World of Warships Nassau Review

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Battleships are upon us. I start with the very beginning, the T3 Nassau. Though this is “just a tier 3 ship,” the Nassau is and has a lot to offer. It makes the early grind a pleasure.

I also provide some thoughts on the entire , a whole, and what I think in general. I think you all will be pleasantly surprised.



  1. When your shells impact a ship there are 4 shell symbols above your
    minimap. Is that an option that you enable on your HUD?

  2. Nassau Tier III pew Pew ship! I may hang onto it for a bit because low tier
    play against experienced players is an utter blast!

    And right now anyway you are seeing a lot of experienced plays in this ship

  3. Highlights from this one – 114K damage in one round, 3rd highest xp over
    both teams – lost. Dispersion is troll, you can citadel a St Louis at 8km,
    and you can straddle a South Carolina at 4km with a full salvo at his
    broadside – twice in succession. And OMG those secondaries – couple of DD
    kills with them.

  4. If seem like they all have better AA then the USN BBs so there goes that
    flavor lol

  5. you said in this video that you have already played every ship in the
    german BB line. how in the world have you done that? do you have some kind
    of special account where you get everything free or something?

  6. So Nassaw, huh?

  7. That thing is a beast at it’s tier. It’s vastly superior to the SC and
    Crotchy. Need to keep it nose on as the rear can be citadeled with ease.
    Only played 9 matches even with 3 potato teams and two that weren’t very
    good I had just shy of 50k avg damage. That was with a free captain running
    no upgraded as well. I got secondaries kills fairly frequently in the brief
    time used it.

    I will wait until Tier 6 to move my Tirp captain over, just not worth for
    these low tier ships.

  8. Still need to wait until tomorrow. Not even the Scharnhorst is available.

  9. i have to wait cause im an aussie but even so this makes me more exited to
    play them

  10. I guess this video was scheduled for tomorrow…

  11. seems you will be busy for awhile with the royal navy coming too

  12. Also while we’re talking about secondary guns, oh also the T8 is 7km not
    8km, I’m wondering what the British secondary guns will be like, british
    had some of the longest range and accurate secondary guns in the world. So
    I’m wondering if the british secondary guns will just be insane.

  13. Nice review can’t wait to play the line.

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