World of Warships- Top 5 Worst Ships Of 2023

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Hey guys! Today we go over the worst of the worst ships released in 2023! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:22 5. Halford
4:57 4. Nottingham
8:55 3. Yumihari
12:11 2. Sun Yat-Sen
15:57 1. Picardie


  1. @xxxthwagdrakexxx4672

    I agreed with all of them except sun yat sen. The fact that you get a tankier than average sovietsky hull (along with being slightly harder than average to light fires off) while not having the limited charge dcp makes it a bulwark of a ship. The ap isnt anything special but if you can use its overmatch capabilities to its fullest potential yeah sure youll get frustrating salvos but more often than not itll net you consistent damage. The seconaries are also nothing to scoff at either, and besides if youre going full broadside in a bb and thinking you’re going to be fine and tanky in almost all cases you deserve to get blown out the water

    • It was advertised as a secondary BB, but I think there weren’t enough of them to justify it.

      I don’t think it’s a bad ship, but it’s certainly not the most fun and can be frustrating.

      I also got Karl IV Johan from Santa crates and Navarrin when it was available and loving both of those so much more.

      Though I have to say that Navarrin is objectively bad a lot of the time. It’s great when you get a map with islands, aren’t bottom tier, etc. though. It’s going to be a blast to play in ranked.

    • @xxxthwagdrakexxx4672

      ​​@@Joshua-fi4ji I get more than enough fires with them but that’s because I love to brawl and do angled drivebys and that’s not even with a full point captain build. The secondaries are also more accurate to boot so the quality over quantity works for the better imo. Battleships in general can be frustrating as you only get good results if you consistently lead well and the sun yat sen is no exception. Yes Georgia is better but karls guns don’t overmatch the same way you could wipe out most of a cruisers hp through their bow/stern and make them panic while doing so, Id be lying to you if I said I wasn’t frustrated when I first bought this ship but it’s grown on me steadily and I find myself having fun in this ship especially in brawls

    • @@xxxthwagdrakexxx4672 I was going off of what the CCs said in their reviews. I haven’t tried a secondaries yet (only played 1 game with it).

      For me (in that 1 game) the guns felt inconsistent. The results were good and the guns performed well over time, but the individual salvos didn’t feel satisfying most of the time. So whilst it’s not a bad ship, I also didn’t find it the most fun. My opinions may change over time as I play the ship more.

      Johan’s guns feel satisfying at closer ranges, which is true for a lot of smaller calibre guns.

    • @xxxthwagdrakexxx4672

      @@Joshua-fi4ji yeah the guns take some getting used to but people underestimate this ship and think “I can just go bow in” and if you know where to aim through there you can chonk them pretty hard. Part of why this ship can get better over time is because of you learning how to aim through the bow and get consistent citadels (most of the time since the dispersion can be weird) when the guns allow it and how to take advantage of it’s great turret angles and reload, it’s also really needy in that you either have to have a 19+ regular point captain build or a 17+ legendary captain (which I have and used Jinan to level up and undoubtedly made this ship funner to play) which as a premium thats supposed to also have the added benefit of “training other captains up with no retaining penalty” to be dependant on that when other premiums aren’t so much can make it feel worse than other buyable ships that can do that better too

    • @@xxxthwagdrakexxx4672 I set him up for Bajie a while ago so am stuck with a tank build unless I reset him.

  2. I avoided Halford when it came out, per what you said, basically. I am a DD main and love Fletcher. Then got Halford in a Santa crate two days ago. Played it once. Sucks indeed. Relegated to the back of the pack, along with the likes of FR-25. Don’t want to sell them to avoid getting them again in crates. Then I got the Sun-Yat-Sen in a Santa crate. 🙁

    • It would be so much better if the planes were Tromp-style

    • FR-25 is pretty good these days actually, since it’s buffs. You might want to revisit it.

      I also got Halford and it’s better than I expected, still not good though and I hate the design. The planes are useful for getting some early spotting and damage to other DDs, but then Velos just has so much more dpm and better torps, as well as being more fun.

      I’ll try Halford in ranked as it may give you an edge there.

    • @@Joshua-fi4ji Ok. I’ll try FR-25 again. Velos I also got this week in a Santa crate. Not bad but Fletcher is still better.

    • @@AlexFeldstein from what I understand, she works out very equal to Fletcher.

      I never got around grinding up the US DDs past Farragut, but have all the other DD lines up to T10. I like Chung Mu and Yueyang a lot so never bothered grinding up what are essentially very similar ships.

      I like the single torp launcher on Velos. Feels like Orkan a tier higher.

