrecognisable. Just keep up the awesome work

  60. WOO SINGAPORE! Imagine if it stayed in Singapore.
    Sadly, it was brought to Malacca and scuttled. Imagine if all the warships,
    tanks, planes and such were not scuttled. and reserved for history, and a

  61. *Played a few games in WoT in my M44*

    *Closes WoT, went straight ahead into Youtube*

    *Jingles has updated an hour ago*


  62. Robert Charleson

    I hope they put port slots on sale…. I need more room for some awesome
    ships I want to keep!

  63. review on yamato please

  64. paulius petruskevicius

    jingles how did u get to sucha high tier ships so fast? no lifing?

    • paulius petruskevicius

      oh it makes sense that its CBT cuz if somebody would have myoko nagato or
      pensecola already they’ve proabaly went full no life and played on only
      that line of ships or buied bunch of WoW gold and enchanged them into free

    • +paulius petruskevicius this is from CBT. In the CBT unlocking ships are
      really fast because we don’t need crazy amounts of exp or credits. Although
      it’s not really that hard to unlock Myoko in the OBT either. I just play
      casually(like 3 matches/day and even then not 7 days/week) and I’m on my
      way towards the Myoko in the Aoba.

    • +paulius petruskevicius You get more experience for winning, not that you’d

  65. Im at the Furutaka right now, and I swear im possibly gonna break my PC
    setup in the next few days

  66. Jingles, when you have the Furutaka PLS!! use AP!, most of the people
    playing the Furutaka load HE which makes her BIGGEST advantage of all
    Cruiser’s on tier 5 irrelevant.
    Especially against cruiser’s those 203mm guns on tier 5 are Citadel heaven.
    Also the guns turn REALLY slow so plan your movements ahead that don’t get
    caught out with the guns facing the wrong direction and turning the next
    I say this because you may have got from the Kuma to the Aoba at tier 6
    before the Furutaka was introduced.

  67. hey jingles in your opinion which battleship is worth aiming for the USS
    Montana or the IJN Yamato?

  68. +The Mighty Jingles why don’t you ask for press account?

  69. AP >203mm
    HE <203mm

  70. When did you last do a video on a aircraft carrier.

  71. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    Why dont you just watch your vifeo and tecord your voice with a programm
    like audacity and cut bith together than you van see everything on
    fullscreen im always doing this

  72. +The Mighty Jingles When you lock on to a ship, your shells are slightly
    guided towards them. So trying to shoot at another ship (30:35) within
    close proximity, your shells will most likely miss as they (the shells)
    will adjust their range to match the locked target.

    The more you know ;)

  73. So 0.7 RoF is faster than 0.8 RoF ?

  74. TheBaralinChannel

    *Salute* Captain Kudou.

  75. Bastian Kletschke

    Really liked that video. And I just unlocked the (stock) Myoko 2h ago. So
    thanks for that input. (started IJN cruisers after getting frustrated with
    the Pepsicola)^^

  76. I love the historical background of the ships at the beginning 🙂 keep it
    up jingles!

  77. I got lost after 1 minute into the video due to all these japanese names…

  78. Liked this ship in cbt so been going for it since obt. Half about 30k on
    Aoba so, sooooon!

  79. Thanks for this great vid of this lovely ship.
    About the configuration of the guns, i had the impression that it realy
    maximise firepower to the enemy you sail away from, that’s the way you can
    have your 4 turrets pointing to your target while zigzag despite the very
    slow turret rotation. The broadside left a bad taste in my mouth, i kept
    being consistantly hit because the size of the ship and my poor ability to
    dodge and take lots of damage because the armor is thin.
    The gun are awesome, not only they do damages because of their caliber and
    have low dispersion, but i somehow get the feeling that the shells fly
    faster for flatier trajectory, thus making the hits on dds and other in the
    10 km easier than with the 155mm . And on top of that there’s the sound of
    these guns, awesome.

  80. Could spend hours listing to Jingles talk History

  81. 0.7 rounds per minute is slower than 0.8 Jingles. But those torps are still
    worth using over the stock ones.

  82. singapore my country

  83. awsome jingles, more of this =)

  84. Kang Joon Woo (Kang the conqueror)

    Why are you using rising sun flag as thumbnail?? I am extremely offended.
    Do you realize that under that MOTHERFUCKING flag countless, innocent
    Asians were brutally slaughtered??

    • Its historically accurate, what do you want instead, the current flag? I
      mean, would you see germans complaining about a nazi flag on the tirpitz?

  85. The torpupgrade isnt firing faster…. but i love the historylesson, have
    you not yet be contacted by DiscoveryChannel?

  86. when are you next going to do a review on a tank in world of tanks

  87. Steady on there Rear Admiral Jingles. Us Royal Consorts of the Warspite
    “Queen of the Sea” do manoeuvre to avoid them dastardly fishies. Just
    because the Yankees and IJN Admirals don’t doesn’t mean all Battleships go

  88. I actually really, really like the Furutaka… Might just be my masochism
    drifting to the surface again, but I like Furutaka more than Aoba.

  89. 31:26 – RIP scout plane. Haven’t seen an AA kill like that before.

    • +CouchPotato252 One of the 25mm guns is in form of a mounted sniper rifle.
      Very dangerous when planes are coming towards the Myoko.

    • +CouchPotato252 Heh, yeah saw that and instantly thought of War Thunder

  90. Jingles 0.7 rounds per minute is SLOWER than 0.8 rounds per minute. I SAY

    Goddamit jangles

  91. When I got my hands on the Aoba in the CBT I thought it would be one
    awesome ship and after it you get this! So much fun obliterating
    Battleships with it XD
    Btw the upgraded Torps fire slower, Type 8 fire 0,8/min the Type 90 fire
    0,7/min :P

  92. As a lover of history I love these detailed reviews of ships, keep of the
    good work Jingles!

  93. Großadmiral Thrawn

    Great Video! Keep up the great work!

