World of Warships – Something Wicked This Way Comes

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By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes… and it’s got nine 203mm guns!

With apologies to Ray Bradbury.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. NA Mael646 ­čÖé Sent you a video the other day of some silly BBs sailing in
    straight lines towards my torps. Hope you enjoy!´╗┐

  2. MLGTankhunter, EU´╗┐

  3. Hello Jingles, NA Yordash´╗┐

  4. Madsbob EU´╗┐

  5. playername: ardjan99, eu server. I WANT THIS!!!! No questions plz, just
    give :P´╗┐

  6. I play the NA server and my name is ProbablyMe ­čÖé Love your videos!´╗┐

  7. cool´╗┐

  8. Ratoborni_tenk / EU server´╗┐

  9. Robin ÔÇťqetchupÔÇŁ Bergstedt

    server EU
    name qetchup´╗┐

  10. On a three day trip on this little white boat and we run into that!´╗┐

  11. “As the Skeleton Wars continued to escalate, all sides developed more and
    more sp00ky weaponry in hopes of giving them the needed strength to to win
    these terrible conflicts.”´╗┐

  12. TheFatCatPoductions

    Only time I fought the salem witch so far was in my myogi, citidel’ed him
    from 10km away.´╗┐

  13. Yay! I’d like that camo pack Jingles!

    user: rododavico
    server: US.


  14. ill take some flag sir jingles! NA server name is macca01, going to need XP
    camo to get through the izumo…´╗┐

  15. Hey jingles great vid, my server is NA and my in game name is
    Commander_Beavey. I know great name but when i created my world of tanks
    account i didn’t realize that that name would transfer to world of

  16. Nomination
    EU server :)´╗┐

  17. North American Server, Frederick_II. I LOVE this game mode, it’s a unique
    challenge! I hope they keep the boss-ship game-type, maybe have tier 6s and
    7s face off against a Yamato or a Montana or something.´╗┐

  18. WooHoo TheMadDragon NA Heres Hoping I win ­čÖé and Gratz to them who do ­čÖé
    And Happy Halloween to all ­čÖé .TDS.´╗┐

  19. Naabin EU.. i never win theese things.. :(´╗┐

  20. Ryokochan NA server :)´╗┐

  21. Critterbot EU server´╗┐

  22. realUnbekannt EU´╗┐

  23. Eu sever eddy_k
    Ps love you jingles´╗┐

  24. Nice event and keep up the good work Jingles. EU server, nickname Vladm93´╗┐

  25. server: NA username: chainsawkyle´╗┐

  26. Once again the SEA players get treated by WG as if they just dropped the

  27. I’ll take a pack please. ScrumpyWheat on the EU server.´╗┐

  28. McRetso, NA´╗┐

  29. yo jingle you awesome my username is freewindgriffin and I play on the
    North American server´╗┐

  30. Pau ÔÇťOrdinapauÔÇŁ Baguer

    Hi Jingles, I play in EU server :3´╗┐

  31. Server: NA
    Name: Eichbomb

    Keep up the great work Jingles, your videos are always top shelf! <0´╗┐

  32. Hey ­čśÇ

    Username: regulator152
    Na server

    Love the videos jungles´╗┐

  33. iCampHard, on the NA server

    Even if I don’t win, just wanted to let you know I greatly enjoy your

  34. i love to see you in the aircraft carrier but i would not like to be on
    your team but good game in the cruiser my name Mighty_Feather´╗┐

  35. Hi Jingles, for the halloween camo pattern, 30 doublons / battle and / ship
    for just a x2 exp game (yes guys, +100% = x2), do you think it’s fair ?
    honnest ?
    For me, it’s still the new disgusting way of making money on WG products

  36. Eu Warmaster977´╗┐

  37. NA server “American Rider” would use the spooky camo´╗┐

  38. Great video as always Jingles! Like those new ships, seen a couple off
    videos about them still havent met one in game tho. I would really wanna
    win one off those flagpacks since im grinding my way up to my Shimikaze. Im
    on the EU servers and my accountname is collin_mats´╗┐

