World of Warships – Update 0.5.2

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  1. Paul .B (BoltAxion)

    why the hell is this voiceoverd

  2. Clever idea of showing certain skins to certain people.

  3. I wish they will also have a Best Replays of the Week series like in WoT.

  4. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy)

    please dont have two languages and voices at the same time ….. please!

  5. Please put the Replay function into the game! Also, please add a “Free
    Ride” Mode because sometimes I just want to drive the ship around and look
    at them and the beautiful scene!

  6. losing my shit for the Blue steel port and skins, if we could get kantai
    collection captains for their respective ships 2 and girls under panzer
    crews in WOT I’d die. I say something for Strike witches for WOWS but
    nobody would be caught dead on WOWS so I’d settle for the other games
    getting an Easter egg or something!

  7. Ridhwan Abdurrahman

    Bless wargaming for all these christmas gifts~

  8. Umm actually. *pushes horned rims up on nose*..that’s a dirigible and not a

  9. Ok now I wanna here her speak Russian..

  10. Ok she’s hot!

  11. How do you get or unlock Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships in world of warships?
    I can’t find how

  12. Were the cars borrowed from world of tanks? The truck looks similar.

  13. She can punish me ;)


  15. my “exploit” still works despite already like 3 months old

  16. Looking forward to a future patch where they add ships from the world’s
    greatest navy….the Royal Navy

  17. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    will the kutuzov be premium or standard?

  18. excelente gracias

  19. its kinda wierd seeing Japanese and German ships in new york. Looks as if
    the axis over took america

  20. I absolutely love the comments in the Ars Nova video. :D

  21. I love you

  22. you yanks gotta admit, we russians got the best women around ;)

  23. When are they going to add USS Nevada or did they already add it?

  24. 0:10 how the fuck is that a camouflage? you’re glowing in the motherfucking
    dark. a camo is supposed to make you harder to find you idiots.

  25. what s that crap pink ships??

  26. Wait War Gaming employ women?… First time i’ve ever seen a female
    presenter on their videos…Good to see! And loving the Anime port <3

  27. surely the top gun award would be for killing aircraft :P

  28. thank wargaming because you have destroyed cv playing
    Results of your worst update the carrier sniping has increased and you lose
    more money a what LOST before updating I here Carrier USS Essex

    I will not play cv as long as you do not fixsa deta mad that it takes more
    one minute
    that for new fighters and solve it with the carrier sniping

    I believe it is more cv play that do not play cv problems

  29. no arpeggio ships, no national flags, WTF is with this new update??, no

  30. The word free is mentioned like 3-4 times, is this still a WG game??

  31. The House that Jack Built

    what did she say? what happened to the redhead that looks like a chipmunk?

  32. thanks for the excellent new work wargaming!

  33. do you get top gun if you have already gotten 5 kills in a battle?

  34. Elite Nation of gaming

    should they add the USS Arizona


  36. I seriously hope ARP Takao will also get released. The lovely tsundere
    heavy cruiser~

  37. This is really dumb, Japanese anime skins…

  38. Is this only for NA severs?

  39. MSAA please

  40. are the new years camouflages limited edition and if so does that mean if i
    buy a camo then sell the ship (run out of slots) will lose the cammo?

  41. esta de lujo



  44. Fuck yes

  45. Dakota Stringham (Dack)

    Arpeggio mode!? I think I just came…..

  46. Oooo…. Philippines…. Filipinos will sure love that…

  47. World of Weeaboos

  48. Pleased especially about the 1/2 damage from allied torp change – very
    important for the low tier players.

  49. Next update will see Viking ships shooting flaming arrows. And u-boats

  50. Dasha Dasha Dasha your my new Hero! Hot Russian woman Yummy.

  51. meeehh still prefer KanColle Mod than Ars Nova Kongou and her sisters in
    KanColle is much better than Ars Nova :P

  52. Where’s Graf Spee?!

  53. how do you say marry me in Russian

  54. i got scare i would see pink and yellow ship in all the games now lol good
    thing only those who use the port see that

  55. where is the russian crusier ??????

  56. No more full damage friendly torps? Aww..I has hoping to kill Noobs.

  57. At some point I’d still like to see replays built into the basic game app,
    but beyond that I’d like them to include all the results screens. The
    current system is workable but clumsy and time consuming.

  58. You should make a map with big waves and stuff. And the water should go
    over your deck

  59. I don’t care about the maps. All of them look’s like Norway. I really mean
    it. ALL OF THEM!

  60. What about fixing the ship models, so that they are historically accurate?

  61. Yesssss…. Haruharu is coming :D


  63. Aleksandr "Sasha" Leonov

    When will the Kancolle Yokosuka be available?

