World of Warships – Saipan Review – Speed is Life

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I will go over the ships stats, recommended modules, captains skills and also some gameplay footage. The Saipan is a unique carrier at tier 7 carrying tier 9 aircraft. It combines the flexibility of the IJN CVs with the strength of US torpedoes making her a scary ship to run into. Hopefully by the end of the video you will know everything about the Saipan, her strengths and her weaknesses and decide if she’s a good buy or not. So sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂

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  1. 11:30 WTF was up with that Atlanta?! He SHOULD have been able to scatter
    all drops completely, and IF the planes tried to wait for Defensive AA to
    cool down, the Atlanta SHOULD have easily been able to kill the vast
    majority of them!

    I had a frigging Essex and Shokaku TRY to attack me at the same time in my
    Atlanta, the Shokaku had all his torpedo bombers ready, and the Essex had
    his dive bombers ready for launch right after the torpedoes would have hit

    Yanno what I did? Yanno how VERY easy it was to get out of there having
    taken just 1 bomb for just 1.5k?

    Of course, once the planes were within 5.7k I popped Defensive AA, also I
    do have AFT so 6.7km with the 127s and around 3 to 3.5 for the rest. I
    dropped all but 2 torpedo bombers from the sky, their launch missed by
    entire post codes because I was turning hard to port and starboard to avoid
    all of it while knocking them out of the sky. Then the Essex Dive Bombers
    move in, I cut down 5 of them (out of 12) before they even had they drop
    lined up, I cut down 2 more as they were bombing, and because I kept
    serpentining – just 1 bomb hit. AND only 3 Dive bonbers, 1 from one squad,
    2 from the other – had to limp back to their CV! The torpedo bombers, DEAD

  2. Yanno, I generally don’t enjoy CVs, but the Saipan – well she is different
    from most other CVs. I feel like I could enjoy her!

    Less squadrons to worry about, the ones you get are faster than anything
    below tier 9, and they re-arm VERY quickly! From the looks of it, she
    carries a LOT OF replacement planes as well! And a
    she seems to ready new squadrons faster by far than any tier 5 and above

  3. Xp piñata :D

  4. Thx for the review Chase 😀

    definitely buying it when released in my server.

  5. is the saipan for sale yet or are we still waiting for her?

  6. How come you got only three torp bombers in a squad even though you got
    captain with “Air Supremacy”? Shouldn’t it give you +1 bomber so 4 total?

  7. y focus the ranger man? just block him with fighters and bomb the BBs.
    he will be useless with your fighters locking him down.
    also in 22:59 you can see the enemy carrier location from the torp bomber
    takeoff bug…
    man you overuse strafe.
    you should use it only when you are in a good position as it was nerfed,
    and normal attack is decent usually

  8. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    because of the limited damage of the TBs on this CV, it would probably be
    better to use them tactically much like you would with regular DBs, send in
    one squad and hit the target, wait for him to burn his repair, then send in
    the second squad and if they fail to finish him, the flooding will.

    Great vid thx for the review!

  9. As a USN- especially AA carrier- lover, im glad to see this ship back-
    though it is much different than in CBT xD

  10. I love to see you playing carriers! You are so good :)

  11. 7:32
    -20% torpedo range, but 5% more speed, does that not mean that the aircraft
    need to get closer and get shot more, not the other way around?

  12. Saipan, please dont notice me

  13. finally, a good review, thanks ichase :)

  14. Pranjal Shrivastava

    Absolute hard carry by you and your teammates! good game bro o7

  15. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Love it when WG officially stated there will be no premium carriers, mainly
    because it will hurt the gameplay if a lot of unexperienced player buys it,
    and 2 months later here we go, tier 7 premium CV. I wonder when will WG
    stop lying, i know it’s a habit coming from WoT but come on. I think this
    massive survivability and speed of this planes gonna be op if you get into
    a match with tier5s and tier6s cuz at that tiers the AA sucks hard and you
    can destroy the enemy team if the enemy cv is noob which they are 75% of
    the times :D

  16. enjoyed the video ,,, but Flamu did a similar Saipan video where he was up
    against a Lextington and he was
    really complaining about only having 3 planes per squad.. so U like the
    Saipan and he didn’t. so since this
    is a Premium ship I will put this one down as not worth the money to buy
    it. there was 2 CVs on each side

  17. HOW DO YOU GET A Saipan? Great info keep them coming.

  18. with tier 9 planes it just so efficient

  19. I feel like this actually makes the skill for increasing fighter dps
    against higher tier planes useful, albeit only for rangers and hiryus.

