World of Warships – There is NOTHING these 2 Russian ships can’t carry

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You can have bad team, bad positioning, no map control, no cap control, no points, no ship lead, nothing. But if you have these 2, there’s nothing you can’t carry. Tested, tried, approved.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Monkey not dying in the first 10min?

    Where is the real flambass and what have you done with him?

  2. Wow…they threw hard.

  3. Victory Aircraft CV

    9:39 Citadel 16km!

    • Richard Setya Budi

      its normal, enemy is minotaur. i citadeled des memes from 15km. tbh, nevsky can citadel slava ass too while cqc (yeah slava ass and nose are 25mm, idk any other BBs ass can be citadeled)

    • @Richard Setya Budi Pretty sure you can definitely citadel Conq and Thunderer ass. That flat ass was made for that !

    • @Richard Setya Budi any BB with flat ass can be cit say like conquerors falt ass, you can destroy yamatos at 12km if they try to angle just shoot at the cheeks with AP. both the t10 Russian cruisers ar just broken but to many potato’s play them and they say there hard to

  4. Amazing comeback, noice

  5. That comment of Flambass at the start.. Looks like a 8bit game.

    My dearest Flambass, gameplay defines a game, graphics are just the most common method of delivering that gameplay to the player. No amount of insane graphics can improve a crappy gameplay. Just ask anyone with a rotten job in real life. “Yeah, graphics are great, but i hate my job right now” So for the case of factorio, try before you crap on it. Its primary gameplay loop can be a lot of fun if you set your mind to it.

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @Rémi Marchese if youre going to say bad graphics makes factorio bad im gonna guess you’re around the same age as the youtuber. Otherwose. Curious why you say that

    • @Marcus Jones Stinks I was saying that factorio is good unlike satisfactory I should have added quotes

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @Rémi Marchese yep I understand your point now, thanks for clarifying. Quotes do make a difference if you cant hear the person speak.

    • Factorio has good gameplay, poor graphics, but great aesthetics. If the art style is done well, it doesn’t matter if it looks low res 🙂

    • its garbage and looks garbage

  6. Graphics mean nothing!

  7. REALLY want to see Flambass play Sea of Thieves. Warships manual mode.

  8. Venezia and Mino saved the day. They flanked the enemy team while these guys were getting boxed into a corner with a DD stalking them.

    • Mino and Venezia were definitely champs and the DD was stalking them.

      Then Flambass turned around and radar’d the DD. Did you not see that part?

    • @Mark Costello I mean, it’s still impressive. It can be hard to just survive sometimes.

  9. factorio is more about gameplay depth (like rimworld). satisfactory is similar in style but the options are approx 9000 times less………. improvisable? satisfactory simply would not exist without factorio leading the way, but i can understand the lack of interest based on graphical style. it’s the same deal with minecraft. the main point is, if you enjoy one for the actual gameplay (creating and observing working systems), you will very likely enjoy the other. there’s 1000s of ways to buid a circuit factory in factorio, but really only a few good ways to buid reinforced plates in satisfactory. give them both a fair shake imo

  10. That mino clinging for life lol, and capping A, what a champ

  11. Now do that in Henri IV and Goliath. Speaks volumes, really.

  12. There is nothing Russian ships can’t carry in the Game. Except for a fun and engaging playstyle.

  13. As a player of both satisfactory and factorio…
    Different gameplay for different people.
    Factorio makes mega factories a lot easier to get to, however satisfactory makes you feel a lot more hands on

  14. Flambass captions; There is nothing these 2 RU ships can’t carry

    SEA Ranked; Hold my beer.

  15. Justin Cartwright

    Factorio is the best factory building game ever made.

  16. What, you mean there are two more perfectly balanced Soviet ships?
    With the exception of DDs, I don’t know why anyone bothers playing any other nation. That’s how blatant it is.
    Game’s becoming the same sort of joke/meme WoT has been for years. People used to say “It’s not the same WG”. LOL, right.

  17. The petro in particular is OP IMO. Railguns, stupidly low to the water and minimal superstructure, too stealthy given its 12km radar, good rate of fire. I hate playing against it.

  18. Oh please, satisfactory is not even in the same league as factorio, it is not even close.

  19. I can just imagine the other side …
    “but but but … we were _winning_ … nnnooooo “

  20. Flambass, Factorio is an awesome game, and the no2 rating on steam backs this statement up.

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