  94. Torpedo upgrade fire faster…what. The first torp has .8/m, or 75s
    reload…the upgraded one has .7/m, or 85.7s reload…I actually prefer
    stock torpedo due to its better reload time.

    Also, at close range, some BB are actually surprisingly vulnerable against
    cruiser AP. Hell, at close range it’s totally possible to do good damage
    against Nagato with the Cleveland’s 155mm AP while shooting at the former’s
    belt armor! You won’t get citadel, but the damage is still damn good.

  95. Breakfast with uncle jingles :))))

  96. 200th like :D

  97. This is a great way to start weekend! New video from Jingles!

  98. Looking forward to the Yamato!!!!

  99. Preston Blackard

    Is the Colorado a good battleship to grind straight through

    • Colorado is painfully slow. Sooo slow… That is probably the main reason
      why Lolorado is considered utter garbage.

  100. listening to jingles as I play wow ;w;

  101. Ok jingles I have a question you know the Japanese flat top aircraft
    carriers with no command bridge how did the Japanese navy pilot them (drive
    them) this has me thinking and thinking but I could never understand
    jingles can you help me out thinks 

  102. lonely…i am mr lonely….

  103. Hey Jingles… So, my Military knowledge is fairly decent… but when it
    comes to Russian and German naval forces, well, clueless if an
    understatement hahah,…. Could you do a video talking about the upcoming
    lines, such as the Russian line that we all know is quickly approaching, or
    is that something that has to wait till the lines actually come out… I am
    super interested to learn about a whole new branch of military =P

    • +Michael Chi The Tripitz, Bismarck, Dresden and Hermelin are added into the
      game for the super testers. So the German ships will probably come sooner
      than the russian.

    • +FUBAR ibenez I think both the Russian and German lines are not announced
      yet so no one knows how it will look like. In the newest update though the
      Tirpitz is said to be tested by super testers and will probably go into the
      game in a few weeks (i think)

  104. Love you jangles

  105. Jingles I like ur little history class at the beginning of the video 

  106. Here’s a fun little anecdote about the Ashigara (sister-ship to the myoko),
    In 1937 she went to England for the 1937 coronation naval review as part of
    a Japanese diplomatic mission.
    While there the Royal navy officers were most amused by the ship and very
    unimpressed, so they dubbed her “The Hungry Wolf”, meaning the runt of the
    pack, the last one to eat.
    The Japanese officers heard about the nickname and totally misunderstood
    it, they believed it to be a compliment, so they kept using it all through
    the ships lifetime, thinking the British Officers meant that the ship
    reminded them of an eager, willing wolf.
    It wasn’t until after the war that they were told what the nick-name really

  107. Slight correction. The torp fire rate drops with the upgrade.

  108. Wow so the Myoko did visit Singapore! That’s interesting…

  109. These history lessons are 10/10

  110. +The Mighty Jingles Where are the World of Tank videos? you put more World
    of WarShit up then Tanks!

  111. Nice one jingles

  112. 11:08,0.7 rounds/min is *faster* than 0.8 rounds/min apparently

    • +robosapieo 232 If the Mighty Jingles says 0,7 is faster then it is
      faster!!! We can get a nice little “room” for you in the saltmines if you
      want then you can think about it again and you will agree. And asaguda can
      get in the “room” next to you for “education”.

    • +robosapieo 232 We should be allowed to send Jingles to the saltmines for
      education purposes.

  113. mlg doge (mlgDoge)

    I was like 2 minutes late to the under 301 club, so close :/

  114. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I like how you and Angry Nerd have the same way of presenting vehicles. You
    begin with a history lesson first, then you show off gameplay and then you
    give your opinion about it :D

  115. Yay he mentioned dutch!


  117. Uhh, Jingles, I’m sure firing at 0.7 rounds/min is slower than 0.8
    rounds/min lol. If they fired faster, the numbers would go the other way
    (that’s why the stat number when comparing the 2 is red).
    Not that all this matters anyway, I just wanted to nit pick :P

  118. Keneith Okleitskov (Leedleweed)

    YES. I made it to the under 301 club!!

  119. Themightyinvader

    Bring back bohemian eagle

  120. I was just about to start some hard working…but then I noticed Rear
    Admiral Jingles has released another video. Oh well, screw work, full speed
    ahead, AHOY.

  121. Admiral Jingles, Starshina Leonov here, I would very much like to know your
    opinion on enlisting in the navy after I finish highschool.
    Also, a question for the mingles, what is your favourite book regarding
    military history?
    I hope you read this, sir. Leonov out

  122. Jingles! Any idea what happened to the youtuber you did a shout-out to
    awhile back? Haven’t seen anything from Get Dangled in forever.

  123. I don’t know if im number potato or potato

  124. No way it was in the battle of the java sea! That was in the book series

  125. 10 mins

  126. jengles wut u doin’ m8?

  127. I have this ship !

  128. First

  129. Guys what happen to Get Dangled?

  130. Timed this well lol!

  131. ~Randomly browses Jingles’ videos before heading for bed
    ~Sees a new video posted less than a minute ago

    What is this thing called bed again?

  132. 3 minutes ago! new record!

  133. Where do we submit world of warship replays?

  134. 31? Finally under 300 :D

  135. Posted 1 minute ago and i just got up eyy.

  136. first?

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