World of Warships – Theory Crafting – Gunboats ft Khabarovsk

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Did a bit of on my stream with regards to gunboat play, decided that I should share these ideas with all of you on Youtube as well. I think the role of gunboats (soon to come Russian destroyers and the US destroyers) is to corral the enemy team into positions that they do not want to be in. In this tier 10 Russian destroyer, the Khabarovsk, I demonstrate what I mean by forcing the enemy team to turn away from their objective and also to turn into positions that do not favour them. Furthermore, by setting plenty of fires I cause enough of an annoyance that it results in the enemy BBs continuously falling back. So sit back, relax and enjoy this battle.

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  1. 1 Stronk russian DD vs 6 BBS stronk russian wins (Working as intended ,
    russian navy Best in the world)

  2. The counter to invisifiring is aircraft, CV drivers have to learn that
    spotting DDs is as important as doing damage. You did point this out at the
    end of course but it shouldn’t have taken so many ships to actually fend
    you off.
    Other DD drivers, especially IJN DDs, will have to counter this kind of
    thing from happening too.

  3. How do you remain invisible when you’re spamming HE? Don’t you become
    visible as soon as you fire guns? Also, pretty hard to just skip outa dodge
    in a bb. Don’t understand why they aren’t seeing you and shooting back. You
    seemed in range of a few but they seem oblivious to you and your spamming

  4. nerf Russia plz

  5. This is sooo easy to prevent, one hidden DD in front of their fleet and he
    would be spotted every shot. But that would mean a minimal amount of
    teamwork, so don’t count on it…

  6. While this ship looks powerful, it’s also in an ideal situation being
    played by a good player against BB players that aren’t using their
    consumables correctly. Put pubbies in charge and I’m not sure it’s as

  7. While it seems crazy powerful, I can’t help but wonder how it would have
    gone if the cruisers and enemy DDs were… you know… doing their job? A
    Gearing or Des Moines would ruin your day pretty bad I think.

  8. DDs are OP as hell. The fact that you can be so close without seeing them
    is just dumb.

  9. This was pretty much one of those perfect one-off circumstance where that
    particular ship with that particular setup would shine, so it doesn’t
    necessarily mean that the ship is OP.

    Having said that however, I just can’t stop laughing at how biased they are
    when it comes to their own Russian/Soviet ships.

  10. 4 am. That’s what time I get up.

  11. gun boats’ job is to kill the enemy DDs effectively. And clean up after
    enemy team lost vision and control over the map (after losing all their

  12. The USS Border Collie?.Good times,good times☺.

  13. chase the ship is not the only thing thats broken. ur broken too. too op.

  14. The US equivalent of invisi-fire is offensive smoking at medium range
    ~6-8km, so you get a few mins of this sort of harassment 3 times a match
    (usually landing some torps as well). The hang time and anemic fire chance
    of the Gearing completely rules out the pure invisi-fire approach.

  15. Blueblood Battleship captain here: I think the Khabarovsk and the type of
    gameplay it’ll bring is fine. It’ll hopefully start making destroyer’s at
    the high tiers competitive again.

  16. the ships not OP Its the bad MM the first game had 2 cruisers on each team
    and a crap ton of BBs this lead to the dds doing this 

  17. hey chase tell me how 2 acces the test server, cause i cant play these new
    ships on the normal one

  18. i used to nuke t10bbs with my usa dd, and now people r bitching about
    commie one

  19. The Drunken Gamer

    A great vid Chase. Thank you for all that you do for the WoWS Community.
    The time and effort you spend putting these videos together definitely

    With regards to Stronk Soviet DD’s I have to wonder if maybe WG didn’t make
    them this way on purpose. Not because OMG RUSSIA OP but perhaps as an
    attempt to change the higher tier meta. If “fear factor” is a ships primary
    weapon in lieu of damage that presents an opportunity for players to learn
    to perhaps get a bit more agressive in countering them. If it becomes a
    case of “play decisively or get rekt” then it could potentially do a lot to
    break the long distance sniping stalemates that I hear tier 8-10 matches
    often devolve into.

    I in know way claim to be an expert, but just thought I would put my two
    cents in.

  20. WG needs to do something with visibility mechanics. I think EVERY destroyer
    should become visible when it starts firing. This is nonsence.