  20. quite surprised that you haven’t been invited to the WOWs showmatch in

  21. Nice video, certainly buying it however it turns out. Not so serious
    question: do you breath at all while narrating? You must have lungs the
    size of a whale to talk that much that long!

  22. nyaaaaaaa -_-

  23. Rather odd thing to notice, but the moon is in front of the clouds.

  24. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    I dub the saipan the “fu fighter” as it has super planes but only a few of
    them( and they’re fast like the real WWII fu fighters if they existed) so
    chase does this nickname seem like an appropriate name for the saipan?

  25. That’s right, true men play CVs….I was accused of playing them because
    you (supposedly) take no risks when playing them….guess he didn’t know
    how dangerous CV players can be if they know what they’re doing

  26. I hope the IJN will also get a premium Carrier. Any idea of if war gaming
    is considering it?

  27. 迷う暗闇 - M.K.

    Games like this one make me question whether the cruiser AA ability still
    exist, and seriously make me want to go back and play CV again!

  28. The torpedo bombers of the Saipan is actually way better than the Hiryu.
    normally when you get fucked by MM against tier 8-9, most of your planes
    would drop to 1 planes before you can get the torp drops. The planes on
    this thing could tank some damage so I can reliably snipe Lexington

  29. Nice one Chase, but you were saying about the damage inconsistency of the
    1000lb bombs. Is that because of the less planes in the squad or just
    generally with the Saipan? Also, will it come to SEA because we tend to be
    the unloved child of premiums…

  30. Fuck. This is way better than the paywall Ranger

  31. hmm, why not separate 2 squadrons into 2 waves rather than one
    I think the flooding chance of USN torps is acceptable.

  32. yay tier 9 planes… as if my Hiryu already couldn’t deal with T7

  33. i see the cambletown in ur port… u cant hide it!!! i see it!!!

  34. i saw someone playing the saipan a few weeks before… 3 fighters vs my 6,
    he won… ik he has better planes, but i didnt know down 1 single plane of
    his… I even strafed 1 squad down… and he still won… losing no
    planes… (spart from the ones i strafed down)

  35. i loved my Saipan! Now we get it back! yaay :)

  36. HMS Campbeltown I42 was part of the St Nazaire Raid in france codenamed
    Operation Chariot to deny the battleship Tirpitz a repair point/port on
    Atlantic coast with a dry dock able to accommodate a ship of her size in
    the case she was damaged.

  37. from what i know about historical ships like the Saipan is that she was a
    CVE that was built on a liberty ship hull not a baltimore

  38. i hope u upload more vids Chase, I always enjoy it =]

  39. +iChaseGaming please stream more often :P

  40. Dont feel bad. Its the Atlanta he can take care of himself

  41. Hello shase Shenzhen you where in your port I have seen a English destroyer
    on one of the scenes is that for the next update looks pretty epic

  42. Well, I am not looking forward to these bot carriers messing up the game
    anymore than it already has been by CV’s.

    I don’t understand why anybody plays CV’s since the bots do almost
    everything and no real skill is needed other than basic mouse skills.

    Fighter v fighter is as exciting as it looks; two circles bumping into each
    other and losing little dashes.

    Your ship isn’t in any immediate danger and the bots take all the risks.

    Your targets can’t do very much to defend themselves, as even massed AA
    will not stop the enough bots, they can’t hide, nor run.

    Worse, the AA defenses are run by bots, so instead of players playing, you
    have bots running their subroutines. You major input is when to have your
    AA on high alert by pressing a key. *

    You can dodge torpedoes and bombs, but if the ship is hit with enough plane
    bots it won’t survive and never had a chance.

    I wouldn’t care, but waiting for a battle, sailing for 3 minutes just to
    have several DB and TB sqns pounce on you and sink you.

    * I actually hunt planes with my Atlanta’s super-buffed AA bots. All I do
    is sail around shooting their bots with my bots. Boring as hell, but I have
    the internet for entertainment while I “play.”

