2 idiots Making it Work – World of Warships

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#worldofwarships #wows #ftp #f2p
Sometimes you really do not care about anything and you just do the dumbest thing you can…and sometimes it works….but not recommended xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Merry Christmas Flambass!

  2. @myopicautisticmetal9035

    two idiots? So You and your reflection?! 😛 One of the most amazing kills I ever got was when I overpenned a light cruiser in my Jean Bart and the rounds dev struck another cruiser behind it!

  3. I’m ready to see what nerfs they put on cv’s and subs. I bet it won’t be enough.

    • @omerfarukcetinkaya5943

      They’ll nerf cv’s and subs??

    • In reality is a cv buff. Faster planes = more attacks. Nakhimov is a good example of that. The “AA gets stronger over time” will likely be such an insignificant amount that even average cv players won’t notice it. Especially with the new modes that AA won’t even activate til they start an attack run.

    • they are highly likely to botch it

  4. Lol HAPPY CHRISTMAS noobsters!

  5. the man with you @Flambass was truly “get down mr.president” the whole match! o7 to him great match

  6. ”it just works” ”16 times the shells” ”all new dynamic gun systems”

  7. 2:35 for a split second I thought that “pudding” would be ending in “ssy”…

  8. “2 Idiots One Course” would have been a good name for this video 😆

  9. If its stupid but it works . . .

  10. A first class example of tomfoolery 🙂

  11. @RasmusDyhrFrederiksen

    Fun 😉

  12. I must try this. Sail around the map with my hair on fire, I think you scared them out of the centre.

  13. Good laughs you two 👌

  14. Still doing waay better than the rest of both “winning team” and those poor things on the other side.

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