  21. These are going to cause me to completely change my style of play with USN
    DD’s. I spend so much of my time trying to slip up for a torp attack when I
    should just invisi-fire.

  22. A couple of things:
    1. How would a battleship deal with this? Would the strategy be to push?
    2. Wouldn’t the Gearing be even more powerful?
    8 guns x 12rpm = 96
    6 guns x 20rpm = 120

  23. Chase dont listen to anyone but you man. If youre giving away basically
    money and tell the people watching, “You have to fly a unicorn into a ship
    while shooting a rainbow from your unicorn.” Then damn it we better be able
    to fly a unicorn into a ship while shooting a rainbow from our unicorn,
    simple as that. Stay awesome man and keep up the good work!

  24. Nice demonstration and battle! As your tactics combination of “Invisifire,
    Harass, and Corral” begins to catch on, I predict a rise in requests for
    demonstrations on how to gun gunboats lol

  25. Thanks for the video mate. Awesome as always 🙂

    If Russian DD’s get released like that it’s a game killer for me. I enjoy
    BB and CA. Not being able to spot a DD while being pounded by it would make
    me stop playing. I sure hope they fix that “super power” so I can keep
    playing and enjoy the game as well.

  26. No ship should be able to invis fire unless behind island or in smoke. This
    is more of a case of broken game mechanic rather than simply the ship being

  27. After seeing your “invisi-fire” video and these two on the high tier
    Russian DD’s, I now know why the last few days there’s been a sudden flood
    of people grinding the USN DD line on the NA server. I play mainly co-op
    battles due to my work schedule and other reasons – it’s went from one or
    two DD’s every other game or three, to as many as 4 or 5 DD’s EVERY game.
    Always going to be that group of players that jumps on anything that even
    remotely looks or smells OP.

    Kudos to you for saying yourself these high tier Russian DD’s, as they
    stand, are over the top. These things are light cruisers, with guns and a
    ROF that would make the other noted “firespam” ships in the game green with
    envy, enough speed to leave everything but their own kind in the dust, and
    DD levels of concealment.

    Another factor that will contribute to these ships being literal monsters,
    of late there seems to be a decline in the number of players willing to go
    forth in carriers. Lacking aircraft that can be dedicated to track one of
    these, the only other option would be a friendly DD willing to “take one
    for the team” and risk going forward to spot – and being killed themselves.

    The one game you mentioned – where it took the carrier driver and 3 or 4
    other players to run you down – that should speak right there to just how
    powerful this ship is – that it took roughly 1/3 of the opposing team to
    deal with ONE DD.

    I certainly hope that WG does listen to your feedback and tones these
    beasts down a bit before they go live. But given that they haven’t even
    touched the two notable Russian premiums, the Grem and the Murmansk, and
    let them stand as arguably the best ships for their class and tier in the
    game, I’m not holding my breath. If WG lets these ships go live as is –
    which, IMO, would be nothing more than to appease the home crowd on the RU
    server – they’ll end up becoming the premier stealth troll ships in the
    game. If that’s what ends up happening, it’ll be a long time before WG
    could hope to see any more of my money.

  28. you game play is excellent, strategy insight seems exceptional, but i find
    it so hard to like your posts consistently due to perceived arrogance ,
    what do i know . andrew paxton

  29. While everyone is talking about nerfing the ships, what’s the polls on
    nerfing fires? As I understand, fire damage is % based off of Max HP. So
    BB’s take more damage. I understand you NEED fires to kill a BB. If there
    were no fires, games would need even more time to finish. With the amount
    of HE spam that is possible and the DPM of a lot of the ships in the game,
    I think fires just need a nerf. Perhaps a fixed amount of damage over time.
    So that way when someone’s driving their Nagato they’re not losing 3k
    health every tick of damage cuz they have 3 fires from this Russian
    Monstrosity. Or even a cleveland with the range skill, or any other long
    range cruisers. If fires can do more damage than a BB player with good
    aim(lest we forget the lack of accuracy those guns have in the first
    place), something needs to happen to fires.

    Any agreement or opposition is welcome.

