World of Warships- Top 5 BEST Premium Cruisers

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 Best Premium cruisers! Enjoy!

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Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:21 5. Salem/Des Moines
5:05 4. Stalingrad
8:40 3. Atago
12:16 2. San Diego
15:35 1. Napoli


  1. That Stalingrad was not happy with the Salem cheater! lol

  2. @timothyodenwald7441

    To Each His Own, SLM. Personally, I prefer Stali. Omitted from your list, but plenty of fun…Brisbane. Have a great day/week, Y’all

  3. Imagine owning a Stalingrad and not understanding how terrain works.

  4. Lmao at the Stalingrad in the Salem video… Should send them the video. You can see half your shells hit the island, the other shells get 11 cids haha, why sail broadside like that and cry 😅

  5. That guy in chat on copium calling Sealord a cheater lol

  6. love prinz eugen , its like a mini tirpitz

  7. lol that russian bias main in the stalingrad . cant stop laughing

  8. @lightbluewaves5526

    “11 citadels? Impossible”

    Well that can happen if you keep showing flat broadside to a Salem/Des moines

    I really can’t help but notice that moskva/stalingrad players somehow always have to show flat broadside to everyone, than act shock when they get clapped.
    It’s almost as predictable as a German bb player that always has to push instantly, than act shock when they get pummeled.

  9. The Tulsa is honestly a pretty great ship. Its basically a Baltimore with better AA and Des Moines reload, but less guns, and has access to the Tier IX Modules. Its greatest failing is constantly getting uptiered into X and Super matches. When it gets stuck into a proper Tier IX match it aquits itself very well

    • @chiracultrainstinct3d629

      Tulsa has no DPM and 3×2 turrets with DM dispersion is very trolly. And T9 cruisers in general get often bullied by T10/supersbullships

  10. I was too busy reading chat, I didn’t listen to anything SLM was saying about the Salem lmao

  11. Really appreciate your “best of” videos Sea Lord. I use them to guide most of my premium purchases. Keep them coming please.

  12. Love it how the OG Atago keeps making it on these lists…

    Shows the early devs knew their own game a lot better as they appear to do right now.

  13. My personal favorite is the Wichita. Decent all around, 8″ guns, 10 second reload, radar, and damn does it print credits.

  14. Would fit in the Agir on the list somewhere, strong coal ship that can punch other ships.

  15. That Stalin gave me an idea for new video serie. Players worst outburst when they them self are just bad players… top ten of the month or something.

  16. I really love how I have no idea what you where saying about Salem because I had been full focus on the chat with Stalingrad and then you’re just making a smooth transition to… the Stalingrad xD

  17. As I might be among the first people to use that description, it truly warms my heart to hear you say “a destroyer with a citadel”.

    I do not have the San Diego, but I had so much fun playing the Atlanta (2.2 million xp) that I will probably get it, evemtually. If you like the play style of ridiculous numbers of fast firing guns that sweep aircraft from the skies, the Pan-Asian cruisers, from tier VI, all fit that bill.

  18. Napoli is so damn good that she’s often banned from Clan battles. And for good reason. This is definitely one ship worth getting.

  19. Mainz should be on this list

  20. I have both the Atago and the Napoli. Both are fun. Got both of them because you recommended them, Sea Lord 🙂 No regrets.

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