World of Warships- Top 5 Annoying As HELL Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 annoying ships! Enjoy!

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1:22 5. Nakhimov
6:35 4. Thunderer
11:20 3. Colossus
15:03 2. Gato
17:50 1. U-4501


  1. @user-ms5yi3wu6c

    I love watching these videos and then looking at the ships ingame

  2. I’m gonna list the Sherman, Azuma and Napoli. I’d like to have each of these ships myself, but that’s the problem. They are so cripplingly overplayed I detest seeing them. Just constant spam.

  3. @Jedi_Master_Obi-Wan_Kenobi66

    Day 1 of asking for the Ultimate Destroyer Tier List, I think we’re all wanting for another lecture from the Sea Lord Naval Academy.

  4. @shoddyshaggy9859

    Lets add that the Colossus players are generally CV killers, they try handicap the enemy team first, which while valid, is annoying

  5. @Raketenmaulwurf

    Imagine Wargaming putting so much busted stuff into the game that the SMOLENSK not even APPEARS anymore on a top 5 most annoying ships list 😀

    • Or players just have a short memory. And of course if you watch SLM videos on the regular you recently been spammed by hate for CVs and subs. He just completed feeding you his and your own bias.

    • Smolensk is not nearly as bad as she used to be due to the captain skill nerfs for DD caliber light cruisers. Sure she can be a pain in balls, especially for DDs, but so are Austin and Brisbane. The Smols I see nowadays usually end up getting dumpstered.

    • @richardbell7678

      @@vangg5541 I had a pre-Commander rework Smolensk. The Smolensk with a main gun range of 19.2 kilometers was rather obscene, as, unlike the Atlanta, you could hit targets with the Smolensk’s guns at 19.2 km. With a team mate to spot for you, you could park the Smolensk in a smokescreen and play arsonist, with impunity.

      The Smolensk does have AP, and it is very good AP, too. If a Pan-Asian cruiser offers your Smolensk its broadside, you can quickly rack up 10 citadel hits, possibly in a single salvo.

  6. What a surprise! Of the 5 most hated ships 2 are subs and 2 are CV’s 😂😂. Good video again

    • Who would have guess the classes that you can’t reliably counter are annoying. At least with Thunderer you can pen it everywhere and can be easily taken down

    • Most of us like big guns. I do. I hate how easy it is for non battleships to kill a battleship. In WWII, subs and carriers were the only ships BBs needed to worry about. Even then, American fast BBs were AA gods of thunder. Yes, a destroyer could possibly close and use torpedoes, but it will either get blown out of the water or eat a ton of secondary fire and limp away afterward.

      One other thing. Why do torpedoes get a white reference line and not main battery guns on later ships? I’ve toured The North Carolina and The Iowa. They both have massive fire control computers that the FCs can imput their speed and heading, the target’s bearing, distance, speed, and heading and get a firing solution from. Why can’t BBs and later cruisers get that ability?

    • ​@andrewpena9041 In some cases 1 turret of a battleship can dev strike a light cruiser, CV’s and Subs can kill them even easier.
      So cry me a river, while BB mains slurp up the gravy that is CV/Sub spotting so you dev strike light cruisers across the map that has been spotted by the classes that “oppresses” you.
      Never hear BB’s complain about that.

  7. Kagero been my nemesis for a long time.

  8. Good list, I absolutely dispise the gato

  9. @davidwhitfield6025

    You need to also include the U-4501’s other weakness. Yes it goes almost 40kns (which is BS it was slower that a Type XXI with only 12 kn submerged). but only in a straight line. If you turn you halve its speed to less than 20kns which makes it surprisingly easy to catch in a multiple asw bombing run. Sub captains playing as battleships know this and if the sub double pings he is going to get a lot of nasty surprises. DD captains will still curse it IF it is running in a straight line as they can’t keep up (which is just plain silly). Why the Balao gets such a high under water speed (8.75 kts realistically) is beyond me. The only active WW II sub type that was faster was the German Type XXI with 17 kts underwater. For some reason the American sub was scaled to be faster than the kraut, and by a lot. I don’t understand how Wargamming devs came up with these speeds. Initially it looks like they just added 10 kns at least with the t6 and T8 subs then everything goes out the window at T10. Now I understand why it was done.

