World of Warships – #SaveYourHP

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Because nobody wants you to pay too much credits for your repairs and you to sail a none-dmg ship in the next battle unlike everyone else, right?…..RIGHT?
Go in and FIGHT, use your HP pool to the maximum.
Remember: if the game ends and you’re full HP that means you MISPLAYED greatly !!!
That doesn’t mean you did good because you’re Neo and you avoided shells, NO, that just means you were cowering in the back and not using your HP pool and heals.

Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. Wow one point….no thx to the conq, az and 2 dd’s at the beginning unlucky matey good try o7

  2. So, in your opinion are these ships too op, or just normal op. I realize in you hand a rowboat with a flare gun would still end up getting a citadel, you did get 5k damage to a ship you weren’t even aiming at. It would be something if you played her more reckless, get caught out of position, kinda like a noob would play, just to see what an inexperienced player could accomplish in that beast. Doesn’t have to be dumb plays, just a little more reckless.

    • I think he turned in to sharp which lifted the turtle back making it possible to shoot under it Yurobeat shows how to do it to the Tirpitz in one of his video’s but your point is solid

  3. So I’ve just gotta ask… how is Kreml better concealed than Moskva?

  4. Citadels a high tier German BB in a brawl. To think that they got all that weaknesses (bad dispersion and firing angle) for the turtleback that supposedly make them immune to citadels at brawling range.

    • i mean the kurfurst was full rudder turning in which messes with the turtleback angles and makes it not work nearly as well and flambass was practically barrel poking with 457mm guns, on any other boat that would have been at least four or five citadels. on a Yamato that probably would have been nine citadels with nine guns.

    • +SinkkingTurrtle Nope. At the time Flambass fired the Kurry was barely turning as shown on the direction line of the target on the minimap seconds before and after the shots.

    • +ofi123 The point still stands that that other ships would be melted even faster. However considering GK’s weaknesses, I reckon the USSR BBs needs nerfs.

    • ​+noobtotale I was talking about the trade-off for German high tier BBs may not be as good as they seem now being more obvious. Also, tbf that GK should have totally rekted Flambass back there but he fired too early. After all in a drive by, even if Kremlin is able to get 1 or 2 citadels on GK, with Kremlin’s citadel a GK should be able to outright 1shot Kremlin.

      Personally I think USSR BBs may get a nerf. But currently their style is very similar to Stalingrad: near invincible from the front, better guns than most/all of its peers, easier for CVs to score hits than it peers, weak to fires especially now with limited damcons, vulnerable broadside citadels. The only difference imo would be their concealment, Stalingard is on the worse side among peers but Kremlin is on the better/average side.

  5. Leave it as it is. Give them less heals and repairs than other nations to balance the huge amount of extra firepower and armor it has. The line needs to be balanced more but the core principles are good

  6. I had exactly this Situation with the Points at the end even Closer. 1 more point for them 2vs1 cap on the second 0 not 1. I did 300k in my Monty and 8 allied ships were still alive but camping whole game…

  7. WG: russian BBs has the worst battleship dispersion at long range.
    Flambass: did 27.8K dmg without citadel on bow on hindenburg at max range

  8. Wait, 230+K DMG and you would have still lost credits for playing this battle without premuim? WTF?! WarGaming fix your damn economy

    • Economy is working as intended my friend, you’re not suppose to earn credits in tier 10. That’s how the game was designed and it’s making you play other tiers as well and not just get stuck in tier 10.

  9. WTF? You have 13.4 km detection and you were detected by DD with 15 km radar on and you didn’t detect that DD?

  10. Aiming Mino, hiting République. Aiming Républic, citadelling Mino : Stalinium shells awalys find a target. Because Stalin wants it ! Stalin > Chuck Norris!

    • Павел Коровкин

      LOL, I once shot at roon and devstrike the old t8 orlean that had been never spotted. Roon was turning away at 16km, giving me the perfect broadside. I saw my shells hit the roon for 20k(1 cit, 2 pens), thought “damn, only one and with perfect aiming” and the next second “good start, you killed an enemy cruiser”. Poor orlean bumped into roon moving him out of the death volley.

  11. Lol that enemy gearing is probably using solid snake as her commander

  12. @6:46
    share the load

    I’m coming, I’m coming dude

  13. 😀 Games with Mr. Monkey are just so damn funny^^ i love this dude

  14. 5.44 – Guns so accurate that even when you miss you hit something

  15. Hey, I like this duo! btw: you can’t blame Conky’s driver, he’s got ‘xXx’ in his name. It’s a fair warning.

  16. Kudos to the enemy Gearing. Haragumo also managed to stay alive which many don’t. Couldn’t get a bigger contrast with your own team’s Gearings.
    And of course you get the inevitable Mongqueror player who goes on a magical mystery tour in order to avoid being anywhere important and ends up useless on full health. Best heal in the game and god tier concealment but we wouldn’t want to be shot at.

  17. If an Alabama is in the game with me I pretty much write them off as useless from the start.

    Which is a shame because I played Alabama for a long time until I finally got my Montana.

    I wish they did better but unfortunately as a premo ship 9/10 times a noob captain.

  18. Meanwhile,Conqueror is one of the best medium to short ranges brawler…

  19. Think those ships aren’t strong enough they need smoke with 5km penalty xD

  20. yeah maybe this ship is a bit too strong when it can citadel a Kurfürst at point blank range

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