  43. Seems like it is an awesome ship, I am just sad I will not be able to play
    it as I am on the EU server :(

  44. Another great video, Thanks for all the instruction.

  45. Do a know your ship video on HMS Vangaurd

  46. I’m confused where to buy it, in the asia server, I can’t see it in the
    website or in the game…

  47. do you think the 3-0-1 will be a good set up for Ranked battles / team
    since the planes are so fast and the 1000lb bombs?

  48. Chase y u only got 0 credits and xp?

  49. Vanessa Palmer (Vanessaira)

    <3 <3 <3 Chase!

    Also, Chase. They are not squadrons, they are Flight Groups. ;P


  51. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Any ideas when this will be in the

  52. Chase; do you not feel dirty playing carriers? I know they’ve got a high
    skill cap but do you not feel the potential power a good player can have is
    too much? More than any other class. When I play carriers it basically
    makes me sick how I can single out an enemy BB and even if he does the
    right thing and gets a cruiser escort I still remove 10-20k off his health
    for the loss of no more than 2 aircraft…. :/

  53. In one respect, I’m happy that there’s a new premium CV with unique
    gameplay options. WoWs desperately needs this.

    In another…crap. I’m going to get my arse kicked in my New Mexico and my
    Colorado by these new Saipans. Friendly CVs will struggle to counter the
    Saipans, which means relying on friendly AA cruisers escorting me.

    …This is really going to hurt. :(

  54. Alexandros Grivas

    now that is 2.2.0 i am not going to buy it for sure.

  55. I remember playing against you twice in a row when I was in my Hiryu. You
    had the 3 torp squad setup and you were killed by an Anshan (I think?).
    Glad to see this video finally is out, been waiting for it for a while.

  56. USSADIDAS Fog community

    iChase, any idea on the cost? I am betting its gonna be about the same as
    the Atlanta or a bit more, just curious if you know the $ amount, ty

  57. ichase! Could you play this crazy thing with fighter loadout?

  58. Haolin Chen (GNW20000)

    Dive bombers hit super structures of the ship, so naturally you will do
    less direct damage on the same target, right?

  59. Great video Chase! Look forward to buying her on Monday then playing her
    come next weekend. I do agree the the 2/3/0 set up was a bit broken. I am
    glad they waited to release her and balanced her properly. I will probably
    try out the AS loadout a few times just for the lols of 8-9DBs in a single

  60. Great. Glad to finally see it. TY.

  61. You are a CV God!

    I spy a Campbeltown! TBH Can’t wait for the Tribal Class and A premium HMCS
    Haida would be awesome!

  62. Good to see the Saipan back in game in a different form tho

  63. Never was a carrier player in World of Warships personally. This will
    hopefully open a new dynamic view for mid tiers on the NA server. For me,
    I’m a cruiser guy with the Atlanta being my favorite ship that I have on my
    account, GravityFalls618. Anyway, keep up the great work iChasegaming!

  64. You’re a really fantastic cv player – do you feel the smaller (if elite)
    squadrons help improve the ship, given how reliant it is on map awareness
    (it seems sort of on the razor edge)

  65. LOL, and still nothing on the HMS Campbeltown; WG is hating the UK as
    usual. Wonder if it is because Britain is standing up to Russian aggression
    in the real world?

  66. which loadout does it get? torpedo bombers and dive bombers?

  67. *vids

  68. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Could have done the Flooding tactic :D. Maybe go with 1 TB, hope for a
    flood. Wait, flood again.

  69. loL at 11.30, My feeling at a CV captain exactly. Now I figure out a new
    Want to do a torp run unhindered? Line up DBs for a perfect strafe run so
    enemy FTs go after DB instead!

    On the game. GG. Tense battle. I would not have thought your team can win

  70. A stock captain strike Saipan may not be great in Fighter contests, but Air
    Supremacy will narrow the fighter gap significantly.

    Not that I’m saying it’ll make a well played Saipan OP. I just though it
    worth mentioning, she gains a lot more in air superiority from a level 5
    captain than does any other CV.

  71. when is it out?

  72. Well 1 torp bomber only, the atlanta should have dodged it.Meanwhile you
    got 3 less bomber squadrons to hit your team.

  73. Can’t wait for the Campbelltown

  74. Do you think the Saipan is the worth the gold/euro cost?


  76. Someone get the green-light lol. Littlewhitemouse review up on forum at the
    same time. They promise full info this day but haven’t seen anything yet.

  77. oh and Nice job on the viss chase

  78. first comment and first like. oh yeah

  79. first with a fucked up back?

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