World of Warships- The Lunar New Year Event Is Actually Decent

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the Lunar New Year event and go over its aspects. All in all it seems like a decent event this time around.

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  1. It’s time to go a- whalin boys the whalin life for me!

  2. Just some context on the characters, they are from the chinese book called 西游记, where a monk travels with his disciples, one a glutton, another a very, very mischievious monkey, and another one I forgot. He’s traveling to india to see the sutra and bring it back to china, aka the origin of Chinese piracy XD. Oversimplified, but I recommend checking out the translated book

  3. The most decent things are the missions, you can actually do them by playing the game and not frenetically grind them like you have to in dockyard

    • Bruh, you still stuck on the PR disaster?? The dockyards now are worth it. You have time, they are easy to do if you play well. And the asthetics and animations are just worth it. And you get a Dockyard camo on top, which look really nice for the first few games you play, and afterwards you can switch to the historical camo, or some of the expendable ones.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA They are NOT worth it for most players who don’t play for hours each day. Take away the necessary doubloons cost to finish the ships and I would say the events ARE worth it.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA They require that you pay, in any situation you must pay something.
      They are staggered so even if you had time you cant complete them when You have time, only when WG lets you (unless that is at the very end of event).
      They are easy, they can be completed in Co-Op, but the values just require really lot of time that nobody playing 1-2 hours/day can manage (those ppl wont get 200-300k DMG/match, you cant even get 3 containers in that time).
      At least they are not primarily aimed to “get prem or get out” like some other mechanics in this game

  4. So what is the decent thing with the event?

  5. You can use these ships as commander trainers as now post captain rework you can use your DD commanders but spec BB skills

  6. Monday? Am I living in the wrong calendar?

  7. I bought 10 containers and ended up with all 4 ships. Got Lucky AF!

  8. That Fen Yang was tons fun to play.

  9. Bought 5, got both the Wujin and Sanzang

  10. All the Santa Claus captain variants also have American voiceover. Only the greeting message at the start of the battle is custom.

  11. As a premium ship, if you’ve already grinded out the PA-DD line, you can just use that one commander across all ships, no?
    Sure, you don’t get the funny picture or different VA (If there is one for each special commander) but you’d have a high-level commander ready to go!

  12. 9:12 for most pan Asian ships when using national + it will default to your base language setting.

  13. I never get ships in these damn containers. All I get are useless flags that I have hundreds of already

  14. They totally pimped the ride, dude!

  15. Riccardo Rovai Guidobaldi

    What can I tell you that these ships have not thrilled me to go and take them for me this event can pass as it came if I had been other ships it would have changed a lot

  16. Ps….Warhammer 3 announced 🙂

  17. Tsuboi "Klein" Ryoutarou

    Got all ships, lots of Dubloons, and a little bit of coal in around 27-30 containers. Only thing I got outta them I didn’t like was more premium days.

  18. The fact that WG keeps doing this event shows that they make good money. Of course a business has to be profitable, but there is still a problem: due to RNG every lootbox buyer could get no, nada, zero ship. WG should start to guarantee a on top low Tier silver ship for five bought premium crates, a mid Tier premium for ten and so on – you see the pattern. That would be fair!
    Regarding the 10pt Captain, I disagree with SLM as he forgot the techtree.
    Thanks to the rework (sad but true) you can use any PanAsian Captain of a DD (silver techtree!) on the Premium-BB, CL or CV for free. One for four premium ships (different classes). The majority of PanAsian DD line players should already have a +10pt if you had grinded to Tier VI or VII before (+/-). This new feature is the(!) best change of the rework (IMHO). That is how I managed it on other lines too; cheap and works splendid. The 10 pt Cpt is a nice free addon and looks funny, but my pig does not make Oink 😅🐖
    Cheers, Pepe aka ThePeperich
    P.S. I did not bought a single crate, as I do not support cash for loot boxes, but I was lucky and dropped the BAIJE (final login bonus was a premium crate). The RNG-daemon punishes, the RNG-Lord gives. But it is a personal decision to use money for whatever you like to.

    Edit: language corrections; I am no native speaker

  19. I am so excited, I got the Siliwangi out of the event container. My first premium ship but IDK how to play destroyers and even less the pan asian ones. Anyone got any tips on how to play the ship?

    • My advice for the siliwangi, and pan-asian DDs in general, build them as gunboats. Pan-asian DDs get amazing smokescreens, long emission and long dispersion times. Not quite as good as the American DD smokes but still very very good. You can sit in them for over a minute and farm damage with the guns. The torpedoes are great, fantastic even, but because they can’t hit destroyers you are forced to use your guns against them. Speaking of torpedoes, get in the habit of only launching one set of torpedoes at a time. Any slight change in course or speed and your torps can miss. Launching both sets at once means both miss, but if you save one set, you’re still a threat to cruisers and BBs. They can’t rush you down because you have massive burst damage potential, but if they know you’re out of torps and they’re on cooldown well, you’re screwed. Same principle applies to all DDs except, arguably, the pan-euro DDs.

  20. Random_games Productions

    Does this go for the mobile version aswell?

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