  3. Great video as always. Agree with your assessment. Have a great Xmas

  4. Nottingham’s C-turret is not super-firing, so she must show her flank to use all three turrets. You may as well use a normal ABX layout and have the ability to shoot in 360°.

  5. Not sure of the order, but the list is “on the money.” I would never spend money on these five, but I’ve played against them. The CB early this year allowing T9 with mostly T8 was about the time of the release of SYS. I got stuck in a bad position with a half health Balti 1v1 bow in to an almost full health SYS and no teammates in support.. Maybe it was the player, but I very nearly burned her down before she sank me, just by throttle juking combined with the terrible dispersion the SYS seems to have. Good vid.

  6. Agree about Halford but I will say it does get stronger in the endgame. My first encounter with a Halford was in testing and no one knew what it was. It took me a long while to figure out the planes that were spotting my DD were from the Halford. In the endgame I was alone against Halford and a cruiser, and even though my team was winning on points I was unable to hide… it kept spotting me and they killed me before time ran out.
    Personally I think they should have turned Halford’s plane into a super-spotter plane: something that stays up a long time and spots for the team — and is very hard to shoot down. Maybe it even gives buffs to the team’s guns that shoot at the ships it spots. That would have been interesting.

  7. Mostly agree with the list, but i find the Nottingham works well for me. Feels like a tier 8 Defense

  8. I agree with you on all five ships. I like the Sun Yat-Sen, but AP Alpha is a joke. I never got the Picardie based on your review. You saved me $$$$! Hat off to you, Sir.

  9. Worst overall ship of 2023; 1-5 the Kitakami, a tier 4 cruiser sold as a tier 10 ship. The most expensive ship WarGaming has ever fleeced their community with and the ultimate Fear of Missing Out tactic used on any player base in gaming history.

  10. I agree with the assessment of the Sun Yat Sen. I thought it was accurate, but I’m watching my shells splash all around the target. One of the few ships I wish I could get a refund on. I guess I can run my Yamato (with legacy mod) if I want accuracy I guess.

  11. @chrismackenrodt6202

    I agree with Sun yat sen I have it. It can eat a lot of damage but your useless against other battleships it can be fun when you get some broadsides of cruisers at medium range, but like you said, typically have 4 guns and when there not penetrating you just can’t finish fights. I’ve gotten games with 250j damage but it was rare and had to play out right and go long. Takes alot of hits to get there with 6 shells when only 3/4 hit at besr

  12. I actually have a lot of fun with my Picardie. I have a lot of success blasting DDs. She’s quite manoeuvrable and all that HE is bad news for a DD. I get respectable scores but nothing spectacular. Maybe she just suits my playing style.

  13. @dailydoseofwows1240

    Heya, it’s the Napoli in the Picardi game, I will say for as bad as the ship is, she is really good at destroying Napoli’s torpedo tubes. I lost both to you Sea Lord 😀

  14. A fix for the Halford and the Tone is to have the planes ready to go at the spawn. Otherwise you are just to close to the enemy and too fragile to use your aircraft until maybe late game.

    • I agree, as it is the retired pilots take to long to get from the ready room to the flight deck. They always have to stop to go to the head before embarking.

  15. I got Halford from a Santa crate, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. If used correctly, the ship is pretty decent, and the planes are a very good tool against other dds and does extra damage on top of that (they are tiny Tim rockets.) The Halford is NOT a damage farmer. It is a spotter and a tactical tool. Even though though I enjoy playing it, I still think it needs buffs, plz WG!

  16. I really enjoy your top 5 videos, Sea Lord! IMO Numancia, the tier 8 Spanish premium cruiser, should be on the list.

  17. I’ve been seeing nothing but Scharnhorst ’43s and Yumiharis in matches recently. I think the Yumihari performs well though I haven’t gotten around to getting one myself.

    • Honestly I disagree with him completely on Yumihari- I found her to be really reliable and incredibly fun to play at tier VIII, even the Adatara at tier IX was just as fun. I only just got Bungo so i havent had a chance to play her, but the whole line is super fun imo

  18. Haven’t played this game in 4 years, I just played my first tier X battle had you in it. I had no idea who everyone was talking about. But I found you. I have no idea what I’m doing, I usually play tier 4 LOL. Thanks for the match.

  19. I wish they’d waited on the Halford until the support CVs came out. They could have had a destroyer that deploys smokescreens via planes instead of an attack squadron.

  20. I am happy to suffer with only one of these ships, Yumihari.

    It feels to have less armor than large cruiser, not that found usually on battlecruiser and those 8 guns don’t make it to balance probably the worst survivability around.

    The most valuable thing on this ship is Collection reward perma camo, where have been spent all resources to design the ship.

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