World of Warships – Richelieu AKA the ZAO hunter

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This was the game I would have used for The Ring round 2 if I had the time 😉
Had a mission to play the French so I hopped in Richelieu after VERY long time. Figured after playing so much Jean Bart, how different could it be….well….besides MGRB not that different 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 1:57 Hans! Read the sign!
    2:04 That’s not a target board!

  2. Literally just finished watching an old video.

  3. And another great viedeo, keep it up Dad?

  4. I might be the only one but for half a year now I thought Flamu and Flambass are the same person.

  5. lol zao nab.. i kill riche on mogami every time lal

  6. Check left and right before shooting
    Safety first

  7. Richelieu AKA the most trollish ship at tier 8!

  8. Huh ? Steering indicators on Islands ?
    What next — Red & Green Traffic lights.

  9. Enemy ‘strategy’:
    Take most of team’s firepower to one flank. Cap 1 of 3 zones. Fall back and camp. Possibly complain about crap teams when they lose.
    Feels good man.

  10. this time it took forever to get rank 1

  11. To answer your question Flambass…… that game was awesome to watch.

  12. Am I the only one that thinks the MBRB on Jean Bart is hurting the ship? I would have much preferred the old 2.0 Sigma quick repair ship without the boost. Every time I pop MBRB my dispersion goes to shit, a turret breaks or my internet decides to go for a disconnect 🙁

  13. It feels good watching somebody else punishing ZAO for all the s**t they did to me ! LoL . Thanks man.

  14. Who put the “No Battleships” sign there?

  15. Baguettes love their teen lolibotes, but apparently German lolibotes like American behinds!

  16. Well, we all know Jingles was out in the zero round as he wasn’t allowed to take part.

  17. how do you change the camera view when you press z… to follow shells like he did on the first salvo of the game

  18. Ha…‘‘tis me in the Z-23…captainbolt…nice to occupy the same team as you.

  19. You must be great at driving, see’s a sign No BB and ignores it. Even shoots the sign

  20. LOL!!!! I did the same thing today in a Massy, shot the NO BBs Allowed sign!!

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