  30. Ichase Winfrey. YOU get a fire! YOU get a fire! Everyone gets a fire!

  31. when I was on BB and I got set on fire/flood after I used my damage
    control, I go “TENNO HEIKA, BANZAAAAIII!”
    next time I knew, I sunk two more ships before going down myself 😛

    mostly I just being a roasted duck though

  32. I think gearing can shoot faster by 1 second so does that mean more fires?

  33. If they were smart the would charge u so they can spot u and focus fire u

  34. Chase: I had a battle that taught me this just 2 nights ago. In a T4 match,
    I was able to use my Wickes DD to do just what you are pointing out
    here…..area denial. The map terrain wasn’t even all that close. I forget
    the name of the map but it has 3 control zones almost in line with 2 large
    islands with a narrow channel between them. Most of the DD’s went to the
    channel area but I scouted for 2 BB’s on the west end. I was flooding the
    area with torps and setting fires with my guns. Really intense action too.
    Then I noticed that most of my team had shifted over to my area because I
    had completely blunted the enemy push. I died but we won the match because
    the enemy was so tied up by what I was doing that they couldn’t advance or
    angle properly while the BB’s behind me were pelting them.

  35. Your awesome keep it up man although the Russian destroyers need to be

  36. It works when there is no CV.

  37. The only counter to this is to be agressive and push into the dd that is
    doing that and hit it with HE.

  38. The American Destroyers are like that as well. I have been doing that with
    the Mahan. You can scare the Cruisers away as well.

  39. nice video chase but that kind of tactics only work if the enemy has no
    carrier.this is also why you don’t see too many high tier dd’s around
    because if there is a enemy carrier & he knows what he is doing he will
    take out the dd himself or barring that perma spot the dd with a fighter
    squad & very soon after that no dd.


    Especially the part about the Gearing! I KNOW that when I get mine, I will
    have skills and modules ALL kitted out to give better range to my guns and
    better concealment to my ship!

    While the Gearing has 2 less guns, not as much range, and probably will not
    cause as much damage per shell, as I commented in your last video about the
    Khabarovsk, the Gearing actually has a good bit higher total shells per
    minute with 120 for the Gearing base stats, and about 106.7 for the
    Khabarovsk – and that is going off of the reload speed I saw in the last
    video of 4.5 seconds, and of course 3 seconds for the Gearing (even though
    it jumps to about 22 with basic firing training!)

    And I REALLY could NEVER understand why people just DON’T seem to
    understand how GREAT the Gearing can be in this role when used properly!
    Maybe it is because it used to have a lower shell velocity than it does now?

    While it doesn’t have the 13km base range of the Khabarovsk it ALSO doesn’t
    get spotted from, what 8.4 km stock? I will have advanced firing training
    for my USN DD captain soon, and I am also almost to the Farragut, which
    will easily be able to Invisi-shoot with just that skill, and I anticipate
    using that FAR more often than the torpedoes, I will also keep the torps
    from the Nicholas as 4.5km range is unacceptable!

    By the time I get the Gearing, not only will I be used to using that
    mechanic, but my captain will have EVERYTHING I really want, with advanced
    firing training and concealment expertise alone I will be able to herd BBs
    like cattle!

  41. if they come out like that ….. 🙁 we have to stop play bb and crusers 🙁
    OP … :(

  42. Where the hell were the enemy DD they should have been hunting the Russian

  43. Can you imagine 3 of these in a division with decent captains & comms? It
    would make the infamous OP’ness of the Type 59 in WoT pale into
    insignificance. It took WG a couple of years to ‘balance’ the Type 59 so
    don’t expect any nerfs soon.

  44. this is sick :)

  45. lol love the way you fire! But why didn’t you cap D early in the battle? I
    think you totally could, and that should give your team more score

  46. It’s funny how a good chunk (not saying much or all of) of the
    controversies in WoWS comes from the relation of said ship and the fire
    damage coming from its HE….

    there are 4 places in a ship which can take a fire at the same time, but
    why do we have to find troublesome when we catch just one fire? TBH I’m at
    the point where, at least when i’m playing with a battleship, I dont care
    about one fire since later on i can use a repair to mitigate that, but i
    cant say the same thing for other classes of ship.

    The way i think it, fire damage should only start to be worrysome on the
    2nd fire, 3rd on battleships, This way you justify those HE spammers to
    actually spam and aim their shots to get those sweet 3-4 fires on a ship.
    Just by doing so, i believe the gunboats issues will be addressed, aswell
    as clevelands and the likes of him aswell.