  64. Update 0.5.3 Patch Notes:
    -Buff Cleveland
    -Nerf all other ships

  65. XD I was ever wondering if there would be anything related to that anime

  66. are you kidding me? you guys are more worried about pleasing the weaboos
    than, oh I don’t know, fixing the fucking problems in the game?
    unbelievable, this is exactly why I stopped playing and why you will never
    get another penny from me.

  67. thx for the update and informations

  68. I love you guys World of Warships when you put Germany battleship in the
    tech tree

  69. I like how people are suprized about the anime part eventhought it was
    announced a year ago.

  70. plz reduce the repair cost of ships and make permanent paint purchasable
    with credits too

  71. Dasha Perova = Institute Synth

  72. Und auf einmal ist hier ein Deutscher Kommentar :o

  73. is that agent carter?

  74. When world of warships goes anime and csgo at the same
    time…..uninstalling goodbye wg

  75. They went to collap with Arpeggio?! Very bad move, they should have taken
    Kantai Collection

  76. Perova looks so beautiful I thought she was an expertly crafted animation
    character when looking at the thumbnail. Basically I thought she was like
    some game character.

  77. where is the fucking russian crusier????????

  78. Adrian Gustavo Andrade Avila

    The kraken is coming!!!!!
    Can’t wait to take it down 😀

  79. How I can get this anime Kongos? By missions I now. But how? Have I to be a
    spacel tier? like 5 or 6?

  80. That whole undo dismissal thing would of been great when i accidentally
    ditched my best commander. Ugh.

  81. hola no hoa

  82. es bueno hoa soy qert un jugador world of warships

  83. esto es increible

  84. The only problem I’m having with Wargaming is you have to buy slots for
    your ships, tanks or planes…. WTF?????? I’m okay with the whole HP
    thingy, it’s easier. But slots???????????It’s not like War Thunder were I
    bought the slots so I can bring more tanks or planes to one battle.

  85. Nicholas Jones (Niko25851)

    the world of tanks team could learn a lot from these guys. i could see wot
    benifiting a lot from having a karma system like that, and how awesome
    would it be to have girls und panzer themed stuff in game.

  86. That girl is hothothot

  87. Am I the only one excited for the Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships?

  88. thank god i dont have to see that lame anime bs

  89. No cyber shields, hyper torpedoes, or transforming ships that shoot mega
    lasers. No thanks.

  90. liking the ports including Yokosuka port.

  91. Had a mild heart attack when I saw the words ‘Anime’ and ‘Mode’ put into a
    game about warships. You don’t see Shepard wanting a cartoon ship; won’t
    threaten the Reapers at all would it?


  93. When come the Update?

  94. Beautiful woman, with nothing but grand news for the upcoming patch. It’s a
    good day.

  95. I’m sorry what was she saying?

  96. It seems like they are emphasizing the Yokosuka port, which is interesting
    because I used to live there, but for me the bigger news is the ability to
    change ports at all. I never knew you could do that. Neat idea.

  97. I would dock my ship in Dasha Perova’s port. if you know what I’m saying

  98. How long has that change port option been there? I never noticed, but I
    always wondered where that one glowing port was which you see for just a
    moment when you level up to rank 7 or something. It plays music and has a
    glowing sunset/sunrise, and shows a different port. It’s when you can
    access camo for the first time I think. But I never knew you could change
    ports. Is this not the first time we can?

  99. Can’t we just have that beautiful woman on the background? Cuz then I
    wouldn’t mind having that background under the covers…

  100. liking the look of the update but were are the Royal Navy

  101. Put the reporting/ karma system and the switchable garages in WoT

  102. Is that the port from Kantai Collection?


  104. Yes! My grorious Japanese freet wir finary dock in New York! Much honor!

  105. anime belongs in the trash, fucking weebs

  106. Akolotu Moeloa (TonganJedi)

    I’m not sure I agree with the half-damage torps, but since allied
    collisions also do minimal damage, I guess it’s more consistent. I wonder
    how different it would be if running into teammates did more damage…

  107. Wtf Anime?!

  108. uss Arizona ?

  109. Koit “Wolkun” Wolken

    Otaku community in WoWs has grown strong and proud.

  110. That lady doesn’t blink.

  111. First they nerfed my Minekaze, now they nerfed my Nicholas!

    WG specializes in discouraging fun.

  112. I hope the cartoon boats are not at all part of the regular game or that is
    it for me.

    Half damage for friendly fire torps? STUPID!!!!

  113. Fucking weaboos

  114. I can’t wait until they release the German BBs

  115. Damn aint she a looker !

  116. Top gun is such a stupid achievement ._. the current system where damage
    matters and kill doesn’t works very well in promoting cooperation, this
    just promotes KS

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