► World of Warships Cleveland Gameplay: Epic Action – Cleveland is Awesome!

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Gameplay, Tier 6 US Navy Cruiser. World of Warships Cruiser Class Tips/Guide/Tutorial. World of Warships Epic Battle.
►Welcome Home!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle is on! World of Warships entered into closed beta stage and that means we are able to share our videos, thoughts and gameplays about World of Warships.

Last time you saw my most epic battle in destroyer class, in . This time you asked for some beast cruiser action and I think I have something for you. This was my very last battle in cleveland and decided to record it… Wasn’t disappointed. is already researched, so.. Farewell Cleveland, you have been awesome!

What do you want to see next?

Enjoy! 😉



  1. Like when u say pensacola.. Sounds like pepsicola

  2. “Disney these games are again” subtitles OP! now I gotta watch this vid
    twice.. once normal and once with subtitles on… 

  3. pepsicola class XD 

  4. nice new intro 

  5. Awesome stuff wish i could play

  6. Dr. Alisson Gomes Aguiar

    Wanna play so bad !

  7. Snippsnapp Gaming

    Cool Intro!

  8. Nice intro :)

  9. This new intro is pritty sick

  10. Comhghall Geraghty

    always a good thing to have decent commander on your pepsi cola…. ‘road
    to coca cola’

  11. I *really* hope this isn’t how dive bombers on late-war carriers are
    employed in game. They didn’t fly around at 300 feet and casually “dip”
    down to release their bombs; they came in 10k feet up and entered terminal
    dives down to ~1k feet before dropping munitions. As implemented now, dive
    bombers are as easy to hit with AAA as torpedo planes, and their payloads
    do as much damage as a single HE shell. =/

  12. yes it is op

  13. Hassassin Assassin

    I dont think cruisers should be good against battleships. Unless they are
    heavy cruisers like the Takao, Renown or Alaska class.

  14. Love ur new intro man!!!
    I think the old one got pretty boring. 😉
    Epic video with cleveland ! I never thought it is going to be that good.
    Carry on with ur epic videos man!!! :)

  15. LennieThePolarBear

    Hey Dez, could you do some more WoT Generals gameplay? It’s been a while
    since we’ve seen any. Thx :)

  16. I think the new intro is awesome :)

  17. NEW INTRO!!!! SO PRETTY!!!!

  18. Woah! Now that’s an awesome intro :O

  19. Danegermouse1992

    new intro is pretty cool!

  20. What can you say ?

  21. BB’s are not overpowered towards cruisers. Why? Multiple reasons. It is the
    job of your teams BBs to fight the enemy BB’s. However, groups of cruisers
    can defeat BB’s quickly and effectively. BB’s were meant to counter
    cruisers, the rock paper scissors dev approach, so if you make it easy for
    a cruiser to beat a BB, then cruisers gain an enormous bonus, because
    essentially they can beat everything. They beat destroyers, they beat CV’s,
    they fight each other. There’s a bunch of reasons, and it all goes into the
    balance of the game, so it might be easier for me to respond to any
    arguments that repliers might have, so feel free to ask

  22. gustav törnquist

    DezGamez I’m getting tired of u uploading ONLY world of warships i will
    probably unsub u :/ i like u as YTuber but its getting to much shit on ur

  23. Love your new intro :D

  24. i’m curious, how useful are the secondary batteries on most ships and are
    there any strategies you can use to exploit them? it seems like from all
    the coverage i’ve seen, they don’t really even work until you’re at nearly
    suicidal ranges anyways. 

  25. Cleveland is amazing! Probably my favorite warship of all US ships :)

  26. Wow nice game Dez that was just awsome :)

  27. I think the Omaha grind to the Cleveland is way too hard.

  28. nice intro

  29. this is 1 sexy looking ship

  30. Awesome game.

  31. Epic game Dez. A’s usual mate keep it up and see you on twich

  32. Hi dezgamez if you can do some japanese tier 6+ gameplay it would be great.
    I heard they got ok firepower, AA fire (not as good as the cleveland
    class), but they also got torpedoes… Do you think that overpowered? Or is
    it just a balancing factor for the rather bad AA fire?

  33. Thanks for the cruiser video..non-stop action. I don’t know how you pulled
    off surviving that long. Look forward to your next one.

  34. The AA power of that ship is absolutely insane. Wow, just wow. I’m only up
    to tier 4 in the Japanese Battleships, tier 4 in the American Cruisers, and
    tier 3 in the American Destroyers. I’m focusing on those three classes with
    my primary concern on the battleships right now. I’m beginning to think
    that American cruisers will be the most fun to play though, especially in
    the high tiers where the focus is just on really fast reloading guns and no
    torpedoes. I tend to get myself killed trying to use torpedoes with my
    Phoenix, lol. The other issue I’m having is that I keep getting into tier 7
    battles in my Myogi and I just get rekt.

  35. Hey Dez,what do you think about Evolve?I suggest you to look into it and
    maybe feature some gameplay 😀 !
    Nice Intro BTW!

  36. I noticed the new intro :)

  37. Love these Cruiser videos. Just great watching you take these all purpose
    ships and beat down the enemy!

    Also Nice new intro!

  38. Well, Cruisers should be weak against battleships (except for torps of
    course, but most US cruisers don’t have those). That is the way of the US
    cruiser. You are supposed to escort your battleships, guard them from
    planes and sink enemy destroyers and cruisers, when they try to torp your

  39. Dude I LOVE the Cleveland!

  40. David Hildebrandt

    +DezGamez just awesome intro.epic,epic epic.

  41. Cleveland should be tier 8 not 6

  42. New intro hype!

  43. Cleveland is awesome!

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