  47. I think CVs will make a comeback with spotting these invisible ninjas.

  48. There were almost no CAs in this game. If they were there as well as a few
    more DDs you would have been busier with them for the first few min and
    would have taken more damage I think. MM is part of that problem.

  49. Derek VDG (Dvang)

    I think this is a great attempt Chase, thanks. However, the teams for this
    battle were so atypical (no CVs, only a single CA on the enemy team, only 2
    DDs, etc). Now, I don’t have a tier 10 DD yet. That said, I have been in
    tier 10 battles. I think this mostly just shows the power of the Soviet
    tier 10, rather than ‘gunboat’ DDs in general. With a couple of enemy CAs
    (and/or DDs) who know how to play, you’d be focused fire pretty quickly.

    I’d like to see if you can replicate this with a Gearing, and any
    lower-tier DDs with a more balanced team composition. My experience playing
    DDs is that if I get spotted, which I do if I fire guns, I get focused
    pretty quickly by most of the enemy team. CAs and DDs fire quickly enough,
    that it isn’t too difficult for them to wreck you before you can get out of
    the way unless you’ve got both smoke and boost available … and even then
    their ROF even firing blindly, makes that a dicey proposition.

    Its a great theory, and I hope it works (to an extent, obviously), but I am
    skeptical that in reality it works for more than this one ship.

  50. 451 hits! WOW! Great game man.

  51. Have you tried AP ammo with those russian DDs? I was messing around with my
    Gearing a bit and I noticed, that I can do suprisingly good damage to
    battleships with AP, firing from higher ranges(like 12+km) when the shells
    drop straight down on the deck.

  52. Note that if the enemy DD’s had supported their team by hunting iChase down
    his ‘OP’ tactic becomes pretty worthless.

  53. totally balanced…

  54. try this with a gearing, then you see that you cant.

  55. Alexander Schöneberg

    as much as i like to rant about overpowered russian stuff released by
    wargaming i have to admit if the enemy destgroyer and cruisers had done
    their job such a gameplay would either much harder or even impossible. Both
    did a terrible job (not at all in truth) to screen their BBs and the BBs
    himself…. stupid just stupid, you would expect after getting harrassed
    for 10min that at least one of them would steam to the position the shells
    came from and so maybe spot the DD.

  56. Burn Baby Burn !

  57. It’s going to be interesting to see how these DDs evolve over time. If what
    I’m hearing about 9% fire chance is correct… I don’t know, maybe we can
    expect some changes. Right now I’m having fun playing the USN destroyers,
    so I will definitely be giving the Soviet counterparts a try. I’m not
    looking forward to the lower tiers, though. They seem underpowered.

  58. So this is for the pychopaths :-)

  59. I wonder if the invisible firing destroyers will be held in check once
    cruisers start appearing in high tier battles. In this battle, there was
    only one cruiser on the enemy team.

  60. Chase another awesome vid bud, learned so much from your play and I didn’t
    comment on monday rules as loads of other guys commented but I will say
    that you are always going to get some twats giving you bad comments and
    that is part and parcel of the net these days but I for one would not be as
    good a player as i am now ( not in your league ) without your informative
    and enjoyable vids. Keep up the good work lad… lol I can say lad as im

  61. The invisi-fire thing just needs to go… stupid mechanic

  62. There is a CV missing in this battle, and its job would be to spot you…
    That should balance things out…

  63. A lot of seal clubbing in this video. Think about going up against team
    with four Khabarovsks. If wargaming does not fix it, this game would be
    pointless soon. If I was a tier 10 battleship getting shot up like this I
    would just AFK border hug and then go watch TV.

  64. Yep, I got to experience this in my mogomi going against one of the russian
    tier 9s and there was literally nothing I could do. If I tried to move
    towards him to spot him he would just use his speed to stay out of
    detection range, and it was amazing how fast my health just melted.

  65. Made me wonder why no cruisers were trying to spot you or counter you. I
    guess the game was stacked with BB’s? Its kind of hard to not get spotted
    reliably in DD’s though (with aircraft numbers in high tiers for instance).
    So I’m not so sure this is OP.

  66. that feel when you get harrassed by an atlanta as a BB… and now this one.
    i seriously hope they fix this.

