World of Warships – The Cleveland Show

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Every now and then in multiplayer gaming you get a match that has so many ups and downs that if you’re not yelling at your screen by the end of it you must be dead from the neck up. This is one of those games.

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  1. Boris III of Bulgaria

    Jingles its not “the bloody ship game again ” its “ohh noo the boat game
    again” :)

  2. What a score, and he still didn`t get more xp?? What the hell! It should
    have been doubled, at least. This is such an entertaining game, too bad
    it`s PvP. I can only stand to participate in two matches before I quit. If
    only they would have done it like Gayjin will, and add Dynamic Battles when
    they release their naval branch. Sometime before 2020…hopefully.

  3. Well technically jingles I’m an undead revenant ninja pirate duelist!


  4. +The Mighty Jingles “Something comes along and blows my plans completely
    out of the water” nice pun, weather it be intentional or not it was a good

  5. That was such a depressing video…

  6. I should have gone up the American cruiser line instead of the Japanese.
    Even after the buff, the Furry Taco is awful.

  7. sefhyro space pirate

    that was epic play

  8. Does it really matter where you fire HE to cause more than one fire? I
    always assumed other fires would start regardless of where you aimed.

  9. Jingles yells kill the Kongo kong dies lolol

  10. Check out the enemy Cleveland too lol.

  11. Did they tweak again the firing arc of the Cleveland? Firing at a
    maneuvering target above 10km was such a pain it made me stop the game for
    weeks. Admittely, it is mostly an escort ship, but having no mean of
    carrying a game when the ennemy makes no mistake and doesn’t fly planes
    near your position, or shoots you safely from the longest range, the
    Cleveland is simply unable to decide its own fate.

  12. I wish to see german submarines (U-boats) in Warships 😀 they would be OP
    yea yea shut up xD

  13. they are 152 mm guns jingles

  14. I urge you to keep making warships videos, jingles. The quality of warships
    much better than tanks. It’s like a completely different company created

    World of Tanks is old hat, and bad for your sanity. Anyone still playing it
    needs to bail.

  15. Great game, deserved a win but what can you do eh.

  16. “cleveland is hell for a destroyer”

    Cleveland is hell for anything, it’s outright overpowered, Destroyers,
    Cruisers, Battleships, Carriers, all get demolished by Cleveland easily

  17. Jingles?? who is this?? Jingles doesn’t care about what ANYBODY says. LORD
    Jingles does what he wants and shows us minor worms what he wants to. LORD
    Jingles sends the wimpy whiners to salt mines so they can learn what to
    whine about.So bring on the pretty pony videos. I will chain myself to the
    chair just outside the reach of the keyboard and have someone else start
    the videos.SignedLoyal Fan

  18. and im just over here still waiting for ST-1 review

  19. Wooooo that bloody ship game! (honestly, I prefer ship game to tonk game :c
    tonks dont have Kongou-desu)

  20. NP Jingles F*CK WoT!

  21. Jingles, you’re uploading videos day after day that are making me want to
    scream at the screen. Yesterday we got that AMX replay where the poor man
    was unfortunate enough to be caught a split second before the end of the
    match on cap having Raider snatched from his hands in the process, now this
    Cleveland match… You know, it gets really depressing some times seeing
    things like this, I’ve had six kill matches and won before in Destroyers,
    but that was because I ended up doing the same thing their DD’s did in this
    match, I made sure we had the cap points, because Domination is the name of
    the mode, not kill them all to win.

  22. I got to balimore,and it bored the shit out of me…US cruisers have so
    fucking bad shell travel time….Yes they are good,but if you know ho to
    play cruisers,you will have much better WR and Average DMG in IJN

    Also ZAO is much better than Des Moines if you are skilled

  23. So yet another video on the Cleveland…… Great

  24. “…With real admiral Jingles, yes it´s that bloody ship game again”More
    like “Yes it´s that bloody cleveland again” Jingles did you know there are
    more ships in the game than the cleavage?

  25. Jingles, those are SIX INCH GUNS!!!!

  26. Would hardly say the ocassional warship video.

  27. Poor Bowman must have a sore back, because he was carrying that whole team.

  28. 152mm guns

  29. 152mm guns

  30. Dear Ol’ Buttsecks Admiwal Jangles, plz never stop making videos.

  31. nice vid

  32. gays , is it true that jingles is died and these videos are pre-uploaded ?
    RIP in pieces jangles y will always miss you .( sorry foe my bad englich )

  33. The cleveland pisses me off on how good it is
    It rapes everything, especially air

  34. I like all your videos but I like Warships the most-so please don’t stop!

  35. What. The. Hell. Mind = blown
    Can I have some of what this guy is taking?

  36. love it

  37. armored warfare’s 5th test was released yesterday

  38. The other day i met one player who said that he hates cleveland and he
    can’t wait to sell it. When i asked him why, he replied that he hates the
    shell travel time –_–
    Bitch please american cruiser spoiled you, you have small citadel, great
    AA, insane rate of fire and mobility. And on the other side there’s shitty
    furutaka, and after that ship, anything that has turret traverse or decent
    armor you are more than happy to play with.
    People don’t know how to appriciate good ships these days

  39. Ah the bloody ship game. 😛

    I don’t think people are whining about it much anymore, sir. It’s just
    become a thing among the fanbase to jokingly respond to every Jingles video
    with “Oh goddamn it…. it’s that X game again!” Sort of like how everyone
    was paying their best wishes and posting “RIP Jingles, you will be missed.”
    in the comment section of your main channel lol.

  40. 152 Jingles not 156 !!

  41. jingles before i hit the hay, the best bedtime vids ;P

  42. It’s ironic because when you’re put into a match with the Cleveland,
    usually it’s the enemies screaming “No no no NO NO NO NOOOO!!”

  43. Anyone have on good model ww2 products that are easy to put together(or put
    together already) and don’t have to paint or is easy to paint

  44. Citrus Aviation, Railfanning, & AMG Roadster

    Great replays, Jingles. Liked
    Do you prefer the Cleveland or the St. Louis?

  45. in top 10 Yay

  46. The daily Jingles dosis for Breakfast

  47. Does this mean that the ship will be under appreciated and then suddenly

  48. Please Mighty Jingles play a game called R.U.S.E on PC it would be awesome
    if you did

  49. “Jingles I find that description offensive as I am actually dead from the
    neck up,”

  50. Greatest thing in life? being early to a jingles video =)

  51. Yea first comment

  52. Just finished PT for Army ROTC and I get rewarded with a jingles video,
    makes puking after the run worth it

  53. 69th view yaya


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