World of Warships – Udaloi In The Center

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Udaloi on Trap moves toward B to attempt a capture for the team. We try to stay as far back as possible from the enemy aircraft and ships. A destroyer shows up, we engage with our guns and pop smoke. Another ship also arrives and we do our best to remain hidden while doing some damage. The enemies wipe out our team that was attack A. They push down toward B, I make use of torpedoes and retreat to C. One final push comes and we’re doing everything within our power to win. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Soviet Destroyer Udaloi Replay


  1. Hey Notser, I was wondering what 4 point skill to take on my IJN DD
    captain. Do you think demo expert will be any good? We don’t shoot much
    with DDs anyway. Another looks good to me is the survival expert.

  2. Great vid! you do the best job of setting the stage with the ship initial
    conditions. Can you include the game version as a standard item as well?
    Game play sometimes depends on this and vids stay up for ever. Thanks for
    the great work, and I look fwd to lots more. Cheers.

  3. 9:04 When did you last play WOT on max graphics? Looks better than Armored
    Warfare, and while I dunno about the scenery in the latest WT patch, the
    tank models (HD tank models to be exact) look FAR better in WOT than the
    War Thunder Tanks!

    Same goes for Armored Warfare, which has very well detailed tank models,
    BUT – they look like plastic, not enough metallic texturing. And WT GF
    seems to be the opposite! The metal is shiny like a plate of glass – or
    rusty and grimy.

    Anyway WOT FTW! Also, if I EVER hear someone call Armored Warfare “More
    realistic than WOT” again, I will find them – and I will vomit with rage on
    their faces!

    People talk about “Paper tanks” in WOT, but at least apart from just 2 or 3
    tanks that are simply fantasy, EVERY tank in WOT was at least a blueprint
    design proposal, many even made it to the full scale model and prototyping
    stage – and a few such as the BatChat 25t and IS7 were actually produced
    fully, as in the tanks built were built fully functional, even though only
    2 or 3 ever existed.

    While EVERY TANK in Armored Warfare DOES exist, the stats – aka WHAT MAKES
    A TANK – are ENTIRELY fake paper stats! So you do get real tanks that were
    really produced BUT – almost NONE of the tanks in AW perform anything CLOSE
    TO how they do in real life!

    Take the Leopard 1 for instance, the gun it uses is also used on MANY other
    vehicles in real life and IN AW, well the Leopard 1 was a great tank, and
    it’s gun was WHY it was such an amazing tank!

    The Leopard 1 was NOT upgraded and replaced because the GUN was weak, no
    quote the opposite!

    The APDS round designed for the Leopard 1 – the standard ammunition
    designed for it to use the day it entered service – had approximately 330mm
    penetration of 30° sloped steel at 500 meters, and later APFSDS as well as
    HEAT-FSDS had over 400mm and 485mm at 500 meters vs 30°sloped steel – these
    rounds ARE AVAILABLE for the Leopard 1 both in real life AND in Armored
    Warfare. Except in Armored Warfar, the APFSDS has just 238mm of pen, and
    the best HEAT has something like 195 FFS!

    For anyone actually reading all of this, I Know someone is going to say
    “Well the Leopard 1 has only 268mm of pen with its APCR round, and it’s
    HEAT round has just 330mm of pen!” Also someone is BOUND to say “The
    Leopard 1 never even fired APCR” – which is true, but if you were to simply
    click on the Ammo type you will see it listed as “10.5cm APDS” – and of
    course it does not get fully historical 330mm of pen.

    Actually, WOT takes data from these kinds of guns from 1km to 1.25km range,
    at which point you will see that the Leopard 1 with its stock APDS round
    has exactly 268mm of pen!

