[World of Warships] Sims – Aces High

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(Apologies, reuploaded because youtube messed up the processing bit)

I want ace combat now…

Been having a really good in my sims lately, it’s been my go-to moneymaker for some time now. Also practicing with cinematic shots and stuff, lots of fun

Music Used:


  1. Kewl

  2. that music is so fire.

  3. Gotta say was kinda hoping for some iron maiden when i saw the title

  4. Der Wahre Hunter

    i still miss the CBT Sims… sure, you can have good matches in the Sims
    now as well, but she is still outclassed by all t7 DDs and nearly all other
    t7 ships since her nerf to “near death”

  5. Now, that tingled my nostalgia… and my WOW weak spot! xD

  6. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    I could’a sworn the Sims had a 4.5Km torp range. Guess I’m just going crazy
    because that says 9.2

  7. Rizky Wahyu Ramadhan

    at first i thought Ace combat zero was about Yugoslavia.

  8. Love AC, but the video itself doesn’t really live up to its predecessors.

  9. Cool stuff man.
    But I still prefer the anime, shits-and-gigs, Gif’s, Initial.D euro-beat
    rips offs 😛
    BTW what server you play on?

  10. As amazing as this video is, Sims crumble under my Blyskawica.

  11. You’re not the Razgriz…are you?

  12. after watching a few videos and liking the content i may or may not of
    subed cause of the the jojo’s references and the kongo every where

  13. How can you record the video like that?

  14. i expected Iron Maiden Aces High

  15. A severe lack of front-to-front torpedo jousting.

  16. I always use the Atlanta for credits
    Still I dont know to call it the Manlanta or the sub machine gun :/

  17. Awww Man…I remember that opening. One of the best games ever.

  18. He actually fired as much shells as you have missiles available in AC

  19. Arlios: I took down a Cruiser with my Destroyer
    Everyone: Oh yeah, tough guy…
    Arlios: I used AP shells
    Everyone: Right this way sir!

  20. Arlios 1, Engage.

  21. Came expecting Iron Maiden, didn’t leave disappointed though :D

  22. omg YASSS!!!

  23. God dammit Arlios, you’re making me sad that my Zero disc won’t load past
    mission 4 again. >:I

  24. Ace combat zero. el diablo theme. buena musica

  25. Roger Dai (TheAsianMelon)


  26. Strike Eagle's Perch

    Good old ace combat. Miss that shit

  27. some ace combat? wow, thank god you popped up on my recommended vids 😀

  28. Dark Prelate Mohandar

    I love the music!

  29. What’s with that weird cube on the second replay? Looks like something
    futzed up in your graphics settings. Was it like that in the entire match?

  30. Hey buddy, still alive?

  31. Ace combat is badass

  32. Ahhh, “golden rain”…

  33. You`re an AC fan…my life is complete lol

  34. “Yo buddy, still alive?” When I heard those words I felt as if im taken
    back to 2006 when I was playing this in my ps2. Thx for the nostalgia m8.

  35. Galm TEAM FTW!

  36. I’m sad now. I have to wait for the next version of Aslain’s Modpack to
    come out before I can make my World of Warships great again.

  37. does anyone know the release date for kantai season 2 and the movie?

  38. Ohhhhh man. I need got go play some AC5 now.

  39. I find that this video is a failure…. dont show off how good gameplay but
    instead follow the previous video.. or maybe teach people how to use sims.

  40. I never expected to see solo wing pixy talking about boats. thanks.

  41. nice take on this style. well done… integrate some of cinematic stuff
    into warships moments… add some chibi and BAM. Quite a unique process

    yet this as well is great. either way you do it. keep it up

  42. Well done. Hope you sent in a video to Jingles for his 500k sub contest,
    you would be a winner for sure. Get some nice exposure for your channel, if
    nuthin else. Thanks for the entertainment!

  43. now make one with the Ace Combat 5 music, full demons of razgriz ;)

  44. Arlios, what are you doing? You’re making me wanna play again and hit up my
    US Destroyers.

  45. Kickass gameplay, as always, and a FUCKING AWESOME SONG to go with it. Keep
    it up man.

  46. Starting with a cutscene of one of my favourit games? Nice move

  47. Great choice for music dude! Great video!

  48. Fleet Master Gruber

    Yo buddy. Still alive?