  39. fuck wargaming…damn why didnt you say that earlier ,just reach tier 5 6
    hours ago then now what the fuck??! there is no equality for us asians…´╗┐

  40. Playing on EU server, World of Warships Username is Qutut and i would
    absolutely LOVE to win that camo :3´╗┐

  41. Hey Jingles, Happy Halloween from the NA server. Please put me in for the
    Halloween camo looks awesome. My friends in Salem would love it. Sorry have
    to go stock up on candy for the kids. Have a good year.´╗┐

  42. hi jingles, i play on the NA server and my user name is laughingcanuck.´╗┐

  43. Server: EUName: McBain´╗┐

  44. i am playing on the eu saver and my username is AlphaDanish´╗┐

  45. scary spooky skeletons send shivers down your spine´╗┐

  46. *salutes* Rear Admiral Jingles, I request a pack of Halloween themed
    camouflage. Username: NeoIvan17 and I sail on the NA servers. Thank you sir
    and thank you for your videos.´╗┐

  47. NA cpt_ironic_raptor the account with t6 cruiser´╗┐

  48. vanleyden on the EU server´╗┐

  49. zombiebus EU: Very nice Review, of a nice event. I hope I’ll be lucky and
    meet one of the ships today.´╗┐

  50. Want to see the carrier game. I play NA.´╗┐

  51. Halloweeeen xD woohoo
    Username : HaOz0r ­čÖé ( with a Zero at the end ­čÖé instead of an O )
    Eu Server ­čÖé thank you :D´╗┐

  52. leonardo Klari─ç

    i will like i play on eu server SisterFisster_O5´╗┐

  53. czjohny, EU´╗┐

  54. (AndyVonEpic EU server) trick or treat uncle Jingles´╗┐

  55. Howdy folks i’m playing on EU server player name. TsMurderer.
    Keep up the good work jingles nice videos hope to see u at sea´╗┐

  56. superman just saved Lois are you shocked ?´╗┐

  57. EU server, TheAwesomi5er´╗┐

  58. General_Iroh – EU Server
    Interesting event, though the camo is definitely a rip-off.´╗┐

  59. i`ll take some of the cammo of your hands
    EU server´╗┐

  60. nana9481_EU´╗┐

  61. Hey Jingles, love the videos! I play on NA server, user name ihistal.
    Thanks for the giveaway!´╗┐

  62. I would LOVE that camo pattern, im on the NA server with the Msoussi98
    username. Time to get me some Halloween goodness! Which is convenient since
    my birthday is on Halloween!´╗┐

  63. Thanks for the video Jingles!! Korthu on the NA server.´╗┐

  64. i like to spook the hel out off the enemy┬┤s fleet with that camoscheme .And
    on the slight hope you stil have 1give a way lying around my in game name
    is erictanker and sailing on th eu server´╗┐

  65. Damn this event looks fun, i play on the EU server with the name “Axonteer”.
    I hope i find time to play a little bit, RL is kinda busy lately :/´╗┐

  66. erm Jingles didnt you say more wot videos, also if you can you should get a
    platoon of those things´╗┐

  67. Giorgos Chatziioannou (LezantasGR34T)

    its free so its good ­čśŤ


  68. I’ll take one of the Packages, please.

    AdmiralAckba on the EU server. Thanks a lot.´╗┐

  69. Kilexpress (ikr…. I grabbed this account from a friend of mine xd)
    EU server ­čÖé
    keep up with the good videos Jingles! Cheers from a stroopwafel.´╗┐

  70. I am VonGenschlerc on EU. Great video as always.´╗┐

  71. TekkitbrosC on the NA server´╗┐

  72. therobomega, NA server
    Only got to see the Salem Witch once so far, and it was on my team.
    Unfortunately it was a Domination map. My team decided to forgo the cap
    points and charged at the enemy. We lost due to points.
    For your tips and pointers against/with these ships, I would have to add:
    Don’t forget about the objectives, they may not be as fun as watching a
    tier IX ship rip apart tier IIIs & IVs, but you can still lose to them

  73. worth trying to win something´╗┐

  74. The pack? I want one, I play on the EU-server´╗┐

  75. admmorris2210 eu´╗┐

  76. This wrinkle in the game was a nasty surprise the first time.

    I figured MM had done what MM does best until I read the promotion.