    And this has the effect of making ALL tier X tanks that fire
    APCR/APDS/APFSDS as standard ammo – have VERY little penetration dropoff!
    If you were to look at the penetration of any of these tanks at 400 meters,
    you will find that the average drops by just 10mm! So the E-50M has 270mm
    of pen at 100m, and at 400m the E-50M still has 260mm average pen! Again
    this is because the pen values are extrapolated from 1km, and as you can
    imagine a high velocity high penetration round loses a VERY negligible
    amount of pen between 1km and 1.4km!

    And if you have to as WHY WG does it this way, you really do not understand
    WOT. WOT uses small map sizes to make it more fun for more people, and to
    make it easier to step away from if you need to do something else.

    I personally prefer the map sizes WOT uses. Very little time is spent
    driving around hoping to find an enemy before one finds you, the action is
    much more fast paced as a result. Which makes reflexes, skill, knowledge,
    and strategy what you NEED to excel at WOT.

    WOWS manages to have a similar FEEL, whilst playing completely differently!
    Those reflexes, skills, knowledge, and tactics are VERY IMPORTANT TO being
    a GOOD captain in WOWS!

    And I am NOT the kind of gamer that can just hop into any game and very
    quickly learn everything important to become a better than average player!

    What I AM, is a person that CAN learn a great many things very quickly and
    easily – and then remember them forever! But as a gamer? Well anytime I
    play a game that is completely new to me – I am always LOST at first!

    And being the kind of PERSON I am, what helps me get past the actual
    “Newbie” stage more than anything else – is watching good players and
    listening to them talk about what they are doing why and how! And beyond
    that I also tend to MEMORIZE ALL STATS – so that I know what any given
    enemy is capable of, as well as what the ship I am in is capable of!

    And unfortunately for my WOT career, I was pretty much a TOTAL noob for
    about 4 to 4.5k games total!

    I mean I DID start playing WOT in September of 2011, so there were NO
    programs or websites like Tank Inspector or – and the WOT YouTube
    community was TINY, with very few truly helpful videos that would help
    teach a person to become a better player.

    I could “Re-Roll” my WOT account – IF I CARED! Because personally I believe
    Re-rolling is for REtards with too much time and money…

    Especially given the fact that I will never be able to buy a new E-25, the
    KV-5 is rarely ever for sale, the PZIV Schmalturm is GONE (Some people will
    laugh, but I LOVE that tank!) Rudy is rare, I would have to actually PAY
    FOR my T34 Heavy, as well as re-buy my IS7 and every other premium I enjoy,
    and that does not even include my 5 tier 10s – almost to 6 as I have the
    Object 704 up to 180k experience towards the 268!

  4. At first I was REALLY not sure about the Mikhail Kutuzov, I wasn’t sure if
    she was worth the same amount of money that I spent on my Atago, but now?

    I LOVE MY KUTUZOV! My brother was bitching about the name! Cause every
    single match I played last night – I was just amazed how well I did, and
    how incredibly well the Kutuzov does her job!

    Anymore, I would NEVER give up either my Atago or Kutuzov!

    One of said matches last nigh: I ended up following a broadside North
    Carolina, and after 2 salvos of HE, and seeing that he was going to keep
    sailing straight, I switched to AP, and my first volley was with just my 6
    front guns – and they did an AWESOME 5.4k, and right on cue when my front
    guns reloaded my back guns finished swinging around, next Salvo = 11k

    From there I pumped another good 3 or 4 broadside AP salvos into him, when
    I noticed 2 things, he was about to go behind a small island, and he was at
    7.5km and closing range! So I launched my torps on narrow spread – and BOOM
    – an enemy Myoko got what seemed to be a triple citadel on me.

    So I quickly switch my guns to him – and he was full HP! Well first salvo,
    3 citadels and 6 regular hits for 12.5k, he then hit me with HE for about
    5k, and I was VERY close to death here, and right as I am launching my next
    salvo at the Myoko *GOOOONG We have destroyed an enemy battleship!* – next
    salvo on the Myoko, just 1 citadel and 2 hits for 4.5k cause he was smart
    enough to actually, yanno USE HIS RUDDER AND THROTTLE!

