0.8.0 Postponed – World of Warships

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Discussing recent article announcing 8.0 will be launching on January 30/31 instead of January 23/24. They also highlight some changes coming prior to the patch release, hope to test them soon. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Will it finally be year of the CV?

  2. Damn more delay for Alaska, new ranked season & everything else what 0.8.0 brings. Could just delayed CVs instead full patch.

  3. Totally surprising. Thought they would just throw it out there and shut the door behind.

  4. Better to wait and get it Right.

  5. I was actually pretty excited for the update. But if improvements are required to help balance out the game a little more I guess I can wait for it. 🙂

  6. They still need to tell us about prems as well.

  7. Yes WG! Thank you so much! I am so glad they are going to take some extra time to get the CV rework right. Good to know they are at least listening the corncerns of the players base and are trying to improve the rework. Also glad i’ll get some more time to complete “Mighty Prinz” 😀

    • There’s no getting the CV rework right. Not in a week, a month, or a year. Naval aviation in real life dominated naval warfare completely and made whole ship classes obsolete. WG would do better by making it a separate game rather than attempt to make two entirely different elements mesh into one palatable product.

    • The AA still will be broken and the dumb sector system will still be implemented.

  8. “In the name of his highness” earn 24 MILLION CREDITS. Lol, do they think i work for them?

    • +Neon Same here, Neon. The 24M credit grind was amazingly simple.

    • I was expecting that to be more difficult than it was, but ended up completing it in four or five days. It helped that each part of the collection had one item missing and I had enough duplicates to get three days of warships premium from that.
      Combined with stacking credit bonuses (Zulu and Wyvern flags since I didn’t have enough of the others to mount consistently, one of the 50% credit camos and then ocean soul as the 50s started to run low), I was able to complete each in less than 10-15 battles, so about one day of grinding for each nation. I expected to take longer on the British and French as I only had t5 ships but moved through them just as quickly as the others, making anywhere from 150-200k on a loss up to around 400k on a good win. Being uptiered a lot also helped since you get more credits for damaging higher tier ships than equal or lower tiers.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Just grind for the credits on operations. And this week’s operation is Narai which is one of the best credit grinder. And preferably don’t use Pan Asian ships unless you are really good with them in operations.

    • With this delay I will manage to get the PE Friederich. I’m out of credit flags and camos and have now completed 3 nations. Maybe I can also get some tier 6 ship

    • Zergling248 m

  9. Of all the things you discussed earlier, they are tweaking the visual effects?! That’s going to fix things

    • Farazelleth complained that DFAA was basically hidden and that neither the CV nor other players could tell if it was active or not, which made AA feel really inconsistent and random.

      So there is merit to this change. I personally do appreciate it.

  10. remove CVs from the game

    • +Greg Farnden you got it inside potatoe!!

    • +Greg Farnden if you dont want cv go and play another game. Scrub!!!

    • Not with the new rework will be forcing players to once again be concerned with themselves only. Speck a Cruiser for AA and I have to hug someone to assist them not likely makes dodging anything unlikely. Wish they would just remove them completely, the sooner the better. Will definitely be a major factor on my limiting times that I log in to play the game likely to try anything else that might come along.

    • +Jonatan L you didnt answer my question?
      Wtf does inside potoato mean?

    • +Jonatan L i already have stupid.
      I play games for fun, not to be cannon fodder to wankers like you with a small man complex!

  11. Another week of polish seems like a positive to me.

  12. On the AA sector focus being easily recognisable for aircraft carrier… I dont agree it’s great. I think it’s bad. Very bad…
    Why? Because 150 knots plane will turn around and smack you on the other side with absolute ease and troll everyone.
    If you think players wont do this? HA !!!

    • It doesn’t make sense for cvs to know which sector is reinforced. Hopefully that’s not the case, cause they will do exactly as are saying.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking too.

    • my thoughts also. makes it even more unfair. And lets be REAL if they DIDNT nerf the BBs into a floating potato we wouldnt have such discontent for CVs that clearly are giving there FULL power to the game!

  13. Wait, so now they are going to tell CVs when DF is active and what sectors I have my AA focused upon but telling friendly ships where a support fighter is patrolling is too much?!? God this patch is going to suck for AA built CAs…

    • Have you ever played CVs prior to this patch? That information regarding DF is already attainable when it is activated to CV drivers.

    • +Mike L The point is, why give them even more visual indicators while taking them away from non CV players? It makes even less sense considering they will have unlimited planes as well.

    • +Josh Chase I would have to say that you are not familiar with CV play compared to non-CV play. Non-CV players never had a visual indication that DF was activated or not as well has CV players. The only “indication” a CV player had when going on an attack run was via the manual drop option. Your question has no merit at this point as neither type of player had any visual indicators to begin with. The non-CV player would see that they are destroying planes faster than normal and every other non-CV player would not know unless they are familiar with the AA strength of the ship. For example a Cleveland who was spec’ed for AA with AF turned on would destroyer planes faster than a Cleveland not spec’ed for AA. However if the non-spec’ed AA Cleveland were to use AF, it would destroy planes as fast as the AA spec’ed Cleveland. There is no other visual indication to other non-CV players that AF was turned on.