  67. Maybe you can do with with the Fletcher and the Gearing, but you definitely
    can’t do it in a Benson lol. The shell speed, shell trajectory, and fire
    chance of these Russian DD guns is total BS compared to USN DDs. 9% chance
    of fire on the Soviet 130mm vs 5% chance on the 127mm gun. Why is the US
    127mm gun so much weaker? Cause it used to be OP AF, so they nerfed the
    damage, chance of fire, shell speed, and shell arc…

  68. This theory is 100 percent correct chase, I feel the same way about
    “corralling” the enemy ships.

  69. Arvin Dave Velasco

    just to balance, for me in my opinion the russian ships are not broken.

    OP reload time is fine for russian DD’s at high tier’s.. but the developers
    have the option to nerf the gun range and speed of the ship. because it is
    to much for a battleship to be constantly on fire and can’t detect or can’t
    even get close to the ship because it is to fast. you need to rely on your
    spotter planes or have a figther escort from CV’s to assist with spotting
    or a decent DD to do spotting and counter DD’s

    but i know the developers of WOWs can do something about this. sir chase
    data and feedback can help developers. =)

  70. behold, the e-25 of the seas!

  71. as an avid Wows player I must state that you had no real competition in
    this roun; no enemy carrier, no gun based dd or cruiser which is a counter
    to your ship. I get your idea here but its much more interesting to se an
    even balanced round and make conclusions of that.

  72. Nice game Chase and glad to hear that our comments cheered you up. As I
    said, don’t let the haters get to you.

    These ships scare me…. Their guns just seem too good…. I will have to
    try out stealth gunning when I get back in December, but with USN DD’s and
    their hang time… *shudders* I think that is why USSR DD’s can stealth gun
    so well. They don’t have massively absurd hang times. Once you hit 10km in
    a USN DD, shell travel time in is excess of 10 seconds while with that DD
    it only got up to ten seconds when you were at max range. That and their
    RoF seems to be almost on par with USN DD’s….

    Anyways, good video again! Look forward to more! Keep up the awesome work!

  73. Hey Ichase, what do you think about implementing the third kind of
    ammunition ,,phosphorus shells,, which would only set on fire but no dmg
    done, for example explosive ammunition would do only dmg without setting on

  74. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Well, I’d call this…
    a sick burn!

  75. hands down ✋, This would be the most annoying ship to fight :v

  76. wargames is pretty mutch infamous for there “patriotic” view on how good
    Russians were in WW2

  77. This sort of play could potentially make early-battle DD duels just as
    important to battle outcomes as carrier duels are at present.


  79. I don’t think that this ship is broken, I mean enemy team could have easily
    countered it if they just pushed harder and if they had some cruisers to
    possibly kill you or just force you to turn away and disengage?

  80. This is the true power of Wargaming making a new line with a lot of Donkey
    puncher ships that will be a terrible grind. Spend the
    gold…opps….sorry…Doubloons to get past all those nasty ships to the
    OP one at tier 10.

  81. Omg, this thing scary as shit

  82. Nextlevel gaming…. ops iChaseGaming…. Nice thoughts ! 100% Agree on
    your theory crafting .

  83. Very interesting take Chase.

    I am not at that level. My top USN DDs are T6, but I with AFT I can shoot
    way farther than concealment so I will give it a try with Farragut and
    Nicholas. Thanks for posting.

  84. General Saufenberg

    nice game, but 1 single carrier will ruin your day. they keep you spottet
    all day long…

  85. That is some broken firepower!
    But, I kind of like it… If there is a reasoned counter for it, this ship
    could in theory make people play together as a team just because they have

  86. That Annoying Troll

    Such bullshit, there’s no counter play to this shit unless you have a
    competent carrier to spot and a ship that can do good dps to kill the damn
    thing. Already experiencing this stuff, but I fear this will only get worse

  87. Good God man! Okay, that was just friggin EVIL. I think at some point, I
    would have driven a cruiser down there to sacrifice myself to the Citadel
    Gods so my team could shoot at you! Like you said, that would make me give
    up the will to fight. Sooooooo frustrating. Great vid, thanks for posting
    this and helping some of us out with DD Tactics on our ‘Gunboats’.

  88. is it already out in NA?… not yet in Asia _’

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