You Shall Not Pass! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Ranked Level 5 is a shitshow. I don’t know what’s going on there. I just can’t reach lvl 4 without dropping straight back to 5…

    • I had to grind for hours on end to get to 1. You can do it man, just do the best you can and be patient, remember at the end of the day your rank doesn’t actually mean anything

    • Nicholas Giuliano

      M same. Me and my dad have been having trouble.

  2. *elevator waiting music waiting for premier*

  3. Had fun talking spartan, great vid as always, your vids brighten my day- have a good one

  4. “I’m gonna stand and fight!”…..Oh God😂😂

  5. 7:40 that’s nothing. I was once hit for 90% of my HP in my Vladivostok by an Iowa.

  6. Dropping the bomb from downtown is the best thing iv ever heard on this channel 😂

  7. The second I saw the Kürfurst at a full broadside, All I could think is that is a mockery to all BB players

  8. That destroyer was there to spot for you and protect you , I’m sure ….that’s what I would have done

  9. I hate torpedo walls. It’s basically weapons spam.

  10. Absolutely devastating game. I cant wait to unlock my Yamato! I’m at 10/12 now so I’m glad I bought some breakthroughs for it!

  11. That was definitely a banzai moment from the Witchita at the end, lol. Great vid Spartan.

  12. I’m nearly done with this Yamato grind, just a couple of segments left I really can’t wait!

  13. What’s the deal with the großer kurfürst I wanna see that sometime soon.

  14. Lol I was in his game in the kurfürst but spawned the other side

  15. Such a cool replay. As always, GREAT content.

  16. AwesomeBilly WhizzKv2b

    I am 2 segments off of getting this ship, on Commissioning the ship, stage 1.

  17. Wow Spartan, I’m glad to see you enjoying this game that much! Such a beast in the Yamato!

    P.d: Sorry I didn’t continue doing that subtitle stuff, I’m not allowed now that YouTube decided to delete the community contribution option. FeelsBadMan.

  18. That yudachi doesn’t know that Großer Kurfürst’s secondaries will rip it apart in a second

  19. Forget the boogie man, I’m going to check under my bed for the Yamato tonight, or even scarier: Spartan on the command bridge of a Yamato!🙃🤨🤨

  20. The American legendary tier ship should be the later model of the Missouri like just after WW2 cause then it could have like radar and everything

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