  49. Those are some derpy enemies indeed, especially those Blyscawica drivers. I
    totally rekt in that ship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xguJnj5WUH4
    But nice video, I learnt more about how to properly WASD hax in the Sims

  50. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Arlios Combat Zero: The Baltic War

  51. Nice video nice contents!
    Can’t believe you publish two nice video in a row!
    It just poor that you kill the enemy ship just a bit earlier than the emeny
    kill your teammate so you didn’t get solo warrior…

  52. Juan Andrés Méndez

    So, do you recommend the Sims?

  53. is the opening from ace combat?

  54. Top down this reminds me of Supreme Commander.

  55. Admiral Siverdan

    i find the lack off anime disturbing.

  56. Linkdeous - GamingLive

    How do you do the aerial view ? Do you have some kind of replay ?

  57. real badass games man

  58. Only rank 8? Get gut, scrub!

  59. Love the video, especially the music, but I have a question: What was it
    about the Ace Combat games that everyone seems to love? I’m not old enough
    to have played them, so I’d kind of like to know.

  60. You *did not* use Ace combat for this video! Good god I came all over the
    place… It’s your fault you know

  61. that ace combat zero intro tho

  62. Hopefully I don’t run into you on Warships. What would happen if the Demon
    of Razgriz and the Demon Lord of the Round Table collided? The sea around
    us would dry up and we’d have to duel in the carrier fighters.

  63. The Analytical Towarzysz

    What? No kraken? After all that effort?

    You’ve been robbed.

  64. thanks you just remind me that beautiful game

  65. production level: Michael Bay
    10/10 would explode again

  66. Hey Arlios! Love the stuff man! Keep it up!:)

  67. oh my gosh, that belkan war intro bought me back memories :D

  68. jean-paul duquesnoy

    hooooooooooooo fucking god gg just huaaaa this editing this game is to much
    for me

  69. Yo buddy you still alive?

  70. cap skill? & mod? xd

  71. I Only Watch Anime Ironically

    love the vid, but aren’t aerial aces given to people who take down 5 or
    more aircraft in dogfight?

  72. Haha damn i love Ace Combat my personal favourite being 5. Hey Arlios are
    you hyped for Ace Combat 7?

  73. Needs more memes

  74. Atlanta from last game sent freedom? These sims did 😛
    GG, WP

  75. this video made me want to grind the usn dd line

  76. is this a message from the gods to continue to play Ace Combat?
    °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° if it is, I will do what the gods want me to do and I will
    keep my promise to play all ace combat games *-*

  77. You. I love you. Ace Combat is literally my fucking childhood.

  78. Do warship moments video with the funny music and funny kongo faces :D

  79. The Knights of the Round table. they’re all here

  80. I would like to le publicly downvote this shit cam.

  81. 10/10 on the music choice.
    12/10 ace combat


  83. DD’s op please nerf.

  84. Fuckin’ A, I am so hyped for Ace Combat 7 right now…

  85. Tim “Uncletim” Coy

    I just watch for the dancing Kongo at the end

  86. Ace Combat and World of Warships? Hnnnnggggg

  87. well now I have to go replay ace combat, thanks a lot

  88. Time to fire up my good ol’ PS2 and play some ace combat on highest

  89. I find the lack of Kongos disturbing 🙁 DESU

  90. This is great!

  91. dude, you won me with the ace combat zero references, keep it up, I’ll soon
    start uploading wows too if I have the time to start, hope some day we can
    play together :)

  92. Amazing! Love the content, mooooorreee!

  93. 3597 base XP!? Wow man, that is damn impressive.

  94. aye captain! it worked! now i see scrubz..in tears! o/ nice editing btw

  95. Thanks… now i also want to play Ace Combat
    … And some US Destroyers ;/

  96. Dude you uploaded a 5k milestone vid like a day ago and you’re almost at 6k
    now! Lets keep this up boyz!! xD

  97. Oohhh Man. As soon as The introduction cutscene from Ace Combat Zero
    started playing I started getting excited for this video. I thoroughly
    enjoyed the music and the overhead shots you used. I really enjoyed the
    shot at 1:43. Fun video and keep up the good work. That being said the shot
    at 3:27 feels awkward. The sideways panning and altitude changes that
    happen in steps feels a weird. If possible perhaps try to smooth it out?
    Otherwise I loved the video and the use of Ace combat. Keep up the good
    work. ^.^ <3

  98. Ayy boss, ya did it; Let that freedom rain!

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