World of Warships- Old Soldiers Never Die

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So we have got 2 clips. First we take a look at an example of how and when to determine weather your side is to push or defend. Next we get to see Krostin once again but this time in his Shimakaze. T10 IJN DD out for it’s first sail. Enjoy!

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  1. The server was wanky this morning. The other thing was, Ever Wonder why I
    get pulled into 2 tier higher battles? I am not kidding. I would say for
    the last 2 weeks, I have been in the lowest tier. Surprising I have done
    OK, but 90% of the time is get old! Ever Wonder? Statistics would say that
    should never happen.


  2. I wish the NA wows user could all see this video. It really details
    different strategies and the importance of using the mini map and not being
    so focus on kills alone. Thank you for making this video.

  3. Nice.

    I stopped a T6 US DD as well. Yes, I too mostly play IJN DD’s. However,
    that premium Polish DD is pretty nice.

    OK – Stop In Smoke! Not always. Players are catching on and if you are at
    full stop you my find torps coming and you can’t get out of the way. 1/4
    speed works as good as well as doing a 180 behind you smoke. 🙂

    The Pudda!

  4. Thanks m8 for the share !
    I did aim for the Tirpitz at 17’15, it’s probably a replay bug ;)

  5. It drives me nuts watching you sometimes. In that first vid you elected to
    forgo shooting at full broadsides four or five times and waited so long for
    you next shot you would have reloaded in time anyway. Grrrrr, I almost left
    the vid in frustration. There was a BB in the back just sitting on an
    Lord gesus take the shots that are handed to you pleeeeeez.

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