    But they don’t give any specs on those ships. (Thanks, BTW, Jingles for
    doing that for us)

    That is why a “Phantom” CV took out my near full health Fubuki with a few
    rounds of secondary guns while I was beyond my 7 km torpedo range the first
    time I played against one.

    I reckon I don’t like the fantasy element too much, but I’ll take the

  77. Hi Mr. Jingles! I play on NA server -Hayzle thank you!´╗┐

  78. HUNTER410_ace – EU server ( gimmie gimmie ) lol another nice Wows vid

  79. Giveaway entry-> Neovolt / EU server
    May the mighty Boo help me win!´╗┐

  80. hi EU server account name posata´╗┐

  81. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Nice information to know here Jingles, I sank one of these and wondered
    just what it was afterward. Anyway, I also saw someone using the aircraft
    carrier as an offensive weapon itself so the secondaries on it could tear
    at some of the enemy ships and he soak some damage for us.´╗┐

  82. Been here since 100,000! Please respond you will make me incredibly happy
    if you do!´╗┐

  83. Hi and cheers!EU server, user: Pahkasika´╗┐

  84. crazykid17336 NA´╗┐

  85. Luujaba EU Server
    Hope to see these Phantoms and Witches in game´╗┐

  86. Nice Video1DayWalker EU´╗┐

  87. ThadyJones´╗┐

  88. IGN: SjefsUgla

    EU Server´╗┐

  89. North American – Snickerdoodle99 – Cheers Jingles´╗┐

  90. Wows iceteakai i play on EU region and yeaaah i forgot to write it into the
    other comment sorry´╗┐

  91. Server: EU
    Name: LightBurner´╗┐

  92. Play on the NA server, so sign me up. Play under Scots_ronin.

    And I’ve had three of these matches so far – one with two Witches on the
    enemy side, and one on our side! We had iChase, and we won….well, he
    carried, mostly.

    Torpedoes are indeed your best bet to get the Witch.´╗┐

  93. Eu sparticle´╗┐

  94. greetings to you from Monorchide on the EU server´╗┐

  95. hey jingles. i watch your videos every day good stuff. i’m on the NA server

  96. It is a Germany Camo ­čśÇ black red and yellow´╗┐

  97. Looking forward to the next video, potentially some big changes with
    captain skills coming

    Necondus, EU´╗┐

  98. but the chance of finding one is very slum´╗┐

  99. John Steele (death1351)

    Hey Jingles been watching ur videos for a few years now started playing WOT
    about 3 years ago and been playing WOWS since open beta due to u
    introducing it to me in videos. Now u have introduced me to the world of
    youtube accounts as I have held off on making one for many years. However,
    if that is what it takes to try and win ur reward I will do so. Thanks for
    all the entertainment over the years. My server is NA and my username is
    death2allinwarfare. May the odds be with me and have fun with the Salem

  100. nice. hope to win one of those camo packs :)´╗┐

  101. Lance Roudebush (SieferDarkstar)

    Hello Jingles Sieferdarkstar on NA server´╗┐

  102. Thanimal on the NA Server. Cheers Jingles´╗┐

  103. Thank Jingles for the information you provide doing these videos. They have
    help this noob be just a bit better. I play on the North American Server as

  104. If WG wouldn’t do it, at least you could show your love to us in the Asia

  105. NA server:
    Sure I’ll take a chance why not?´╗┐

  106. When WG will give away some spare parts for PCs, let me know, I can’t
    actually use the flags since WoWs doesn’t work for me atm, their servers
    aren’t really great for everyone. EU, mc2.´╗┐

  107. Server: EU
    wows name: kefwars


  108. JM_Jorus on EU…Hmm… Great Hunt for Jingles. Reminds me of QuickyBaby’s
    replay from the WoT match when they found you on the oposite team. I
    watched it few days ago. I would be like “I want to kill Jingles!” for
    sure.What time do you typicaly play, Jingles? :)´╗┐

