WoWs Best moments 50 – Flamu trolling WG

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WoWs memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from the month of July. In this episode Wargaming’s Clan Battles announcements as well as epic plays and creative jokes by Flamu and Flambass.

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  1. yet again some of the good stuff is being shown

  2. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Hope you enjoy the vid guys. There are 2 super funny Flamu and Flambass clips at the end. Be sure to watch them!

  3. wow WG have such a poker face when comes to the problem of the game that is amusing, for them is all roses and unicorns while reality is spikes and demons

    • @World of Warships – Best of Twitch Zao is only the tip of the iceberg what about the new wet Russian blueprint dream? and CV 3.0 as people call it from the Dutch cruiser? KEKW

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      I feel physical pain from discussing those topics dude. xD At least somewhat excited for the secondary changes to captain skills. Will see how that goes. 🙂

    • @World of Warships – Best of Twitch sorry for the pain, i only have potatoes for the relief, KEKW
      well my will see how it goes would be by stream wows is no more in my PC i eradicate the devil from my PC until WG will regain some sanity and stopping eating glue

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      @Failomas Yeah, not planning to play much WoWs durring my summer break. 😀

    • @World of Warships – Best of Twitch that will improve your health 😀

  4. Flambass is so correct about the let’s improve series lmao.

  5. Getting better with each video! 😀

  6. Absolutly brilliant!
    Flamu memeing the shit out of the CCs is hilarious!

  7. And as always, excellent video! Keep it up!

  8. No Graf Spee on clan battles? Like having a bomb on the boat, ready to blow and sunk it. What a waste. 🙁

  9. ShepherdOfMemories

    Sit down after work and this is the first thing I see in my recommended. My evening could not be any better.

  10. Graf spee might be good when it’s only tier 6 but the guns cant hit. I shot as soon as it was reloaded for 12 mins and only had 60k when shooting broadsides

  11. Am so glad I refrained from drinking my coffee while watching this video for if I was the whole computer screen, desk and surroundings would have been drenched from laughing my ass off. 10 out of 10 sir

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      Thank you for this. The whole team can now go to sleep with the satisfaction of some successfully executed memes. 😀

  12. At this point Mrs Citadel needs her own account… and Twitch stream. 😛

  13. Damn I wish I could put the French legendary commander on my Shimakaze because those Dev Strike buffs are sooo goood.

  14. I’m almost out of breath, laughed so fucking hard “couple” times… Great work! I don’t play this game anymore but still love these 😀

  15. 13:28 Wow, I didn’t even thought of the curved torpedo bug when I saw that happened and just agreed with the streamer who was hosting that the Daring player messed up. With bugs like this and how ranked battles are these days, it really shows how much WG care about the competitive scene.

    • @Michael Søndergaard If you launch your torps while turning your ship, the torps will go in the direction your ship is turning instead of where you are aiming at. Basically the torps dont curve but rather are sent in the wrong direction as soon as they are lanuched. For example if you shoot your torps while turning right, depending on how big the turn and your ping is the torps will be lanuched slightly or a lot to the right of where you are amining them. The only way to avoid it is to ALWAYS go in a straight line when torping. Who knows when WG will fix it. Its been out for like 2 weeks now? Its not cv related so it might stay for a while.

    • Yeah its annoying indeed.. That small moment you go staight line is already messed up and some dds cannot do it at all cause of torpedo angles.. And legendary shima is even more annoying.. They need to fix this bug and after that give every dd and torp module seperate traverse speeds

    • Michael Søndergaard

      @Mr Dunk ahh yeah. if there is nothing wrong with cvs, no reason to fix it i guess

    • @Mr Dunk No they actually have a minor curve to them, like a baseball falling. Not that severe… but there is a parabolic curve to them. Just really small. Enough that your torps will be 1km to the left or right at max turn with 10km torps.

    • @Mathew Long first time i see someone says 1km miss is really small miss

  16. 10:37 “Why people want Zao to be buffed?”, rofl. Yeah good, pretty good man, keep them coming.

  17. Артём Шепелев

    Not fixing a game breaking bug in a major update – that’s all you need to know about Wargaming

  18. its sad to see young guys going bald playing this game

  19. 7:16 Even Youmu cant believe. lmao

  20. The editing on the AndyTheCupid one with the Yoshino was chef’s kiss. I laughed so hard. <3 Also Grumbles' smoke... so perfect. XD Thanks for that vid!

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