    Anyway he DID kill me, but not before I had taken him from 100% HP to just
    11k completely by myself!

    It’s a shame that my friendlies kept shelling the North Carolina, because
    he WOULD have eaten all 5 torpedoes! Only one hit registered as it took
    away the last 8.7k HP the North Carolina had, but all 5 torpedoes hit the
    ships hull perfectly!

    If that would have happened, an 85k damage match would have exceeded 100k!

    Oh well, only a matter of time before I get past 100k in both my Mikhail
    and Atago.

    At least my record in my Kutuzov is decent, not quite as good as I would
    like, but I did have to learn the ship, and I have only played 15 matches
    in her so far.

    But my poor Atago record… I bought her early on, long before I was
    actually a “Good” player, and by that I mean that not only do I know what
    role to play in what ship, but also I have become used to the LARGE amount
    of multitasking required to become a strong player.

    Like my Father – he CANNOT do anything in WOWS with nearly the speed
    required! For example, say he is playing his Blyskawica, shooting at some
    BB whilst closing range – well when it comes time to launch torpedoes he
    first fumbles his fingers all over the keys – then proceeds to look down at
    the keyboard and THEN finally presses the 3 key!

    And my god is it hard to watch him fumble to hit repair, smoke, and switch
    from guns to torpedoes or vice versa – it takes him what feels like ages to
    get all of that done!

    But, to be quite honest – I was exactly like that – for quite some time!
    Especially as I would get used to using all AP during CBT because my Yubari
    could citadel any BB it met from any angle using AP. Then WG fixes the
    armor models and buffs HE – well then it becomes the case that EVERYONE was
    always firing HE at all times in almost classes!

    Anyway, even into about 200 matches of open beta to now, I just SUCKED as a
    captain in WOWS!

    But what REALLY helped me get past my Newbie stage, was to WATCH: You,
    iChase, Aeroon, VoulezVous,Flamu and others!

    All of you do a WONDERFUL job at explaining why you should do what, and
    being that all of you are amazing players – just observing your actions
    closely has made me an incomprehensibly better player than I ever thought I
    would become!

    Whereas I used to be happy just exceeding my ship’s HP in any given match –
    now, if I don’t at least double my ship’s HP (in most cases, and mostly as
    a general example) in damage, I feel like I let my team down!

  5. BakingPowder Liew

    war thunder gameplay pls notser XD haha

  6. WOW, I did not know how powerful AP is for DD. I would never think to fire
    AP at an iowa in any destroyer. Does this work for US DDs or just the RU

  7. Would be awesome if they added target used damage control hot key

  8. I really love how into your commentary and games you get, makes for really
    entertaining videos.

  9. Great game, Keep them coming.

  10. Ihaveyourusername

    I suppose, and I say this with all the benefits of hindsight, that once you
    saw the last DD move towards you you could’ve tried turning the ship around
    and start running away. That way you create some space to dodge shots,
    maybe allow you to seek refuge behind an island. Even after the DD is dead,
    you’re sailing towards the cruisers instead of away from them.

    But again, hindsight is 20/20 and with the added benefit of not being shot
    at by three different ships. Great game.

  11. Congrats Notser! Well played! I really enjoy watching your videos – keep up
    the good work :)

  12. Brian Lock (神通)

    Random question, how much time did you spend into games in general

  13. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty, if you have replay of other game, can you do it on a second account,
    because one of the think I like about Nosty channel is it is clean.

  14. Brian Lock (神通)

    War Thunder Planes?
    Simulator mode?

  15. Brian Lock (神通)

    Why the Kagero used C hull?

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    130mm DD gun pen through Battleship armor

  17. Great video. I just fully upgraded the Udaloi and it is probably the
    hardest DD to master so far. Go for commander concealment skill 5 or just
    use demolition expert?

  18. good news going on holiday. bad news miss notsers vids. GREAT news, get to
    sit down and watch 13 eps with a couple of beers. THANK YOU Notser!
    Ps. you talked about live gigs. did i miss anything?