  109. Comment, player “Darkblaze” EU Server´╗┐

  110. Which camo is better, statistically speaking? Reduced accuracy seems like
    it’s way more important than reduced detection.´╗┐

  111. I would love a pack jingles! B29super on the NA server.´╗┐

  112. North America serverDarkwave0

    here’s hoping ­čśÇ and thanks for all the great videos.´╗┐

  113. doe_maar EU server.Finally this event is running on the eu servers´╗┐

  114. Good video Jingles! Thanks for showing us the weaknesses of these Halloween
    ships. ­čÖé

    NA Server´╗┐

  115. “Angry_Nerd” here on the NA server,
    If I can’t captain a Salem Witch, maybe I can camo my ships like it. ?
    Then I will probably get focused fired on and killed.. ÔÜô´ŞĆ´╗┐

  116. As thick fog rolls in. Beware if you hear the maniacal laughing of the
    mighty jingles you might be the next ship to take a trip to Davy Jones

  117. hey i play on the NA server and i’m Toadacus31 TY.´╗┐

  118. Crusadertank01 EU server :)´╗┐

  119. ID: JLH79 (NA server)

    I was in my Murmansk the other day and there was one of the event carriers
    on the enemy team. Managed to track the carrier down and get it all
    alone…and imagine my surprise when it had guns to fire back at me with.
    And not talking about it’s secondaries either, since I was still around 8km
    away and was planning on closing in for a torp run. But my team won by
    points before I could get the fish in the water, and the carrier only got
    one salvo fired as well. So yeah, there’s that bit of a surprise to keep in
    mind as well if you decide to get a little swooty swooty in going after
    some carrier booty.´╗┐

  120. Well I play on NA server under the name Curianlightwing.
    Also what is to happen if a match with the event ships ends in a draw?´╗┐

  121. Good to know that they hate torps!!
    NA server Shiloh_V8´╗┐

  122. I was in a match with the Salem Witch, he just went around killing everyone
    in 1 or 2 salvos. Somehow could spot DD’s at 10-15 kilometers
    (hydroacoustics doesn’t work like that).
    Next time I faced one was the Phantom Fortress. He gutted our team with his
    planes, I was able to get up on him with the minekaze almost withing
    torpedo range (took my nitro cooldown to even catch him) and he killed me
    in 3 salvos of his cannons. You know, those cannons on the carrier…

    This was not a fun event any time I’ve ever played it. Special boats were
    worth way more than the 5-6 ship advantage my teams had.´╗┐

  123. John_the_Impaler
    NA server ­čÖé
    keep up with the good videos Jingles! Cheers from Uruguay´╗┐

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  125. I like the Halloween event camo. I’m on the NA server and account display
    names are the same.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to play in one of the special event battles
    yet. Here’s hoping. :)´╗┐

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  129. Nice that the event is also available on the EU Server. And finally
    Wargaming reacts to feedback and the new camo system got shelved, for now!
    Tag: AddyRedrum Server: EU´╗┐

  130. Great match! If you ever play the Phantom Fortress for a video, keep in
    mind that the secondary batteries are absolutely insane. If you get within
    something like 8 kilometers of the ship it’s just a waterfall of shells
    pouring at you.

    Also, my username is Napoleon169 and I play on the NA server.´╗┐

  131. awesome video, i play on the eu server and my username is AWozza´╗┐

  132. 5 matches all of them with the witch on my team and only one win. I’d much
    prefer the mob side. Swamprat1070 NA server´╗┐

  133. jetman1999


    I only got in one match with one of those ships.´╗┐

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    I can’t wait to destroy these halloween ships in my Kongo´╗┐

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    WhiskeyTangoRomeo on the North American Server. Nice fight you had there!´╗┐

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    On a side note, do you think battleships just need a general accuracy buff?
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    team that had TWO of the witch in its team, with one on our team. We won
    the battle, with myself ramming and killing one of the ships supporting the
    witch. I log back into the game the next day, and find that there’s a Fujin
    in my port, and a message that I performed above and beyond the call of
    duty; and this was the best thing they could think to give me.´╗┐

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