World of Warships – The Knight of Malta

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In which MalteseKnight does what is possibly the most amount of damage I’ve seen for the least amount of kills while dragging his team kicking and screaming to the finish line.

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  1. Just finished a flambass middle rush, then jingles uploads a wows video, great morning 😜

  2. Having served in the US Navy back in the day, it’s been a minute hearing the term “The Gut”….. 🤫

  3. @shaytheswift_4327

    I believe this was Maltese knight’s 1st game in Defense.

  4. Defence should be called the “Baby Thunderer” mainly because of its absolutely nutty guns with ridiculous reload and fire chance.

  5. ‘And there’s his second kill!’ while MalteseKnight scores his first kill… The Monmouth was sunk by the Schlieffen 😁

  6. Um actually Jingles, the Monmouth was killed by the Schilieffen so MK did 171k before his 1st kill, the Fletcher.

  7. Well, that was a thoroughly enjoyable battle. Thanks to Maltese Knight, Jingles and of course the one and only Oli Reed

  8. Jingles… I am here for your thoughts… I like your strategies

  9. Thanks for the feature Jingles, I hope everyone enjoyed the match!

  10. Almost 300k in not Arm Races and not full T10 game is outstanding. Good show!

    • Indeed! My top score in wow’s was 150k way way back in the day before the Germans showed up. So 300k is magnificent.

  11. Always love the history lessons. I’m half Maltese and always find it kind of surprising when people take and interest in the island. Let’s just say I’ve heard of strait street, or strada stretta, and the women of the family were never allowed to go anywhere near it… no mention about the men though!

  12. Malta and Ibiza are amazing spots to visit. Many good memories from Med tours in the US Navy in the 80s

  13. Can I just say that the Defence is a good looking ship

  14. Hello jingles. I was wondering if you will ever do any more episodes of the good, the bad and the ugly in wot? It was one of my favorite series. It was so funny.

  15. @reftouswarships6731

    I love the Defence its huge and squishy a big ass target want one though from a purely collector’s mindset

  16. The enemy team probably wondered where it all went wrong so fast as they had the total advantage in this match.

  17. I’d love to have uncle Jingles come to Malta and make a series going museums and cultural excursions.

  18. @littletweeter1327

    Should take a look at the new damage record from John the ruthless!

  19. The way a kill is assigned in this game, being the last one to inflict a point of damage, should be changed to the ship doing the most damage or partial kills for the ships involved. A guy in a life raft with a flare gun could sink a ship in this and get the credit.

  20. An unexpemding and cliff hanger of a game this morning!

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