  19. what an amazing game Noster!! You did so well to hold your posistion in the
    center of the map! Its a shame you lost alot of friendlies in the begining
    otherwise the outcome would of been much different!

  20. Show do a video about HMS Campbeltown

  21. Not see how do you do a manual drop

  22. Notser for presidont

  23. i dont think you can be scouted by planes if your anti air is off and
    notser thank you for talking to me yesterday you are the god of world of

  24. nice loss!!!

  25. Илья Тураев

    Wow! it’s very easy to understand your English(for international) and you
    are playing really cool!

  26. I really enjoy how you treat losses and victories the same way. Keep up the
    great work

  27. boss game

  28. Patrick Castrillo

    no big Beal im the hindenburg in the video.

  29. We want war thunder footage notser!

  30. Please how to disable AA to prevent beeing spotted?

  31. Great play as always. Very entertaining.
    It’s refreshing to see difficult/close battles, even when you lose. So much
    better than the dismal roflstomps that so frequently occur.

  32. Great Game!
    It’s funny your losses score more xp than my wins!
    I always enjoy your videos.
    Keep up the good work

  33. Fantastic game Notser!

  34. 2.2k in a loss 🙂 Great game!

  35. gg. man!!!

  36. Great game Notser!! The Udaloi is going to be one of the few Tier IXs I am
    interested in, mainly because of how much I enjoyed the pre-nerf Kiev.
    Honestly though, I think Tier VIII is the sweet spot and my favorite tier
    to play. I am almost done with Tashkent however… Oh, and by the way, last
    night I played 15 games and got detonated 3 times. No joke, 3 out of 15.
    Luckily none of them were first hit dets.

  37. Notser, can you to come up with a logical, repeatable means of dealing with
    RADAR when driving a DD? We need a method other than staying away… also,
    at the end of this match could the friendly carrier have done anything to
    assist near the end?

  38. I didnt open udaloi yet, with looking stats it seems slower with better
    concealment I thought those torp tubes were triple, great game notser even
    its lost, its profitable lose

  39. I love to see you playing destroyers 🙂 could you maybe du a how to
    destroyer? I suck a lot in my american dds ^^

  40. Did I just hear you hinting at WAR THUNDER content? <--so happy

  41. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    Notser, Is there any way to do reviews of all DD’s again? best talents? I
    have the Blyscawika and need advice on best equipment and commander talents

  42. GG Notser! Favorite ship in WOWs. I would have attacked the atago in B with
    guns and lost my ship earlier, good to learn from by seeing your alternate
    better game play out.

  43. But Notser, you have a press account, why do you need credits anymore?


    j/k – playing the press account doesn’t make your stats go up.

  44. Great video as always! I love the Udaloi, and finally got the Khab unlocked
    yesterday right before bed 🙂 And it’s reassuring to know you use the same
    tactic as me on Trap 😉 I run AFT + DE on my captain too. Dropped
    concealement, and no regrets!

  45. Notser – Working on the Tashkent right now… any advice for getting
    through it? its pretty brutal…

  46. Can you make video new British gold dd?

  47. GG Notser. Sad that so many peolple, even at higher Tier, are so tactical
    MOOORE DD gameplay !!!

  48. Had my best game ever yesterday. In a Blys (with level 17 capt) on Fault
    line . We were behind on points all match. In the last 4 minutes i was the
    last ship of our team and managed to kill the enemies 3 last ships in our
    cap. The last bb just 1 sec before the game was over. So glorious. 8 kills!
    Unfortunately I reinstalled my game and had save replays off… Cherishing
    the screen shots though :-). And with the great lessons of Notser in mind.
    It all paid off in that game.
    Hope to see you in the Blys once again some day.

  49. if i send out a set of torpedoes, one of them hit a island, will enemy spot
    other torps by the explosion??

  50. Gr8 video Notser :)


  52. nice

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