      The “unlimited planes” argument is also disingenuous as that, while yes a CV will not lose their compliment of attack planes, there is also the other side where if you get your attack squads destroyed early and fast, the CV player will not have a full fighter wing to attack. For example if I’m in a Lexington with a TB squad of 9 planes and I lose them all in the fist attack run, launch a second wave of TBs and they get destroyed, it will take over 4 minutes for me to field a complete TB squad. I can use the rocket planes or DBs, but if I lose the first two waves of those attack squads, I’m left with only maybe 2 – 3 planes per squad for attacking.

      Furthermore if ships of some reasonable AA Defense group up, chances of me doing large amounts of damage are reduced as the planes will take more damage. Sure I can maneuver around and mitigate the damaged received but because you’re moving around, it affects aiming. For example again if I use a Shokaku DBs with AP Bombs, I may get some decent damage on a ship but I won’t e able to consistently citadel a ship with an AP Bomb because I’m maneuvering, and if you’re doing your job and maneuvering, massive damage is mitigated.

      If you get into high tier games (tier 8 and above), you will see that teams that group up and and provide mutual AA assistance are teams that will shut down CV players. The only time a CV driver will dominate are when you have individuals lone wolf it and get killed, or mid-way through a game when modules are broken on ships (AA mounts) and the AA defense of a ship is reduced due to broken modules. For example a Worcester with most of it’s AA mounts destroyed will get dominated even by a T8 CV because it doesn’t have their AA modules due to it being destroyed. How often does that happen depends but it’s very few and far between because either they get destroyed outright due to YOLO play or just got worn downed with HE fire.

    • I think they need to just scrap the idea of the catapult fighters being such a major part of the AA. It’s silly and the way fighters get machine-gunned off of a BB or CA’s catapult is visually absurd. The actual ships’ AA guns should be the primary AA defense, not a floatplane fighter. Floatplane fighters should be primarily scouts (ie bring back their ability to spot torps), with only a minor AA role.

    • RedXlV hmmm, well at least they’re buff AA more. As for nerfing catapult fighters…. no. I like being able to destroy entire squadrons. Regardless, catapult fighters get shot down easily either way

  14. 1 week is not enough

  15. all this messing around and messing the whole player base around to cater to a very small minority of people that play CVs all this is just hurting the game because of the mess that CVs have caused lower the aircraft’s HP buff damg of AA mounts thats all they had to do really but no they did all this crap now look at it WG stop trying to cater to the tiny player base that is the CV players

  16. Still nothing on improving AFT and manual fire.

  17. I am not a fan of priority sector AA.

  18. I think this is the 1st time I’ve seen a patch delayed. On one hand it’s good to see that WG is aware of the problems that exist in the CV rework, on the other hand the mentioned issues seem relativly minor. Ignored in their post is the elephant in the room, or should I say “the BB in the bath tub”, … the majority of players have little or no desire to see this patch happen. Since OBT I have never seen an upcoming patch viewed so negatively by so many. Even the devout CV mains can summon only weak support at best.
    Should WG want a quick solution that also tests the viability of even having a naval aviation element in WOWS, here’s one … add a radio button in Settings that a player can de-select in order to play matches without any CV’s. I believe the end result of that would prove to WG that naval aviation will never fit well in WOWS, and either needs to be its own game mode or a stand-alone game entirely.
    There’s a reason that the introduction of carriers into actual naval warfare altered the surface fleet compositions of naval forces worldwide. BB’s went Bye-Bye, and missiles became must-haves.
    Das Bat

    • I think CVs can be balanced and fun in this game, even if in the real world they were a complete game changer.
      This CV rework has shown how much you can change the game in that respect.

    • +Jonatan L seriously!…??

    • +RogerWilco how do you propose to ballance airplanes vs ships mate?

    • +RogerWilco, this cannot ever be balanced in a satisfactory way without giving CV planes a maximum flight time (fuel). The basic concept of the classes (BB/CA/CL/DD vs CV) is very much different. CVs can apply their damage without being in range of retaliation. All the other classes HAVE to be in range for retaliation and are visible to their target while applying damage. You can argue that DDs are an exception, but long range torpedo hits are an art in itself (just compare the hit% of guns vs torps) and the delay gives their prey time to evade. Also there are quite effective DD countermeasures (radar, hydro, WASD).

    • thank you, Bat Rastardly for this good idea… ‘ Should WG want a quick solution that also tests the viability of even having a naval aviation element in WOWS, here’s one … add a radio button in Settings that a player can de-select in order to play matches without any CV’s.’

      I vote for this idea!! Hope WG is listening. If other players also like this, please thumbs it up & pass it on.

      I personally enjoy the occasional CV in game, but there are many ways that the player choice button could be a good idea, in addition to whether you want to have CVs in your games. How about a radio button for your favorite maps, maybe (i.e. to increase the frequency that a player gets those maps)?

  19. Chill the F out … do you really think the 1 week delay will change much? Of course not. They just want people to calm down and let these issues go.
    WG dont you wanna put a Self Destruct button on my ship and give access to the enemy CV ?! Patch 0.8.0 will be quite like this anyway.

  20. The CV rework will be a year-long tweak-fest. No one will be happy with it for a while.

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