    For those who hate subs the biggest thing that will kill subs, especially at T10 is the poor returns they are now getting. It’s now very hard to score big damage consistently anymore. You can have some good 100k games especially against teams that like to just hang back, letting their DDs and cruisers to die fighting for the caps while they hang back. They are the ones a SS can reap big damage in the late game. But for teams that close and get in amongst it the SS quickly finds himself at 3km and his torps being ineffective. Radar, more hydro, cruisers with Sub surveillance and longer range air ASW are making life very tough for subs and the proof is in the stats. It is post May 1943 and there are no more Happy Times for Subs. Not saying its good or bad just what I have observed. Makes my ASW DD captains rather useless as I am seeing more and more games without subs. Increased strength on depth charges means nothing if there are no Subs to use them on and I do enjoy hunting subs as much as playing them.

  10. Sea Lord…. what about superships? I’ve literally stopped playing Random Battles since superships (and especially super CVs) became a thing. Everyone despises Gato tho, I agree with that!!!

    • At least with super ships you can burn down the superstructure or hide behind Islands, essentially just playing like they are higher tiered ships.

    • @philipreber3314

      Superships arent that much of a problem that they would change randoms and often i am even happy if i see a super surface ship especially battleship bc their captains are often overconfident showing broadside and it grants u a uptier economic bonus for dealing dmg to it.

  11. @SageofIrrelevance

    I have a special, almost Moby Dick level of hatred for the Colbert. That ship is my nemesis. Any time I see that ship, I become liable to ignore everything else until it’s dead, even if I get killed in the process.

  12. As a dd player Daring should be on the list, the get out of jail smokes, the Heals, the torps, the hydros, the concealment and DPM. It’s an annoying ship to deal with

    • Daring is a joke compared to just about every new gunboat DD. Even Halland can outgun Daring.

    • @@Michael-gp3vlwhat are you talking about ?, Daring have more gun DPM than Halland, also Halland need to show broadside to shoot both turrets. If you lose a 1v1 to a Halland in a Daring then it on your fault not the ship. Learn when to shoot AP and when to shoot HE and when to pop smoke in a Daring can make this ship litterally every DD 1v1

  13. Another great list

  14. @arizona_anime_fan

    thunderer is a good choice, i had a battle 4 on 1, between my thunderer, a squad of 3 stvinnies and 1 iowa. sunk all 4, I also was sunk but i got all 4 of em in a 8 minute long gun battle. f-ing thunderer is just an utterly broken ship if you know how to kite with her.

  15. Im a little surprised Smoly didnt make that list. But NOT surprised that four of the five selected are either sky cancer or submarines.

  16. One solution to subs is give them early USN Mark 14 torpedoes. That is have them run erratically, fail to detonate or detonate early. Have them do a circular run and sink the sub that launched it would be great.

    I played a match that my DD took a long time to run down a sub to make a depthcharge attack, I was using a French DD. IJN DD? fugat about it.

  17. @silverthorngoodtree5533

    How times have changed when the Asashio was so hated…

  18. @richardbell7678

    The worrisome thing about the Colossus is that the Colossus class was widely distributed after the war, so they could add one to each of the Dutch, Pan-American, and Commonwealth nations.

  19. SMB, what do you think about divisions of 2 for ranked?

  20. Nakhimov strenght came from the fact that she abuses all the CV hidden mechanics that are still present in game. Like how the fighter dont usually engage first attack of the CV and just latch after the attack (guess what Nakhimov does only one attack), or how planes during attack take less damage, and so on….

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